Refueled 001

Refueled 001

Refueled One kicks off live as cameras pan all around the Yuengling Center as we see a near sellout crowd standing as one as the first High Octane Wrestling show in years is finally live on High Octane Television.

The cameras quickly cut to the makeshift entrance where in a time long ago, we would see a large High Octane Vision high definition screen, but instead we see just a black curtain separating the crowd from the talent in the back.

Suddenly “Undead” by Hollywood Undead hits the airwaves and Lee Best makes his way out. The crowd pops massively for the literal GOD of all things High Octane and continues to cheer as Lee’s music stops and he stands at the top of the entrance ramp taking in all the cheers.

After a few minutes, Lee motions for the crowd to quiet down as he raises his microphone to his mouth for the first time in years.

Lee Best: I have to keep this short and sweet….we got 86 matches to get through tonight so let me summarize what I got to say and get back to the back so we can get to what you guys bought your tickets for……wrestling.

The crowd cheers for the word wrestling. It is almost as if they are expecting and wanting to see wrestlers talking wrestling and you know…actually wrestle.

Lee Best: I just wanted to personally come out here and thank all 8,809 of you for buying your tickets and having faith in the High Octane brand. I have no idea if this is the start of another eight year run like it was the last time we held a Refueled event….or if this is the last show ever……..but we are going to find out………so thank you……and I am hoping we provide enough excitement that the night flies by. Without further ado…..let’s get the first match started!!!

With that, Lee Best smirks at the crowd, puts his microphone inside his #97red jacket pocket, and heads back thru the black curtain as the cameras cut to the Hall of Fame announce team of Joe Hoffmann and Big Buff Benny Newell.



Joe and Benny welcome us, and as in their customary banter, it is clear that Benny will be doing all he can to push the straight edge Joe Hoffmann to the edge with his drinking infused profanity laced commentary. However, you can tell that they are more than happy to be back on the air and back together as the voices of all things High Octane.

With that, Ego by Element Eighty hit the PA system and Mario Maurako makes his way down to the ring where Graham Clauson is already waiting next to senior referee Matt Boettcher.

The crowd pops pretty solid for Mario as the longtime tag team specialist of High Octane Wrestling is smiling ear to ear as he is truly honored to be the one to kick off this singles tournament for the High Octane World championship.

On the other side,…..Graham Clauson is none too happy to be in the ring and it shows.

Not caring about the wrestlers feelings, Boettcher signals for the bell, and the Refueled era is officially underway.

After a few moments of feeling each other out the 6’2” 255lb Maurako quickly takes control of the match and after a beautiful Road to Maurako pump handle slam, he signals to the end and waits for Clauson to get to his feet.

Graham slowly obliges and as he finally gets to a vertical base he is met with a Full Nelson, La Omerta as called by Mr. Maurako, and within seconds Clauson begins yelling I QUIT…..I QUIT……but Maurako will not release the hold even as Clauson continues to scream I QUIT until he is almost black in the fact.

Only then, does Mario drop the man to the mat and the crowd goes crazy as the announcers note that Mario executed his plan marvelously, if you will, and now moves on to face the hardcore Hall of Famer Scottywood later on in the night.

The feed fades out as we cut backstage to our first segment of the evening

Backstage and we see that Joey Conrad has arrived at the arena and is on his way to the locker room. He’s looking relaxed – maybe he’s confident, but more likely he’s completely unaware of the significance of tonight’s event. Walking slowly behind him, looks as intense and focused as ever, HOW Hall of Famer Silent Witness knows exactly what this night means. As they make their way through the hallways, Joey is approached by an attractive young woman. His eyes light up and he smiles; letching on the young lady.

Joey Conrad: Hey babe, what you sayin’? What’s your name?

Woman: Hi Joey, I’m Lisa. I’m looking after the locker room allocations this evening.

Joey doesn’t listen. He’s too busy looking her up and down, because he’s a skeevy little shitbag. Lisa tries her best to ignore it.

Lisa: If you want to come with me, I’ll show you to your locker room. I’ve been asked to ensure that you are given a very specific room.

Joey seems pleased, but the LSD Legend has been around for long enough to know something is up. He frowns and pushes Joey aside.

Silent Witness: Who asked you to do that?

Lisa shrugged.

Lisa: I don’t know, it was on the schedule for Joey to have this room.

She pointed across the hallway, where a closed door had a large “JOEY CONRAD” sign taped to it. Silent Witness stepped forward and reached for the door handle. Cautiously, he opened the door and looked inside. To his surprise, everything seemed perfectly normal. He looked back at Lisa, trying to gauge some reaction, but there was nothing forthcoming.

Silent Witness: OK, Joe. Let’s get ready. Thank you, Lisa.

Lisa: No problem. Have a great evening!

She smiled as she began walking away from the duo, leaving them to their preparations. Joey watched her walk away, still leering at her, until Silent Witness grabbed him by the collar and pulled him into the room.

Silent Witness: Stop being such a pervert!

Joey Conrad: Mate, she was fit! Did you see the bolt-ons on that?! Fuck me!

Silent Witness sighed and shook his head. He pulled Joey further inside and shut the door.

Silent Witness: Let’s get ready, Joe. I don’t know what’s going to happen, now that-

A thud out in the hallway distracted the LSD Legend. He looked towards the door, but quickly turned his focus back to Joey.

Silent Witness: Now that we have no first round opponent, I don’t know what’s going to happen.

Another loud thud caught the LSD Legend’s attention, but he ignored it once again.

Joey Conrad: So I guess I’m just straight through to the 2nd round? I won my first match?!

Silent Witness: You didn’t win any match, Joe… I really don’t know what’s going to happen. Lee is not happy with us right now. We’re on his radar – and that’s never good.

A third thud – this time almost breaking down the locker room door was the final straw. Silent Witness turned and grabbed the door handle. He swung the door open angrily, before stopping in his tracks in total disbelief.

In front of him stood a wall, around five feet tall and six feet wide, blocking the locker room entrance. In fact, there were three walls in front of him, and charging towards them was a forklift truck carrying a fourth, pre-built wall. It slammed against the other three, ensuring that nobody inside could break through those four walls. Joey walked over to take a look, completely unaware of what was going on.

Joey Conrad: Someone built a wall around my mum’s house last week. What’s with all the construction at the moment?!

Silent Witness was beside himself with rage. He reached out over the wall, pointing at the forklift driver.


The worker shrugged.

Worker: Just doing what I’m told.

Silent Witness looked on angrily as the forklift drove away. He pushed at the wall, trying to break through. The first three gave way a little, but the fourth wall would not budge – they were not breaking through that tonight.

As Joey looked on perplexed and Silent Witness slammed his fist against a locker in anger, we cut back to the announcers for our next match.


Wolf Totem by The Hu has the Yuengling Center rocking as its time for Hall of Famer vs. Hall of Famer and Chris Kostoff makes his way out to his new theme music. Inside the ring, we see fellow Hall of Famer Darkwing waiting to see a man he has faced many a time inside the High Octane ring.

Joe and Benny put over the history of Darkwing and Kostoff and mention how both men have both fought against each other and with each other over their 17 years in HOW.

Referee Joel Hortega signals for the bell and from the first moment, it is all Kostoff. The first ever Tag Team Champion dominates Darkwing with various suplexes and just overpowers his fellow Hall of Famer.

After only a couple minutes and one No Remorse running sit down powerbomb later, and Kostoff secures his place in the next round with a quick 1…2…3.

Again the announcers put over the how important it was that Kostoff got not only the win but got it down quickly, much like Mario in the first match.

We cut to our first commercial break as we see a graphic showing Chris Kostoff moving on to face Brian Hollywood later tonight in the second round.


Back live and Blair Moise welcomes in Halitosis and his manager, Matt.

Before the interview starts, Matt’s scriptwriters hands Blair a ‘script’ for the interview. And the cue-card guy takes up position in front of Matt.

Blair rolls her eyes and handles it like the professional she is.

Blair Moise: Tonight on Refueled, you not only will face Florence Kearsey in your first round match…you will be making your High Octane Wrestling debut. What’s going through your mind right now?

Matt reads his response directly from the cue-card directly in front of him which partly obscures him from view.

Matt the Manager: What’s going through Halitosis’s mind right now is he wants to get out there and get the first match out of the way.

Blair asks Matt about Halitosis’s first round opponent tonight- Aunt Flo.

Matt reads that the bad news is they really don’t know anything about her. The good news is she doesn’t really know anything about Halitosis.

Matt the Manager: Halitosis never takes anyone lightly who steps into the ring with him. He knows the competition in High Octane Wrestling is going to be much tougher- nothing like he’s ever experienced before. He also knows that Florence Kearsey wants the same thing he does, to survive and advance. Tonight, we hope we’re fortunate enough to move forward in the tournament.

Blair Moise: All right. Thank you, Halitosis.

The cue-card guy turns to the camera with a card with this message on it: ‘Victory is just a breath away.’

As we cut elsewhere the viewers are treated to a nervous looking Dante Morrell, impromptu rookie manager of impromptu rookie wrestler Florence Kearsey. He’s asking around if anyone’s seen Flo.

No one has and his anxiety is ramping upwards. It’s kind of like one of those cartoonish scenes where he’s checking in every door, with every passerby, anywhere to find the woman who’s supposed to be fighting Halitosis very soon.

After a lot of long drawn out, incredibly nerve-wracking moments of searching, Dante happens on slyly grinning Flo just exiting a room where she’s a hung a Do Not Disturb sign on the door. .

Dante is understandably upset that it took so long to find Flo, and that she has a match, and where has she been, and by gum Dante almost had a heart attack he’s so nervous. For her part, Flo seems pretty damn relaxed, fixing her ring gear like she were polishing a diamond.

With sly Cheshire Cat grin intact Flo informs Dante that she had some business to take care of with someone in the room, everything’s fine, Dante found her, no need to be alarmed. Dante calms down, but has that slow dawning realization expression on his face as he considers what Flo might have been doing up till he’s found her. (Hint: The general consensus seems to be that Flo is something of a call girl… escort, what’s a polite term?)

Flo doesn’t respond with much more than a grin, informing Dante that he needs to lighten up, they’re in the wrestling business now, passing Dante on her way to the ring leaving the nervous man to consider getting one of those stress squeeze things as we cut back to ringside for our third match of the evening.

Bobbinette Carey vs. The Incredible One

It is clear from the moment Joel Hortega signals for the bell that Bobbinette Carey is rusty from her time away from the ring, but the Hall of Famer is lucky as it is apparent that TIO is completely out of whack.

The announcers speculate that the OCW Hall of Famer might actually be out on his feet as the HOW Hall of Famer nails her superkick finisher and covers him.

There is no doubt that this match never had a chance to gain any traction with the state that TIO is in.

It is sad that a match pitting Hall of Famers from both HOW and OCW ends so quick but there is never a doubt as Carey covers TIO after the superkick and gets the pinfall victory as she now moves on to face another HOW Hall of Famer in Maximillian Kael later on in the show.

The feed cuts to the backstage area as the show continues on after another quick match that no doubt will help yet another first round winner as the move onto the next round.

Cecilworth Farthington is in the backstage area near catering. He is talking to a man wearing a bed sheet over his head with eye holes but no mouth hole. I am surprised the words can get out! They are talking about the tournament. Cecilworth is very excited to win the tournament but is concerned if he makes it to the second round he will have to break the brittle bones of his good friend John Sektor. The bedsheet man says that he should consider it a mercy killing. Cecilworth seems uncertain about this, wanders over to the catering table and begins chowing down on a dry piece of toast in quiet contemplation. The bedsheet gives him a reassuring pat on the back. They declare in unison that they want the belt as we head to commercial break



Back live and senior referee Matt Boettcher is in the ring waiting on our fourth match of the evening and this time we are greeted with two entrances, which can only mean a competitive match is about to happen, and Benny struggles with both wrestlers names and decides to call them Hal and Floky as Joe can only shake his head for what has to be the millionth time over the years.

Early on its all Halitosis as the 6’ 195lb high flyer uses his size and not his arsenal of aerial moves to dominate the 5’7” 130lb technical newcomer to High Octane Wrestling.

Throughout this early part of the match it is all Benny Newell hyping he wants to show Floky his own technical prowess after seeing her “talents” up close. Joe tries to reign in his partner but it is to no avail.

The tide of the match turns as Florence nails a desperation Discus Clothesline off the top rope. Joe mentions that Florence calls that move Red Flag and it is her signature move. After a nearfall from her signature move, Florence dominates the next couple minutes of action with moves ranging from some a monkey flip in the corner to a single leg boston crab in the middle of the ring.

The finish comes quickly however as Halitosis expels a stream of awful stench from his lungs and nails Florence off her feet with a wicked spinning heel kick followed up by his High Angle Senton Bomb finisher that secures the pinfall victory.

Joe Hoffmann puts over the fight put up by the much smaller Florence Kearsey tonight. The fans cheer her as she slowly gets to her feet after the loss and are still cheering for her as we cut to another quick commercial break.



Back from commercial and we get our first real boos of the evening as Jonny O’Dell makes his way out to R-Kelly’s song World’s Greatest. O’Dell who has not been in a HOW ring for almost 15 years just smirks as he makes his way into the ring as the crowd is booing his music more than him.

The boos quickly turn into cheers however as Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake hits the PA system Mr. Visor Heat himself, Chris Diamond, makes his way out from the back.

Once again Matt Boettcher, who thankfully will not be paid per match, is the referee for this match and once again size comes into play right away as O’Dell and his 90lb advantage over Diamond leads to him being in the dominant position early.

Granted most of his weight advantage is in his gut, O’Dell does display some power as he executes various suplexes and clotheslines. The rust is apparent however as on several occasions he misses the mark and either barely grazes Diamond with his bigger moves or flat out misses them.

It is due to this rust Diamond is able to get on the offensive finally and gets a near fall with his signature Diamond tipped spear where he used the middle rope to propel himself into the large gut of O’Dell.

The match continues to go back and forth until there is a pinfall victory after a shock roll up.

The winner and moving forward is none other than Jonny O’Dell.

The announcers question just how much O’Dell has left in the tank after so many years away from the ring….and not to mention he has to go against the Son Michael Lee Best later tonight.

As we cut elsewhere the boos return as R Kelly is once again playing on the PA system.

Next, the show jumps to outside the Yuengling Center.

On screen, Blair Moise, famed sideline reporter for High Octane Wrestling, is seen stalking the designated talent entrance. Her current mission, to interview High Octane Superstars as they arrive for Refueled.

On cue, Blair spots the Greek God of COOLYMPUS and the newly signed Doozer steering their way through the parking lot. Eager like a beaver, she hastily waves the Bandits over for an interview. She graciously thanks them for taking the time, and then asks Jiles how he feels being back in High Octane Wrestling, if he was surprised to see himself in the main event, and about his chances of winning the World Championship.

Jiles, looking like a mint julep on Derby Day, unabashedly responds to her barrage, “Hey. Miss Mongo. Get the door, would ya! These shoes are worth more than your lips! Plus, can’t you see I have my hands full?”

After a quick shot of the snake-skins, Jiles is shown playfully wheeling around his old buddy Doozer.

Back to Blair, who feels horrible from the look of it. Apologetically, she opens the door.

As the Bandits are rolling in, Jiles turns his attention back to Moise and sarcastically quips. “Oh, and don’t you worry… I feel just great being back. So great in fact, my nostrils already fucking sting from the wretched stench of Mongoloid permeating throughout this place.”

Blair shoots Jiles a look that reads, that’s one way to say you’re happy to be back.

Off camera, Doozer can be heard jesting that Zion must already be in the building if that is the case.

A hearty, deliberate, and resounding cackle echoes from The Greek God of COOLYMPUS that could shatter a window. His confidence now oozing, once again he turns his attention to Moise and her questions. “As far as the Main Event is concerned, no. I’m not surprised. Not in the slightest. Lee Best stated it clear as day. He needs these shows to sell out. Simply put, that’s why my name is on the marquee. Have a great–”

Before Jiles can spin on a quick heel and be done with HOW’s thot, Blair presses him again about his chances of winning the HOW World Title. He superstitiously responds, “I like my chances. More so than anyone else. If that’s not good enough for your bulletin board, you can go jinx yourself. Right in your motherjinxing ass. You jinxing hear me?”

Blair nods, not wanting to fan the jinx fire anymore.

The door closes.

The Bandits, are back in the building.

After hearing from Cancer Jiles it was scheduled for Jonny O’Dell to cut a promo with Blair Moise backstage after his upset victory over Chris Diamond previously. However, after the ultimate shit-show that O’Dell showed in terms of athleticism in the match (amongst other failures) the promo has been pulled from the run-sheet. O’Dell, meanwhile, does not understand or appears to care as he paces around elatedly (still in ring gear).

To clarify; he doesn’t care because it’s less-work but rather the opposite. He’s reborn again. After his match, Jonny O’Dell has spent all of his time stood in Gorilla to simply gain feedback from whomever will talk to him. Which nobody seems to want to give him that luxury.

The man is deluded as he fully believes he’s rolling back the years here in HOW.

The action cuts to another commercial break as O’Dell is still on cloud nine.


Back live and we are back inside the ring as Joel Hortega, who for sure isn’t getting paid per match or by the hour, is signaling for the bell for our sixth match of the night between former ICON Champion Cecilworth Farhtington and The Stranger……also known as TLS to those that know his real name.

The announcers stick to The Stranger however as the 37 year old brawler taking it to Farthington. The advantage does last for long however as a DDT followed up by several knees to the faces put Cecilworth on the offensive.

Joe wonders if the knee strikes are an eMpire deal as he has not seen those before from Farthington.

The Stranger tries to mount a quick comeback but that is exterminated with a perfectly executed sleeper hold that Farthington transitions into his cross arm breaker finisher called Article 50 that results in The Stranger tapping out for a submission victory for Mr. Farthington

It is noted that Farthington will move on to face Hall of Famer John Sektor later this evening as we take a mandatory commercial break.



Back live and its time for the match where the winner will move on to face Joey Conrad later in tonights show. Conrad automatically advanced after the firing of The Princess last week. Benny berates Joey Conrad during the entire entrance for Scott Stevens and it is only when Watch Me by The Phantoms hits the PA system that Benny shuts up and the crowd stands as one to cheer on the High Octane debut of Lindsay Troy.

As the Queen of the Ring makes her way down the ramp, Joe revisits the career long obsession Lee has had to get Troy into HOW. It is a recruiting miracle that we are seeing her inside the ring, let alone actually competing for the High Octane World Championship.

Matt Boettcher is the referee for this match and it definitely has a big match feel to it as it begins. For the first couple minutes there is a feeling out process and during the time the crowd literally begins singing Lonesome Loser at Stevens which flips a switch on the man and he quickly overpowers Troy with a spinebuster.

This match remains even for the next several minutes however as Stevens is unable to put Troy away and Lindsay is never able to get more than a full two count on Stevens.

The finish comes as Stevens has his sharpshooter signature move locked in but Troy is able to make it to the ropes and Stevens is forced to disengage. After backing off and turning back towards Troy it is her turn for a submission as she slaps on her Key to the Kingdom cross face chickenwing finisher and instead of submitting Stevens she modifies the hold and secures Stevens should to the mat to attempt a pinfall and gets the surprising 1..2…3.

She quickly rolls out of the ring as Stevens sits shocked in the center of the ring as we cut backstage

Eric Dane was backstage, pacing. Ready. Blaire Moise was the world’s best-looking microphone stand as The Only Star cut a last-minute promo on Madman Szalinski, Darin Zion, and Cancer Jiles. He put over both matches but expressed his disappointment in Madman for not being relevant or interesting enough to rate the Round One Main Event. Dane finished tightening an elbow pad and casually guaranteed to see either Jiles or Zion in the second round.

The scene fades out as we cut elsewhere…

We return back stage where Maximillian Kael, the Prime Minister of Maxopotamia, the Lord of Kaelsalvania, the Warrant Officer of WORTHY and Hobo-King of High Octane Wrestling is being carried down a hall on a massive throne that appears to have been cobbled together from various pieces of broken chairs and garbage.

Hobos and various other homeless looking people are carrying said throne as Max explains that the unusually high number of homeless people has caused him to reinstate his position as the Hobo-King of Wrestling.

His Victory tonight will be dedicated to all the trash of the world who are too lazy or too stupid to find their own success and so they may all live vicariously through him. Max is carried away on his whirlwind tour of the Arena where he throws pennies at people and we cut to a commercial break



Back live and it’s the match that could be dubbed The Hell has Frozen over match as Eric Dane and Madman Szalinski make their HOW debuts, which is shocking enough, but much like Lindsay Troy, they are also competing for a shot for the World Title.

There is a very loud “Fuck Defiance” chant at the beginning of the match as the crowd is firmly against the man that was the direct rival for so many years to Lee Best and High Octane Wrestling.

Both men are on even footing throughout the match and both get in some of their power moves but there are no near falls to highlight.

The finish of the match comes rather out of nowhere as Madman sets Dane up in the corner and sets up for his Tecmo Elbows but is met with a rushing Dan who NAILS Szalinkski dead nuts in the middle of the head with his knee strike finisher called the Starbreaker.

Three seconds later and Dane is moving on to face the winner of the first round main event match:

Cool Jiles or Darin Zion.

As Dane heads to the back the “Fuck Defiance” chants reign down once again and Dane takes it all in as if its reupping his energy levels for his match later on this evening.

After a few moments and after Madman has sulked his way to the back we see two men appear from the back.

Frankie the Cameraman and “The Hardcore Artist” Scottywood.

Scotty is wearing his J.T. Miller New York Rangers jersey which gets a small pop for a reason who won’t dive into here as Frankie is holding onto Scotty’s trademark barbed wire hockey stick that seems to still have some blood on it.

Scottywood: Congrats Mario on crunching the Graham Cracker out of HOW. Because we all know this is the match the fans really wanted to see. The match I really wanted to see. Because I wanna give you the chance at revenge… and watch you blow it like you’ve blown everything here in HOW. You held that World Title in 2010… and nine years later what did you do with that? Parlay it into a career in OCW?

The crowd in Tampa boos as Scotty smirks and shakes his hand at the camera to try and stop the fans.

Scottywood: Hey, come on guys. They have been doing a great job over there polishing Mike Best’s dick the past two months. But here in HOW, the only fucking place that matters. Mario is gonna blow this match, just like his 7 day ICON Title reign in 09. His LSD title match against me in 2014. Shit, the own good runs he had were as Tag Team champion when someone else could carry his ass.

Scotty chuckles as Frankie hands him the hockey stick and the crowd cheers, some hoping to see some the barbed wire fly later in the night.

Scottywood: Now the blood may be dried on this hockey stick… but your blood on the concrete floor is still fresh in my mind and I want more tonight Mario. This is the return of High Fucking Octane Wrestling and if this is our last show of the third, last, refueled or whatever fucking era you wanna call it, then I am going out with a fucking bang!

Scottywood: So who’s fucking ready Tampa!?!

The crowd roars as Scotty slams the hockey stick against the wall backstage and turns back to the camera.

Scottywood: Nah… you’re all gonna have to do better than that! Make some fucking noise Tampa!!!!

The crowd again roars, even louder as Scotty smiles as he reaches over to the left and picks up a bottle of Yuengling.

Scottywood: There ya go you crazy bastards. Damn I’ve missed this shit. Cheers HOW…. and DRINK!

Knocking back the bottle Scotty downs the Yuengling and hands it back to the concessions guy who is looking for some money from him, but the Hardcore Artist shakes his head, refusing to pay for a inferior craft beer as he takes off backstage with Frankie to finish getting ready for his match as we cut to our final commercial break of the first round.



Back live and its time for our first round main event. The winner we now know will be taking on Eric Dane in the second round, which we also now know will be the Main Event of the second round as well.

Darin Zion makes his way out to a thunderous applause as the crowd appreciates the road the man has traveled over the years to gain respect.

Out next comes Cool jiles who makes his way from the back with his buddy Doozer in tow, albeit in a wheelchair, but he is here nonetheless.

Senior referee Matt Boettcher is the referee for all High Octane main events and nothing is different here.

The match starts out hot and stays hot as both wrestlers match up well both in size and somewhat similar movesets.

The camera continues to focus on Doozer on the outside as EVERYONE is waiting for him to jump up out of the chair and interfere in the match but it never comes.

Instead the finish comes as ducks underneath Jile’s superkick finished dubbed Terminal COOL, and picks up the man and nails him with his detonation kick finisher called The Devistation.

Three slaps to the mat later by Boettcher and Darin Zion moves on to tonights main event against Eric Dane.

Benny mentions that if anyone predicted that statement in 2019 that they would be full of shit.

And as the fans and viewers ponder that exact point we cut backstage

The cameras caught up with Mario just outside the gorilla position, as he is about to take on Scottywood. Mario spoke confidently as he discussed his feelings on taking on Scottywood, an old foe. Mario pointed out that historically the series is close, and anything can happen tonight, but again mentioned he had to continue to deliver on the promises he made to the God of HOW.

Mario then pointed out the butterfly stitches on his head from Scottywood’s attack a week ago. The wound has healed but Mario states that it has motivated him and that in a few short minutes he is going to serve Scottywood his receipt as we cut to commercial break before we start the 2nd round

2nd round is official…….the preceding graphic showcases the matches to come


Back live and its time for the second round of the tournament and the results will come twice as fast as its almost time for OCW to air on HOTv and we still have 10 matches to go!!

Mario, who defeated Graham Clauson pretty quickly earlier in the night, is more than focused as he stares across the ring from The Hardcore Artist Scottywood.

The two long time friends and enemies lockup and for every instance of Mario gaining the upper hand due to his power, we would see Scottywood use his hardcore brawling style to even the match back up.

Near the finish of the match Scottywood opens up Mario’s wound that he gave him over in OCW and Mario has the proverbial crimson mask as him and Scotty are leaving it all on the line.

The finish of the match comes as Scottywood goes for his SDT spiked DDT but Mario slips out and locks in his full nelson finisher La Omerta.

Scottywood fights as much as he can and simply cannot power out.

However Scottywood is able to slip out of the move and falls to his knees and proceeds to lift Mario into his Game Misconduct finisher and nails the big man with his firemans carry DDT finisher.

Scotty is barely able to cover due to his lack of strength left but after three slaps of the mat by Joel Hortega, Scottywood is moving on the third round.

The action fades to the backstage area as both men are still lying prone on the mat.

Backstage, Hall of Famer John Sektor can be seen turning away from a monitor. He had been watching the final moments of the closely fought match between Scottywood and Mario Maurako, where Scotty had prevailed. Sektor visibly puffs out his cheeks and seems nervous, realising that his own tournament match with his old friend, Cecilworth Farthington, is not too far away.

He paces around the locker room, before clawing his hands slowly down his pale face. Joe Hoffman refers to the rumours of Sektor’s drug habits, to which Benny Newell replies that they are not rumours and that Sektor was in fact, and I quote, a “Junkie Smack Rat.”

Former world champion, now road agent, Rhys Townsend knocks on his door and enters, informing him that his match is coming up. Sektor acknowledges this with nervous nodding but doesn’t respond. Townsend, seeming concerned, asks him if he’s alright but Sektor just nods and gestures for him to leave him be.

As Townsend leaves, Sektor slaps himself hard in the face and tried to pump himself up. He cracks his neck from side to side, stretches out his arms and grits his teeth. He talks to himself, telling himself “You can do this,” over and over. Soon the intensity begins to fade and everything slowly down. Sektor, chewing his bottom lip, slowly brings his gaze down the floor, where his gym bag rests.


Back live and its time for Halitosis vs. David Black here in the second round.

Halitosis had a very competitive match in the first round but that was never the case here in the second round.

Its as if David Black never showed up to the match mentally as he never gets an offensive move in and after only a few minutes Halitosis is on the top rope and dives down with his High Angle Senton Bomb finisher and covers Black for the pinfall victory.

We now know our first match on Refueled: Two as Scottywood will be taking on Halitosis in the third round of the tournament.

We cut backstage and we see Bobbinette storming into the arena with her bags. A woman next to her standing about the same height wearing a black business suit with a white button up blouse. The woman is a black woman with natural hair in an afro. Bobbinette blows past the people in a huff her cheeks seeming red with anger as she looks like she is in a fit of rage they are stopped by someone wearing a shirt that says “Security” Bobbinette scoffs.

Security: Wrestlers only.

Bobbinette: This will be your first and last day. I am a wrestler, do you not know what company you work for? Estelle please..

Woman: My name is Estelle Dawson I represent Miss Carey. I am her attorney.

Security guard: woah calm your tits.

~He says in shock.~

Bobbinette: Excuse me?

Estelle: That’s offensive and disrespectful. And we will be talking to Lee best about her chest actually.

Security guard: I’m sorry?

Estelle: You will be. But not as much as Lee Best. We require a room for her as a breast feeding mom.

Security Guard: We got a bathroom.

~HE says pointing in the direction of the bathrooms. Bobbinette gets in his face.~

Bobbinette: Do you poop where you eat?~He looks confused at her.~

Security Guard: What?

Estelle: The state law requires an adequate room for any lactating mother to pump in. That cannot be a bathroom and has to actually be its own room

~The Security guard looks confused at the two women. Bobbinette pushes past she heads off in one direction as Estelle heads to Lee Bests office.~

Estelle: I am legal representation of your employee Bobbinette Carey. She is a breast feeding mom.

Lee: The fuck? Isn’t her kid like 3?

Estelle: Reguardless the age any employee in the US is required to have an addaquete room for breast feeding mothers to pump and or feed their child in.

Lee: Isn’t Carey pumping how she got the kid?

~The lawyer gags in disgust.~

Estelle: Careful you’re awefully close to a sexual harassment law suit, unsafe work environment as well as allowing sexual assult to take place.

Lee: Look bitch, I don’t know who the fuck you think you are but You’re not about to come into my company.

Estelle: No you look!

~She says with a Manilla envelope in her hand.~

Estelle: These are rights not privilege like you a white man may be used to in your life. This is a black breast feeding lactating mother who has the right to breast feed and breast pump milk for her child. I know all about you Mr. Best and with the current climate and Miss Carey being an active Times up, #metoo voice It would be in your best interest to meet her demands

Lee: Don’t threaten me get the hell out of here.

~He says slamming the door on her. You can hear him screaming “Somebody call Mario to get the bitch hitter or whatever the fuck that is!~

We quickly cut to a commercial before legal action shuts down HOW before it even begins or worse yet becomes a hashtag on social media and it shuts down anyway

Back live and the Son, Michael Best came down to the ring prior to his second round match, sporting a new look and a microphone. He introduced himself to the fans in Tampa, Florida to a surprisingly positive reaction for his first HOW appearance in over three years. He talked about the return of HOW and hyped up his history with the city of Tampa, before running down the tournament so far, putting over some of the first round winners and speculating about potential matches later tonight.

The bastard son talked about how Johnny O’Dell claimed he was hired to lose to Mike Best in the second round, and how he would hate to make a liar out of a respected 35-year veteran of the war against success. He said he wasn’t losing to a man who looked like “fat D.B. Cooper”, and promised to advance to the third round. He reminded the fans in attendance that winning the big tournament was the one thing he never accomplished in HOW, and reiterated his promise to retire from HOW if he does not win the World Title Tournament. Mike then invited Johnny O’Dell to come down to the ring and try to be the man who ended his career.

We then cut back to the announcers as they begin hyping our next match up as the tournament brackets are once again shown to everyone


With the brackets updated we cut back to the ring where Joel Hortega is ready for the next match as longtime friends John Sektor and Farthington are ready to see who will advance to take on the winner of Jonny O’Dell and Michael Best.

With Farthington having a somewhat easier match earlier in the night the stamina of both men wont be an issue….and its not as the men go back and forth and the crowd is split on who to cheer for.

The eMpire is the cool thing to root for but Sektor has a LONG history in High Octane Wrestling and has seen and done it all.

After several minutes of action Sektor is able to reverse a fishermen’s suplex by Farthington and nail his C-Sektion signature double arm sit out facebuster and secure the surprising win.

The announcers put over both men as this was a pretty even matchup. In the end Sektor was able to secure in the wind with a technical reversal and maybe Farthington wrestling twice in one night was the reason for kicking out a hair too late on the last pinfall.

Immediately we cut to the backstage area where Blaire Moise is standing with the first round main event winner: Darin Zion. Sweat pours down Darin Zion’s face as he looks on completely nervous for his match against Eric Dane.

Blair Moise: Zion, what’s going through your mind as you face The Only Star Eric Dane in tonight’s main event?

Zion stops for a moment to regain composure before speaks.

Darin Zion: 2-9-2

Confused, Blaire shakes her head at Zion’s nonsense. She looks at him rather perplexed at his jibberish.

Blaire Moise: 2-9-…

Darin Zion: 2 years, 9 months, 2 days was the last time I stood in that ring fighting for the HOW World Championship. After waking up in the hospital the next day, I kept the countdown going, biding my time until Lee Best decided to drag his stubborn old ass down to his office to turn on the dang lights again. Some days I wondered if he would leave his creation dead. I didn’t think I would get this opportunity again.

Zion pauses for a moment before tears start rolling down his eyes.

Darin Zion: Daily, I battled demons trying desperately cling to hope that I would get thot chance again. Now….

Zion pauses as he reflects on the threat Eric Dane provides in the main event. He vividly remembers how he dominated UTA legend Madman Szalinski so easily in that first round match and the fear starts showing on his face.

Darin Zion: Now I face a destroyer. Eric Dane, your name proceeds you. I know you’ve come to HOW to destroy us. You proved you can easily peel through the competition in your first round match. The first moment we met on Twitter; I’ll admit I prayed to God this match wouldn’t come because you’re the toughest man to ever grace a HOW ring without having a single match to your name. Hell, when I’ve talked to countless other fans; they have you pegged to win the whole damn thing. They think you can run through Lee Best’s system with ease. You’re confident and strong. I admire that about you.

Zion immediately looks down and smirks for a moment, reflecting on the other past World Champions that have ever held that beautiful 97red Championship belt on their waste.

Darin Zion: But while you have strength and confidence, you haven’t experienced how ruthless Lee Best is yet. I don’t doubt in my mind you can handle it. But I know you easily count us out. You toss around the F Defiance and F HOW jokes left and right. You laugh not understanding the sacrifices former World Champions had to make. I’ve watched good men have to choke on dicks, lose their eyes, and get murdered to even get a chance to get mentioned in the same sentence as the HOW World Champion.

Zion pounds his chest rather proudly.

Darin Zion: Again, I don’t underestimate you have the tenacity to to handle the hoops Lee Best throws at you. But I doubt you understand the blood, sweat, tears, and fight I put to get back to earn my redemption and chance to win that title. You easily look past me as another victim in your game. Well I’m here to tell you Eric, you’re in for the toughest fight of your career. I didn’t just come back to HOW just so you could sacrifice me. I came back to prove I deserve my chance in the spotlight. I came back to prove my worth. I came back to win the HOW World Championship. And I won’t fail. Eric, I won’t cast you aside like other HOW wrestlers would. I know you will give me the toughest fight. But rest assured: this won’t be a burial: this will be a war.

As Zion immediately starts to leave, Blair grabs his shoulder and looks him the eye. He pauses reluctantly ready to answer her last question.

Blair Moise: I know you have to get back to preparing for Mr. Dane, but what about Mike Best increasing his bounty to $10,017 just now on Twitter.

Zion chuckles for a moment before he pats Blaire on the shoulder as he exits.

Darin Zion: What about it? I’m over our little quarrel. I’ve moved on and focused 100% on winning tonight’s match. If Mike Best isn’t over our past and wants to stop me from winning “his” belt…he can drag his 8 time HOW World championship winning ass down to the ring to stop me personally. He knows where to find me.

Zion walks off to prepare for the main event as the scene fades to black.



Back live and its time for the Son of GOD to have his first match inside a HOW ring in many a year. As the main party responsible for his Father returning to relaunch High Octane Wrestling, Michael has more to lose than anyone if this show is not a success.

The announcers continue to drive that point home as Jonny O’Dell and Mike enter the ring with Joel Hortega as the referee.

The match starts hot and furious as O’Dell is looking to end the match early. Michael is having none of it however and capitalizes on O’Dell slipping while trying to literally just run the ropes. As O’Dell stumbles Mike nails him with his running shining wizard finisher and just like that Michael is moving on to the next round to take on John Sektor.

Replays continue to show O’Dell slipping on the canvas and as the replays show its partly due to the boots O’Dell is wearing as they must be hand me downs or are the ones he wore 15 years ago when he first wrestled in HOW.

Either way….O’Dell loses in a fluke manner but there was nothing flukey about that running knee that met his dome.

Brian Hollywood vs. Chris Kostoff

After the replays have finished we see Brian Hollywood and Chris Kostoff make their entrances for their match. These two have a long history of battling and this is no different. The crowd is clearing behind Kostoff as the hometown hero and the announcers put over the fact that Kostoff competing for the World Title in his hometown would be the perfect way to end his career and the final era of HOW.

But Hollywood has something to say about that as Matt Boettcher signals for the bell and the two charge each other.

Kostoff has the early advantage due to his power and its clear from the get go that Hollywood is no match, even with having a bye and assuming more energy.

The match continues like this for a few more minutes before the finish goes down.

Hollywood goes for his Executive Promise sweet chin music finisher but Kostoff ducks under it, kicks Hollywood in the gut and lifts him for his No Remorse running powerbomb finisher.

However as he runs forward Hollywood is able to slip off the big mans shoulders and as Kostoff turns back towards Brian he is unable to dodge the Executive Promise for a second time.

Hollywood covers and Boettcher counts the 1…2…3 for the pinfall victory for Brian Hollywood who will now go on to face the winner of Joey Conrad and Lindsay Troy.


Back live and its time for two High Octane Hall of Famers to do battle as Bobbinette Carey is set to take on Maximillian Kael.

Both get a great reception from the crowd with Kael getting a bigger pop for his first entrance of this Refueled era.

As Joel Hortega signals for the bell and the two look at each other its obvious that Carey is in for a physical mismatch.

The two begin and continue to jaw at each other as Carey begins running down Lee Best who by all legal purposes is still the step father to Max and the announcers cannot believe some of the vile language coming out of Carey’s mouth.

Finally enough is enough and the first move is executed……and it’s the last.

Hortega drops down and makes the count….1…2…3….and just like that we now know who will be facing the winner of tonights main event….

Maximillian Kael.

Replays then show the move once again and we see in slow motion Max lean in and execute his WMD finisher with a wicked headbutt followed by the jumping inverted shoulder jawbreaker….literally knocking Carey out.


After some more replays of the big headbutt from Max and WMD finisher, Joe continues to put over just how illegal that move should be considering the metal Max is carrying around.

Benny can only speak on how thirsty he was thinking about Carey and her breast milk which somehow transitioned into benny becoming a hashtag on twitter……….and luckily the next match is set to take place as Party Till We Die by a bunch of people benny has never heard of hits the PA system and Joey Conrad finally makes his way out to the ring after securing a bye of sorts after the recent firing of The Princess.

Lindsay Troy then makes her way out and Joe mentions how Joey would probably have wanted to face The Princess over the Troy who was very impressive in her win over Scott Stevens earlier tonight.

Joel Hortega is once again the ref, and this time for his final match, and signals for the bell and the two lock up quickly. Joey’s strategy is apparent from the get go……keep the action high paced and try and wear down Troy.

The action remains high paced with Troy finally gaining the upperhand with an impressive step up enziguri. After a few near falls Joey is back on the offensive however nailing an impressive desperation dropkick.

After a few more minutes of action the finish comes as Troy is staggering in the center of the ring and Conrad climbs to the top rope for his Flying Wallop dropkick finisher and jumps off…..

….but crashes and burns as no one is home and Troy is able to sidestep the move by playing possum on the rookie.

The Queen of the Ring and longtime ring vet quickly locks on her Key to the Kingdom finisher and just like that Conrad has no choice but to tap and Lindsay Troy is moving on to the third round to take on Brian Hollywood.

The announcers put over Conrad but also the fact that in the end experience won out as Troy was able to catch the rookie and advance.


We cut backstage as a disturbance has been reported. Maximillian Kael, HOW Hall of Famer and adopted son of Lee Best stalking his way through the halls of the Yuengling Arena, blood lost in his blue eye while various members of the staff scatter in front of him.

Max Kael: Dane? ZION? Come out, buddies, I just wanna share some advice with you.. A meeting of the minds if you wheeeel.

The Prime Minister of Maxopotamia shoves over several stacked boxes of equipment as they clatter across the floor.

Max Kael: WHERE ARE YOU!?..

He snarls loudly before his eye fixates on something off camera. Storming forward Max reaches a locker room door kicking it in as he charges in. There are the immediate sounds of violence as the camera rushes in to find Max hammering away on a half dressed Scottywood, Frankie the Camera Man looking at the two men in a panic. Desperate to try and help Scottywood, Frankie charges forward only to catch a brutal right hook to the side of the head laying him out.

Scotty manages to fire off a few stiff shots to Max’s gut, fighting his way back up to his feet..


Max smashes his metal eyepatch directly into Scottywood’s forehead, a stunned, dazed glaze passing over his eyes. Max sneers down at Scottywood as he grabs hold of the dreadlocks atop Scotty’s head and bashes his metal laced head down into Scotty’s forehead.








One of Scotty’s dreads rips off his head as the Hardcore Artist’s blooded face is left blooded from Max’s onslaught. Max stares at the red dreadlock in his hand as a cruel smile slips over his face. Frankie slowly drags himself toward Scotty as Max turns and leaves the room still holding the dreadlock in his hand.

The HOW Hall of Famer stalks down the hall, Scottywood’s blood dripping off his metal eyepatch. As he moves down the hall still searching for his potential opponents when he runs into another HOW Star, this time.. Halitosis. The two men stare at each other for a moment before Max rushes forward, his wanton bloodlust carrying him forward.

Using Scottywood’s dreadlock like a whip Max begins to rain down a series of vicious attacks on the unprepared Halitosis who covers up as best he can. Max charges the man into a near by wall and continues to fire punishing fists and kicks down upon the unfortunate man before dropping the Dreadlock on the ground and seizing the masked man by the scruff of his mask.




Once again Max uses his eyepatch to send several sickening strikes down directly into the face of Halitosis’s brow, blood beginning to seep through the fabric of his cowl. Max drops him like a heap onto the ground before snatching up Scotty’s dreadlock once again, his face covered in the blood of two other men who had the unfortunate luck of running into him.

Looking at the path of carnage he has left Max giggles and makes his way off screen.


We cut back to ringside where it is now time for our main event.

Joe and Benny go thru the bracket one more time and they go over the fact that the winner of this match will have to take on Max Kael in the third round….a man that literally won with one move earlier tonight and both these men would have had two tough matches.

Matt Boettcher is the referee once again for the Main Event and the crowd is once again all over Eric Dane and firmly behind Darin Zion.

Zion has the full underdog feel to him as he starts out hot vs. Dane…..snap suplex….german suplex…..t-bone suplex……all Zion all early.

The tide turns towards Dane uses some eye rakes to gain the advantage and literally over the next 10 minutes uses every illegal hold you can think of anytime it looks like Zion is about to get the momentum back on his side.

The finish comes as we see Zion is barely up to his knees, his eyes glazed over, he is completely oblivious to Eric Dane across the ring from him, lining the former HOW Champion up and waiting for just the right moment. Zion turns his head, Dane takes off like a rocket and on his second step he violently throws that brace-clad knee, connecting dead on with a precision StarBreaker the side of Zion’s head. Dane lands and quickly twists around and down into a cover. Boettcher is in perfect position for the count.





Dane pulls him up.

The crowd absolutely unloads on him. The Only Star soaks it in, hamming it up as Zion lays on his back dead in the center of the ring. Boettcher admonishes Dane for sportsmanship but there’s not a whole lot else he can do about it.

Seconds turn into a minute and then two as Dane circles the ring, stopping at each side to jaw with fans and pose. He yells to anyone who will engage him that he’s The Only Star in High Octane Wrestling and he’ll do whatever he damn well pleases!

The crowd continues to boo him, this is what white-hot nuclear heat looks like live and in living color on HOTv! Finally, Zion comes alive, shakes the cobwebs loose and makes an effort to roll over to his knees. Dane takes notice and immediately returns his attention to the job at hand. He lines Zion up once more. Zion begins to turn, Dane takes off…

He throws another knee overflowing with malicious intent.

Time stops.

Cameras flash.

Darin Zion sprawls at the last possible second and Dane flies right over him and sends that knee into the second turnbuckle! “AH! FUCK-” is all he can get out before Zion reaches up and grabs The Only Star, pulls with everything he’s got, and brings Dane backward and down, using his own displaced momentum against him. Zion folds him up and grabs both of Dane’s legs, holding on and pulling back with every last bit of strength and fighting spirit he can muster. Boettcher drops back to the mat…






Time stops again.

Dane violently thrashing, kicking his legs and trying to roll his shoulders.

More cameras flash.

Matt Boettcher’s hand comes down for a third and final time.

.08 of a second later Dane kicks out.

The actual roof blows off of the Yuengling Center.

Boettcher signals, the bell rings, and Dane throws Zion off of him. The crowd is going absolutely bonkers and a <i>DA-RIN! ZI-ON!</i> chant even breaks out. The camera zooms into Eric Dane, his face glaring mask of surprise and disgust as he realizes what’s just happened to him. The Antagonist is immediate to his feet and directly in Matt Boettcher’s face. Eric backs the referee into the corner and grabs him by the collar, screaming in his face to the point that he’s literally spitting.

Of course, the cameras pick it all up.


He rares back…


Another chant breaks out.





Livid, The Only Star cocks that fist back even further. Before he can throw that punch though he is spun around bodily and standing face to face once more with Darin Zion. Zion sticks a finger in Dane’s face and chastises him just far enough under his breath that this time the camera doesn’t pick it up. Just as Boettcher bails from the ring Dane’s eyes go wide for a split second. A mental switch flips and he then throws a boot that double’s Zion over, grabs him by the head and lifts him up, stalling for a split second before dropping him down HARD on his head with an oldschool Stardriver.

If you can believe it, the fans boo even louder.

Dane is back up to his feet, now screaming at the fallen winner of the match.


The Only Star grabs him up by his arms and then chucks him through the ropes to the outside where he lands hard and rolls into the guardrail.


At this point the boos are deafening. Dane is incensed, kicking the ropes, holding his ears shut so as to not hear the warring FUCK DE-FI-ANCE!/DA-RIN ZI-ON! and scanning the area for his next victim. He doesn’t find one, but his eye does happen to catch a fan at ringside holding a sign.

It says, in big #97red letters, FUCK DEFIANCE.

The Only star loses his mind. He drops to the mat and rolls underneath the bottom rope and stomps directly up to the fan. He gets right up in the fan’s face.

Dane: You think this shit is cute?

Like a goofball, the fan nods and laughs. Everyone around him laughs. Dane reaches across the guardrail and grabs the sign ripping it in half before throwing it back in the general direction of its owner. All this does is bring more, louder chants. The look in Dane’s eyes says that the lights are on, but maybe ain’t nobody home right now. He points over to wear Darin Zion hasn’t moved.

Dane: You think THAT was DEFIANT?

More boos. More chants.


He turns around to the ring and grabs the apron, ripping it off and wiping his ass with it. He smiles maniacally and throws the ripped up and assified apron and tosses it at the same fan with the sign.


He turns around again and stalks off in the other direction, kicking at the guardrails and raring back a backhand for any fans who wanted to come a little too far across the guardrail. Thankfully, nobody took him up on it. He rounds the corner only for a cameraman to stick a camera in his face. Like a thug, Dane grabs the camera and sends it flying before backing down the man holding it. Dane grabs the cameraman and sends him flying before rolling back into the ring. The boos are still raining down, and the chants are still going strong, and FINALLY, three guys in EVENT STAFF shirts come barrel-assing out from the backstage and to the ring. They slide in simultaneously but the one closest to Dane catches a StarBreaker for his troubles and he rolls right back out of the ring.

The other two try to swarm Dane but there aren’t enough of them and The Only Star is running on absolute rage at this point. Dane fights them off, sending one down and out with a hard elbow strike and grabbing the other and tossing him up and over the top on the other side of the ring.

The HOW and HOTv logos appear and copyright information materializes on the screen. Another few seconds pass before the show goes off the air as Dane begins ripping up the ring canvas, screaming bloody murder the entire time.