Friday Night Chaos

Friday Night Chaos

We open inside a nearly sold out State Farm Arena in Atlanta Georgia as the fans are roaring in anticipation for the first Friday Night Chaos of the Refueled Era.  Always ready for their second in the spotlight, the fans in Atlanta are ready with their signs as the HOW cameras pan the arena.

SweetWater > Yuengling


Doozer is my ICON

Dance Lee Dance

6-6-6 Time Scottywood

We cut down to Joe and Benny as we can see the fresh Chaos graphics adorning the ring ring and announce table as Benny pours himself an opening shot into his official HOW shot glass.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome to the return of Friday Night Chaos!

Benny Newell: Drink for Chaos!

Joe Hoffman: We have six big matches tonight with two titles on the line.  The ICON title will be defended by Cecilworth M! Fartington as he takes on challenger Doozer.  Also in our main event we have the LSD Title on the line as MJ Flair defends against Scottywood.

Benny Newell: How the fuck is that our main event Joe?  Farthington! Farthington!

Joe Hoffman: That’s above my pay grade Benny, but those two have hyped their match well this week and it’s hard to argue it’s the most anticipated match of the night.

Benny Newell: So just shit all over the other matches why don’t ya Joe.

Joe Hoffman: I’m far from doing that Benny.  We got two big tag team matches and two singles matches also that all seem like they will he hotly contested tonight.  Including the return of Black Mamba as he takes on The Incredible One in our opening match.

Benny Newell: One Eyed Mamba is back!  DRINK!

Joe Hoffman: I don’t think he wants you to bring that up Benny…

Making his way out to the ring to his theme we see Black Mamba to a cheer from some of the more diehard HOW fans who remember him from the last era of HOW.

Bryan McVay: The following match is scheduled for one fall… making his way to the ring from London, England, weighing in at 243 pounds… Black Mamba!!!!!

Joe Hoffman: It’s been a long time since we have seen Mamba in a HOW ring, but it’s good to see him back like so many other HOW alums who have answered the call of the Refueled Era.

Benny Newell: I heard it’s luck he’s even here tonight after he fucked his schedule all up.

The thunderous riff of Viking Death March echoes throughout the arena as the crowd begin to cheer for the arrival of the Incredible One. TIO walks out onto the stage, in his jean and leather jacket, surveying the support from the HOW audience.

Bryan McVay: And his opponent… from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, weighing in at 225 pounds… The Incredible One!!!!

He speed walks down the ramp and rolls into the ring, climbing a turnbuckle and posing for the audience. He repeats this for every turnbuckle until he hands a ringside worker his jacket and stretches the ropes as his music fades out.

Joe Hoffman: And The Incredible One, an OCW staple… who is also known as TIO is wrestling for the first time in HOW since he was on Refueled One where he lost to Bobbinette Carey in the opening round of the World Title tournament.

Benny Newell: That’s the prison fucker… right?

Joe Hoffman: Yes, TIO was recently released from prison and he has signed a HOW contract after claiming some unfinished business with fifty-one percent owner Mike Best.

Benny Newell: Add another HOW wrestler with beef with Mike Best.

Boettcher calls for the bell as TIO and Mamba lock up as Mamba pushes TIO back towards the corner as Boettcher calls for the break and Mamba chops TIO hard across the chest.  But TIO brushes it off as he grabs Mamba and connects with a quick belly to belly release suplex into the turnbuckles. Boettcher tries to check on Mamba as TIO lays the boots into him until Boettcher pulls him away.

Joe Hoffman: One stiff opening chop by Mamba and he gets car wrecked into those turnbuckles by TIO.

Pulling Mamba to his feet TIO delivers a nasty headbutt that may open Mamba up early in this match.  Throwing him in a front face lock, TIO lifts Mamba up into a hanging suplex as he parades him around the ring for a few seconds… ten to be exact before planting him with a nasty brainbuster as he goes for a quick cover…






Mamba gets his shoulder up as lays a hard elbow to the skull of Mamba and pulls him back up to his feet as TIO throws Mamba into the ropes for a spinebuster but Mamba counters back with a big spear in the middle of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Possibile momentum shift by Mamba has he levels TIO with that big spear.

Mamba stalks TIO as he stumbles back up to his feet and connects with a sling blade as TIO stagger back up again right into a boot from Mamba.  Dropping an elbow across the chest of TIO, Mamba goes for the cover.

Joe Hoffman: Furry of offense by Mamba as he tries to seal the win.



TIO kicks out as Mamba now pulls TIO up to his feet but quickly gets a boot in the gut as TIO connects with a DDT and rolls away to catch his breath.

Joe Hoffman: Smart by TIO to get some separation from Mamba right now after that nearfall.

TIO uses the ropes to pull himself up as Mamba slowly staggers to his feet as TIO runs and connects with a bulldog on Mamba as he calls for the end to the match.  Picking Mamba up into an argentina backbreaker, some fans cheer as they know what is next and it’s an argentina piledriver that folds Mamba in half to the roar of the crowd.

Joe Hoffman: This Damn Incredible connects and I believe that is all he is gonna write for this one folks.








Bryan McVay: The winner of this match… The Incredible One!

Joe Hoffman: Big win for TIO as he starts his official era in HOW with a statement win over Black Mamba…..AND the new time limit set by Mike Best was not a factor.

Benny Newell: Tick Tock Joe….its only a matter of fucking time

Immediately static cuts the feed while The Incredible One celebrating at ringside.  We pan to the boiler room to backstage where the group of men who closed and tore down Refueled last week stand.   Standing amongst them are Brian Hollywood, Darin Zion, Scottywood, Crash Rodriguez, Johnny O’Dell and Noah Hanson dressed in street clothes.  Darin Zion’s wearing a white suit holding one half HOW Tag Team Championships while Brian Hollywood’s wearing a red suit with sunglasses. Darin Zion smirks sinsterly as he speaks.

Darin Zion:  I told each and everyone of you I made a deal with the devil weeks ago.  You didn’t believe me. You all thought I was blowing smoke up your asses.  But I did it. I did what needed to be done for one thing: respect. Alone our weaknesses prevailed, but together…we will burn HOW to the ground.

Hollywood walks to the forefront of the shot. Hollywood turns and places his hand on Zion’s shoulder and shakes his head.

Brian Hollywood:  Uh, Zion, I hate to tell you this; we burned it down last week.  We literally accomplished what Ground Zero and other stables promised to do for years.  We’re onto bigger and better things.

Zion nods as Hollywood continues to speak.  His voice carries a rather drawing presence; welcoming you to join him.  Hollywood’s more calm and calculated than any other time you’ve seen him on camera.  He strokes his beard slowly as he calmly speaks.

Brian Hollywood: It’s funny.  Since last week, everyone’s commented on our actions.  We “threw a temper tantrum,” we “didn’t act correctly for such a big championship win,”  and my personal favorite excuse: we “did better than the stage crew at cleaning up in a timely manner.”  Everyone came out and shit on our name like they did for the last five years. It finally begins to eat at you.

Hollywood’s face begins to scowl.  He sneers chuckling sinsterly under his breath.

Brian Hollywood:  People seem to forget the last time Chaos was on the air I closed the show down holding all three singles titles in HOW.  They forget Zion main evented that show. They write off Scott Stevens and Scottywood’s HOW title reigns because “they didn’t earn it against legends” like others before them did.  How the fuck could they? Different eras in fighting have different standards to achieve. Every asshole who bore the standard before us in HOW strolled their happy asses over to UTAh.  They took their proverbial balls and left home. In the meantime, we molded HOW. We led the charge; we brought in a new era. We showed our loyalty.

Zion cuts Hollywood off and speak out of turn with rage lighting up his face.

Darin Zion:  And you passed us all up like we meant nothing.  When the lights came back on; everyone ‘refound their passion” and immediately wrote us off.  They didn’t think we earned our opportunities ahead of time. They forgot about all the accomplishments the loyal wrestlers accomplished.  They forgot about anyone who walked in trying to earn their spots. They just picked names from the past. Nostalgia came back and destroyed the place we each loyally called home.

Brian Hollywood shoots Zion a bit of a look.  Zion nods and walks towards the background as Hollywood brings down his shades.  His eyes look focused. He brings his fist up and clinches it tightly to show his power.

Brian Hollywood:   That’s what brought us together.   We all have had issues with each other in the past.  We set aside those differences to make our mark. We didn’t come together to earn handouts and demand championship matches.  We came together to climb to the top again off our own merits to force those who disrespect us to take notice. To restore….ORDER if you will.

Crash walks forward to stand next to Hollywood.  Hollywood’s smirk grows from ear to ear. Crash’s eyes deaden as he speaks.

Crash Rodriguez:  Tonight, we become to dominate power.  We show our enemies what the 9th circle of hell feels like.  We will conquer all other threats in our way.

Zion walks up next to Crash with a dean pan look in his eyes.

Darin Zion:  Tonight, we neutralize those who walked in without earning their keep.  We make them pay for soiling what each one of us sought to bring to HOW.

Scottywood stands right next to Hollywood smirking.  He looks focused and ready to destroy MJF in tonight’s main event.

Scottywood:  Tonight, we take another title…my record breaking 6th LSD Championship to grow our influence, set fear in the hearts of our enemies, and bring destruction to those standing in our way.

Hollywood laughs as he walks in front of the camera once more cackling like a madman.  He turns around, gloating at the talented names he brought together. He shows it off like a conductor, ready to wreak chaos upon his enemies.

Brian Hollywood:  We have our own focuses.  We have each other’s back.  We will set the new standards for HOW.  And most importantly, we will re-establish true order back into HOW.  Our order!

Hollywood reaches into a box and tosses everyone a new t-shirt with a logo.  Everyone holds up their shirts revealing the name of the next dominant stable in HOW:  THE ORDER.  As the shirts wave proudly like their flags, the scene cuts to static before we cut backstage to the artists formerly known as the Best Alliance…


To be more specific, backstage in the dressing room of Eric Dane and Dan Ryan. The boys are mostly dressed, geared up, and ready to go for their tag team match later on against the Middle of the Road Construction Company. A knock comes to the door as Dan Ryan snugs the laces on one of his boots and Eric Dane makes a last-minute adjustment to the oversized adamantium brace wrapped around his right knee.

Dan Ryan: It’s open.

The door swings inward and in walks Lindsay Troy and MJ Flair. From behind them, you can hear a voice that is not all that familiar to High Octane Wrestling.

Angus Skaaland: You know what, on second thought, I can’t do this, I’m out!

The Motormouth of Malcontent, as he is sometimes monikered, turns and tries to escape at the sight of his former employer, mentor, and friend: Eric Dane. The LSD Champion ain’t having any of that bullshit though, as she loops her arms around his waist and lifts him into the room.

The Queen of the Ring smiles at MJ and Angus, giving the latter a pat on the shoulder as he’s hauled past her and shares a glance with The Ego Buster.

Dan Ryan: Hello, Lindsay.

Lindsay Troy: Dan. Where’s Jack?

Dan shrugs. Lindsay sighs.

Lindsay Troy: I swear, we need a backpack with one of those tail leashes for him…

She takes her phone out of her pocket, presumably to send Harmen a text message. Angus finds himself deposited right in front of the now standing Only Star, who for his part has a completely unconvinced frown plastered on his face.

Eric Dane: If you don’t wanna be here-

Angus Skaaland: (interrupting) It’s not even that. I’m not entirely sure that I’m contractually allowed to be here.

Dan Ryan: Don’t worry about that, it’s been taken care of.

A moment passes. Eventually, The Only Star extends a hand.

Eric Dane: If you’re here; if you’re with me… with us… then I’m glad to have you back in the fold.

Angus looks down at the extended hand, everyone in the room watches on until finally he accepts it and the two shake. The moment doesn’t last, though, as Angus switches gears quickly and begins doing the job that he is no doubt being paid handsomely for.

Angus Skaaland: First thing’s first…

He trails off, glancing from Dane to Troy.

Angus Skaaland: Are you two on the same page or do you guys need to go outside and take turns slapping the shit out of each other until you’re satisfied?

Lindsay Troy: (smirking) So long as Eric’s fine training with the big boys and girls, then I’m fine.

Dane acquiesces, no challenge given.

Eric Dane: Absolutely.

Angus Skaaland: Good, because I want you (he nods at Lindz) to accompany them (back to Dane and Ryan) to the ring for their tag match. Something smells fishy and I’d hate for us to get caught with our pants down.

Lindsay Troy: Since it’s another night without a booking for me, I’d be glad to. And I’ll cover Jack as well. Someone will need to keep an eye on Harold.

Dan Ryan: Sounds good to me.

Angus Skaaland: And as for you-

MJ Flair perks up as Angus addresses her.

Angus Skaaland: I want somebody out there covering your ass too. I don’t trust Scottyfuck any further than I could throw him.

Eric Dane: Yeah. Me. I’m going out with MJ. I might wanna take a piece out that jackass’s hide myself.

The Ego Buster interjects.

Dan Ryan: Keep your hands to yourself, would ya? We don’t want to give that guy and his dreadlocks any excuses, and even less than that do we want to cost MJ that LSD Championship.

Dane throws his hands up passively.

Eric Dane: Just call me a fly on the wall.

Dan Ryan: I mean it, Eric, this is serious.

The Champ steps up and between the two. She puts a hand on Dan Ryan’s chest.

MJF: It’s cool, Mr. Ryan, I got this.

And one on Eric Dane’s.

MJF: I got my eyes on the prize, man… you just keep your eyes on Scotty.

Dane winks his agreement, Ryan nods.

Dan Ryan: We need to remind everyone else out there that we’re still a team. Tonight is our night to do just that.

Angus sticks his nose in one last time.

Angus Skaaland: Speaking of, you guys really do gotta come up with a new team name. This Former Best Alliance shit is absolutely not cuttin’ the mustard!

MJF: I made a suggestion–

Dan Ryan: We are not calling ourselves the MJ Flair Fan Club.

All of a sudden and with absolutely no warning the door bursts open. Everybody in the room turns around, ready to throw down. Well, everybody but Angus who immediately hides behind the two ladies in the room.

High Flyer: Oh! Hi friends!

Everyone gives a sigh of relief.

Lindsay Troy: And where have you been?

Jack Harmen smirks. If he were wearing suspenders he’d have both thumbs looped into them all proud like.

High Flyer: Who, me? I thought you guys were in the ring!

Eric Dane: What? Why?

High Flyer: Weren’t we getting together to have a pow-wow? I thought we’d do that out there, you know, like all the other gangs are doing?

Collectively the group rolls their eyes.

Angus Skaaland: Yeah, well, if I’m not mistaken you’re up next, so you and Lindz had better get your asses down to Gorilla!

High Flyer: I just came from there…

The Queen perks up.

Lindsay Troy: Pitter-patter, let’s get at’er!

High Flyer: Your Mary-Lynn is showing…

With that Lindsay corrals the Jack and the two of them take their leave, leaving the rest of the group to further discuss the night’s plans, backup plans, and would-be escape routes should they be needed.

Solitary Confinement Match
Christopher America vs. Michael Lee Best

Joe Hoffman: Our second match of the evening is higher stakes than it looks, folks, as 51% owner of HOW Michael Best has given us word that the winner of this match will take on the winner of tonight’s Main Event at Rumble At The Rock. This has officially become a number one contender’s match.

Benny Newell: Fucking hell, is that miserable little shit not getting off hard enough on putting his friends over? Now he’s gotta give their Jap offspring the rocket boots, too? This is fucking preposterous.

Joe Hoffman: Easy, Benny– MAXXKAEL Jr. put away Crash Rodriguez with relative ease on the last Refueled, and High Flyer has been a major name in pro wrestling for nearly as many years as HOW has existed. In a division that currently lacks standout depth, this actually feels like the right call.

Benny Newell: I’m gonna be so fucking racist during this match.

“All Aboaaaaaaaaaaaaaard! AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA…”

A light fog rises up from the entrance way as the opening guitar rift kicks in. Parting the smoke is High Flyer, who stands confidently at the top of the entrance ramp. He tosses one hand up in a devil horn taunt, and smiles slyly to the camera. At his side, Lindsay Troy makes her way to the ring, clearly here to add a little backup to the match.

High Flyer stomps his way to the ring, paying very little attention to the crowd. Once he reaches ringside, he slips in under the bottom rope, then sprawls on his back. He begins to make snow angels while residing on his back, looking up at the lights before recovering to his feet. Lindz takes her place at ringside, camping out in Harmen’s corner.

Joe Hoffman: And here he is! High Flyer came up short at War Games, but still made an impact in his first ever appearance in HOW’s most challenging match of the year. A victory here tonight will cement Jack Harmen’s rise in HOW, and put him in a spotlight match at Alcatraz.

Benny Newell: Of course that isn’t going to happen because he isn’t in the eMpire and the new boss is fucking crooked.

Joe Hoffman:  Per the rule changes announced today, this match will give Joel Hortega the discretion to make his own calls on countouts and disqualifications, and will be contested under a 15 minute time limit. With Lindsay Troy at ringside, and I’m sure The Herald, this could have an impact on tonight’s affair.

As the announcer introduces High Flyer, he leaps onto the second ropes and looks out to the crowd.

The lights in the arena flicker and die as the Herald Sub-Marquis Bentley Tennyson Farthington-Primrose appears on the stage illuminated by a single beam of white light. He sports a massive MAXXKAEL Jr. Banner, which has Maximillian Kael’s big grinning face on it, which he waves over his head as he prances out onto the stage. As the fans begin to boo the Herald he retrieves a microphone from his tunic as “King Ghidorah’s Terror” begins to blare out, drowning out most of the crowd noise.

The Herald: Introducing the WORTHIEST ONE!.. Hailing.. from the the LITTLE TOKYO DISTRICT of MAXOPOTAMIA!!

The stage begins to flash with bright white and blue strobe lights as the densely built MAXXKAEL Jr. makes his way out onto the stage. His massive frame is covered by a long hooded robe, his face obscured by a kabuki mask that looks eerily similar to Maximillian Kael’s grinning face. He passes the Herald and pauses on the edge of the ramp, his twisted Max Kael mask staring down at the ring.

The Herald: Weighing in at two hundred and twenty two pounds and standing at six foot even.. he is… MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAXXUKAAAAAAAAAAAAEL JUUUUNNNIIIOOOORRRRR!!!!

MAXXKAEL Jr. pulls back his hood, his hands held in the air as the crowd boos the Legacy Holder of Maximillian Kael. Both the Herald and MAXXKAEL Jr. then make their way toward the ring, the Herald screaming “Kneel Before MKJ!”. Upon reaching the ring MAXXKAEL Jr.. removes his robe, handing it over to the Herald before he tears his mask away, holding it high into the air before also handing it over.

The music dies as MAXXKAEL Jr. slides into the ring and moves to his corner, his attention focused, his expression neutral. Joel Hortega checks him over and checks with both opponents before ringing the bell to begin the match.


In similar fashion to his previous dominating victory, MAXXKAEL Jr. steps forward and slaps his chest, machine-like in his approach. Unfortunately, Harmen must be watching film, because he doesn’t charge in with blows to the upper body– he’s throwing kicks! High Flyer lays into the shin of MAXXKAEL Jr. with a leg kick, and then another!

The brutish MAXXKAEL Jr. tries to grab a hold of his opponent, but Harmen is quick and wiry– he ducks under an attempt to grab him, laying in another kick from the back and hobbling MAXXKAEL Jr. forward!

Joe Hoffman: High Flyer is fighting right out of the gate! He wants control of this match from the word “Go”.

Benny Newell: This is for Pearl Harbor, you sneak attacking fuck. HARMENSHIMA MOTHERFUCKER.

Harmen backs into the ropes, charging forward and landing a standing dropkick into the back of MAXXKAEL Jr. that sends him stumbling forward toward the ropes. MAXXKAEL Jr. is quick to turn around, though, and he grabs a hold of Harmen as he gets up off the mat. He lifts High Flyer into the air with relative ease, wrapping him up and slamming him with maximum force to the mat with a T-Bone Suplex! The ring is rocked by the impact, but MAXXKAEL Jr. doesn’t let go– it looks like he wants another one!



As Benny is cut off, so to is MAXXKAEL Jr.– Harmen wraps his arms and locks them around the neck of his opponent, holding on and grounding himself from a second suplex. He throws a kick to the inside of MAXXKAEL Jr.’s leg, staggering him momentarily, and then shoving the hold off.

MAXXKAEL Jr. isn’t rattled, as he throws a knife edge chop that stings at the chest of Jack Harmen and rocks him in place. And then another. And another!

Benny Newell: HAAAA CHOP SUEY.

Joe Hoffman: Sigh.

Benny Newell: Don’t say the word sigh. It’s gauche.

High Flyer has to back off, knowing better than to go chop for chop with a man who couldn’t be stopped by upper body blows in his last outing. Instead, he ducks the next chop attempt, skittering behind MAXXKAEL Jr. and lifting with all his might, using his opponent’s own inertia against him and dropping him with a German suplex! He bridges it into a pin!







MAXXKAEL Jr. is able to kick out well before a three, but the two count alone gets a huge reaction from the crowd in Atlanta. High Flyer doesn’t waste any momentum, though, and he rolls MAXXKAEL Jr. over with a small package and tries to pin him again! He has him all tangled up with nowhere to go!








Joel Hortega stops counting, as he points to the ropes, where The Herald has clearly pushed them forward until they’re touching MAXXKAEL Jr.! The shitty little troll dances giddily in place as he saves MAXXKAEL Jr. from a potential three count, but the crowd doesn’t seem to agree with the genius of the move.

The Herald looks discontent with the boos of the crowd, but smiles as it starts to turn to a raucous cheering. He begins to laugh, taking a little bow, but is quickly spun around by Lindsay Troy! He’s too late in realizing why the crowd was cheering, and immediately turns tail to run from one of the baddest women in wrestling as she makes chase, getting him away from the ring!

Joe Hoffman: The Herald is in trouble! Lindsay Troy isn’t having any of this!

Benny Newell: You ever made it with a black chick, Hoffman?

Joe Hoffman: …she’s… she’s not black, Benny. She’s Italian.


Back inside the ring, Jack Harmen has MAXXKAEL Jr. on his hands and knees, kicking away at the unofficial offspring of Max Kael. High Flyer scoots back to the ropes, getting set for a charge, as MAXXKAEL Jr. gets to his feet– right into the LOCOMOTIVE!


The ruthless Japanese warrior boots High Flyer in the stomach, lifting him into his devastating Falcon Arrow finisher, The MAXKAEL SPINNING SPECIAL DRIVER ‘19!!!


He drops down behind MAXXKAEL Jr. as the crowd is on their feet, trying to grab him into position for an inverted DDT, but suddenly–


The bell rings, and this contest officially ends due to the time limit being reached! High Flyer can’t fucking believe it! MAXXKAEL Jr., for the most part, doesn’t seem phased too much one way or the other.

Bryan McVay: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is officially a DRAW!

Joe Hoffman: Folks… we… we have a draw. I have no idea who is going to Rumble at the Rock to face off against the LSD Champion!

Benny Newell: BAH! It’s MAXXKAEL Jr., obviously. He’s an eMpire cronie….where the fuck is Lee at when you need him. This shit never happened under his watch.

Joe Hoffman: This is the new direction Mike is taking the company Benny and quite frankly I like the time limits………as far as the LSD Championship Match…..I guess we’re going to find out– this match is officially a draw, and believe me, anything can happen from this point in in tonight’s show.

Chaos cuts backstage to a close-up view of Mike Best’s office door. As fascinating as the New God of HOW’s shiny nameplate is, the camera quickly zooms out; revealing Silent Witness stood outside. The HOW veteran knocks on the door and waits.

… and waits…

… and waits. Answer the fucking door, Mike!

“Come in” he finally hears; muffled through the heavy, wooden door. He turns the handle and pushes it open to find Mike Best sat stone-faced behind his desk; rifling through some paperwork. He doesn’t look up.

Mike Best: Take a seat.

The majority shareholder gestures towards the chair opposite him, still looking at his paperwork. There is an icy tension between them as Silent Witness sits down. The LSD Legend pauses for a moment; trying to find the right words before addressing his new boss.

Silent Witness: I wanted to talk to you about last week…

Mike continues to appear disinterested. It’s understandable.

Silent Witness: I’ve known you for a long time, Mike… I’d like to think that we’re friends…

Mike stops what he’s doing. Slowly, he raises his head to glare at Silent Witness. The LSD Legend nods.

Silent Witness: Well, sometimes friends fuck up. I’ll admit that.

Mike returns to his paperwork. Silent Witness looks down for a moment; grimacing. His pride is stopping him from saying the only word he should really be saying to Mike right now.

Silent Witness: We jumped the gun last week…

Finally, Mike sits upright in his chair; paying attention to what the Hall of Famer has to say. It’s a start…

Silent Witness: Look, everybody knows how important it is to make a statement when you come out for that big group promo – we went after you because we thought you were going to be more of the same destructive bullshit we’ve seen over the years… Same-Old-New Best Alliance, Same-Old-New Boss…

He shrugs.

Silent Witness: But we were wrong. You’ve been… Well, pretty fair across the board, so far.

Silent Witness pauses; gauging the reaction. There isn’t one.

Silent Witness: You have to admit, though; we got people talking. Ground Zero barely left anyone’s lips, until the boys started wondering what the fuck that car crash was to close out Refueled a couple of weeks ago…

There’s a hint of a smirk on Mike’s face, but he quickly looks back to his work.

Silent Witness: We-

He pauses; correcting himself.

Silent Witness: … I… threw you under the bus. I know you better than that. I didn’t give you a chance. Don’t get me wrong – if you come for me, or try any of that bullshit you pulled on America with anyone else…

Finally, Mike shows some emotion. He leans in, pointing a finger at Silent Witness; sneering through gritted teeth.

Mike Best: You attacked me at War Games…

He composes himself; leaning back in his chair.

Mike Best: Did you think there would be no retribution?  I told everybody – if you don’t cause a problem, there won’t be a problem…

Mike shrugs.

Mike Best: You caused a problem… but that shit between America and I has nothing to do with the rest of you. That’s old business. The rest of this shit is new business.

Silent Witness sighs.

Silent Witness: Look, I’m not here to discuss the wrongs and rights of whatever you’ve got going on with Chris. You two can settle that in the ring, where it belongs – and I will be rooting for my Ground Zero partner…

He stares at Mike; defiantly rebelliously.

Silent Witness: … but I came here to make amends; to ask for a fresh start…

Silent Witness trails off. Mike stares at him for a moment; pondering his next move. Finally, he breaks into a smile.

Mike Best: Sure, no problem…

He stands up. Silent Witness follows suit.

Mike Best: You wanna be best buddies again, Sam? Cool. We can do that. Start fresh.

Mike offers his hand for Silent Witness to shake. Surprised, but pleased, Silent Witness reaches out for it. At the last second, Mike pulls his hand away.

Mike Best: … but first, you have to say it…

Silent Witness glares at Mike. He knows what he wants him to say. He really doesn’t want to say it… But he does need the fresh start – and Mike’s help. He sighs.

Silent Witness: … I’m sorry.

Mike smiles and the pair shake hands.

Mike Best: There… that wasn’t so hard, was it?

Chaos cuts to commercial as we see Mike Best and Silent Witness shaking hands.

The Bandits music hits.

Jiles, still looking banged up from the last two shows, hobbles down to the ring with fire in his eyes.  He looks more determined than he has in the last few weeks. Dean follows slowly down the ramp rather sluggish behind him.  Candy and snacks continue to fall through his robes as the sweat covering his forehead drenches each snack. As they’re about to hit the ring:  Crash and Hollywood emerge from the backstage area and ambush the Egg Bandits. Joe Horetga tries to establish order between the Order and the Egg Bandits, but all bets are off:  stable warfare kicks off with a bang.

Benny Newell:  Holy fuck sticks, it got personal between the Order and the Egg Bandits.  The Order does not like the Bandits after they ran their mouths on social media this week.

Joe Hoffman:  Both stables are a man down too.  Doozer’s preparing for his big ICON Title match later tonight and Jace Savage apparently can’t leave his home state of Louisana or he goes to jail.

Benny Newell:  Do not pass go, do not collect 200 Jose Cuervos!

Jiles grabs Brian Hollywood by his hair and chucks him full force into the steel steps.  He’s livid in regards to last week. Bobby Dean grabs a handful of Now and Later’s out of his robe and tries to chuck them at Crash to slow him down.  Crash only gets annoyed and lands a stiff kick straight to Bobby’s head once he realized how many letters the candy has in it. Jiles and Crash then lock eyes and start hammer at one another before…

Ground Zero’s theme blares across the PA System.  Jiles and Crash stop and glare down the ramp as the imposing threat of Silent Witness, Evan Ward, and Rhys Townsend calmly stroll to the ring surveying the damage both the Bandits and Order have done to each other cracking their knuckles.   Jiles and Crash get to their feet preparing to fight. As they charge towards Ground Zero trying to mount offense, Witness, Townsend and Ward gain the advantage.

Joe Hoffman:  Last week Evan Ward, Rhys Townsend, and Silent Witness all worked out any rust they had against each other.

Benny Newell:  They well-represented their technical style.  They had no choice but to use Mike’s mind tricks against him.

Joe Hoffman:  Looks like that plan backfired.  They’re completely in sync with each other.

Ward grabs Jiles and suplexes him stiffly on the floor driving the pain home in Jiles while Witness chucks Crash into the match.  Dean slowly makes his way into the ring and Hortega finally calls for the bell.




Witness grabs Crash’s head and drives him straight down to the mat with a bulldog as Bobby catches his breath.  Witness unleashes boots onto Crash’s head in the corner for a while before turning his attention towards Dean, who is shoving a chicken wing in his mouth.  Witness charges towards Bobby before Bobby locks eyes with him, extends his arms out and crushes Witness’s entire body with his deadly bear hug. Bobby’s appetite for destruction doesn’t end there.  He’s mezmorized Witness’s jet black hair. It reminds him of Black Licorice. He takes a small bite of Witness’ hair, before he pisses Witness off. Witness manages to wiggle his arms free and smashes both hands straight into Bobby Dean’s eardrums.  Witness gets dropped hard as Bobby Dean sits on the turnbuckle corner. Witness starts kicking Dean straight in the head before Crash charges towards him with a reverse DDT.

Joe Hoffman:  Crash hits Witness from out of nowhere with that DDT.  Where did he find that energy from?

Benny Newell:   I don’t know, but Jiles just got back up from the corner and tagged himself in, he better keep his eyes on…


Joe Hoffman:  Jiles’ playing dirty with that low blow!

Jiles kicks Crash to the outside of the ring before turning his full attention towards Silent Witness.  Witness begins to roll towards the corner, but Jiles is not having it. He rushes towards Witness and drives his knee straight into his back.  Witness rolls around for a moment in pain. Jiles begins stomping at Witness’ fingers before he hears the tag and Hollywood comes charging straight at him with a clothesline taking him down.  Witness and Hollywood both stare at each other: taking a moment to show respect for the past. Both of them grab Jiles and unleash a double team suplex on Jiles. Witness takes advantage for a moment, grabs Hollywood and hits a side Russian Leg Sweep before tagging into Rhys Townsend.

Joe Hoffman:  Not many people remember that Hollywood used to find himself in Ground Zero as Brian James Thomas in his early HOW career.

Benny Newell:  Hollywood used his connections effectively, but it’s all love and war in this match.  I can definitely drink to that temporary alliance.

Townsend comes at Hollywood and shows his power off by grabbing Hollywood and hitting a military press on him.  Hollywood grabs his guts. Rhys then issues a stiff kick straight into Hollywood’s stomach. Rhys locks Hollywood into a Surfboard Stretch, putting Hollywood into agony.  In the meantime, Jiles begins to crawl towards Bobby Dean.

Joe Hoffman:  The crowd is erupting for Dean to come in!  He’s hulking up….

Benny Newell:  More like hulking out….his gut just grew another 15 inches after shoving down that melted chocolate bar in his mouth.

Joe Hoffman:  Diabetic crash about to come on.  You can see the sugar rush in Dean’s eyes.

The crowd chants rabidly for Dean.  As Jiles’ is fingertips away from a tag, a man from the crowd in a black shirt, jeans, a HOW hat, and coat jumps the rails carrying a lead pipe.  He barrels straight for Dean’s knees, taking him out. The man rips off the disguise to reveal: JACE SAVAGE actually made the trip down from Lousiana.

Benny Newell:  Jiles’s is out of options now!  He must continue! Dean’s knees gave out from the weight and the pressure of that shot.

Joe Hoffman:  Hollywood had an insurance policy!  He wanted everyone to think he was weak.

Ground Zero looks visibly pissed and yell at Hortega to call the match, but he throws his hands up with his new found flexibility.  Crash rushes the ring and breaks up the hold Rhys had locked in. Crash tries to rush out of the ring, but Rhys grabs him and puts him in a German Suplex.  Before he can do that, Hollywood nails and Executive Promise to the back of Rhys’ head out of desperation. Hollywood sees Jace hit the canvas, makes a desperate tag.  Jace lines up for the Bankroll and connects to Rhys’ head and covers him….




Joe Hoffman:  Jiles gets the save in!  The crowd is up on their feet chanting for the Bandits!  Holy shit!

Benny Newell:  Dear God!  Jiles has a death wish.

Jiles flips Jace off before laying punches straight into his face.  Rhys Townsend grabs both members of the opposing stables and cracks their skulls together. .  Rhys then hits a stiff German Suplex onto Jiles hitting him head first. Crash has seen enough from the turnbuckle and he rushes the ring and spears Rhys.  Witness gets angry and immediately charges the ring and hits Crash with a Snap Suplex. Hollywood tries to get involved with the match, but Ward leaps at him with a Hurricanarana and takes him down.  Ground Zero starts systematically picking apart at the Order with no hesitation. As they’re focused else where…


Crowd:  Bobby!  Bobby! Bobby!

Dean hits the ring and Witness and Ward’s eyes widen.  Dean’s pulled out a handful of Jelly Beans and the Diabetic Crash begins. He picks up Ward and chucks him stiffly against the barricade.  Witness’s eyes immediately show anger. Witness throws punch after punch, but Bobby doesn’t flinch. Witness tries to even hit a kick to Dean’s knees, but it bounces off the fat rolls.  Dean immediately hits the Happy Ending on Witness. He stands back up for good measure, leaps into the air, and lays all 17,000 EGGagerated pounds straight onto Witness’ chest. Hortega immediately hits the count.





Benny Newell:  Here Dean!  You’re going to need to drink this to get over the pain!

Crash inches to cover Witness, but before he can, Rhys comes in, picks him up and throws him over the top rope.  Rhys charges towards Crash and tags in Evan Ward. Ward and Townsend then hit crash with a double powerbomb onto the steel stairs.  Jace Savage moves into place and dives to the outside on top of all three men to take them out, leaving Hollywood with Dean and Witness on the inside of the ring.  Hollywood climbs up to the top rope and hits an elbow drop straight onto Dean’s chest. As Hollywood tries to cover, Witness hits an enzugiri to Hollywood. Witness then tries to pick Hollywood up, but Hollywood bests him and hits a Roundhouse kick to send Witness to the floor.   Dean rolls to the outside of the ring only to get met with a diving splash onto him by Ward. Ward’s spending time neutralizing threats. Hollywood then locks eyes with Jiles. Jiles walks into the ring and both stare down. Hollywood slaps Jiles across the face. Hollywood laughs maniacally as Jiles, reaches into his pants.

Benny Newell:  God damn!  Couldn’t you wait until home?

Joe Hoffman:  I’m going to need a drink after that one Benny!

Benny Newell:  WHAT? THE?  ACTUAL?

Jiles immediately tosses an egg straight into Hollywood’s face, blinding him.  Before Jiles can capitalize on it, Rhys pulls his feet from under him. Witness grabs Jiles and lands a nasty brainbuster on him to the outside.  Jace Savage sees this and rushes to hit Rhys with a drop kick. Crash takes Witness down to neutralize him with the Crash Report. Ward then hits Crash with a stiff kick.  Ward jumps into the ring, right as Hollywood cleans the egg off his face. Hollywood begins “signing the papers” getting confident with noticing Ward and attempts to hit him with the Executive Promise, but Ward turns it around, whips Hollywood into the turnbuckle and hits the Third Generation Award Winning Knee straight to Hollywood’s jaw, knocking him unconscious.  He covers him with Ground Zero sliding inside…




Joe Hoffman: Ground Zero establishes their dominance by picking up their first win as a unit here tonight on Chaos.

Benny Newell:  God damn just look at the chaos that ensued.  Ward finished this with 30 seconds left in the match.

Joe Hoffman: Hopefully next week Mike will have the guys in the trucks have a better way to have everyone know how much time is left in the matches. I love it….but its clear by his news today that this was a last minute power move and I hope to see it improve next week.

Benny Newell: You KNOW Lee would be pissed right now making changes to the show that close to showtime…..PISSED.

Ground Zero surveys the damage ahead of them.  Crash gets back up to his feet and bangs the turnbuckle.  As Jace makes his way to his feet, Atlanta PD comes to obtain him per his stipulations.  Jiles and Bobby wake up and just look up rather disappointed seeing Ground Zero standing in the spotlight where they thought they belonged knowing they let Doozer down.  Tonight Ground Zero won the Battle. They celebrated and gloated over the other stables. As Townsend and Witness lift Ward’s hands up in victory and the cameras fade to our next segment; they knew they had established their reign of terror over any of their threats with this win and reigned chaos on their latest victims.

As we fade out from the ring the HOV (High Octane Vision screen) above the stage comes to life and we are treated to a beautiful shot of the New York City skyline as the sun glistens over the silver towers of Manhattan. The Statue of Liberty stands tall looking over Ellis Island, a symbol of the American Promise. Down in the sea surrounding Lady Liberty the “Max Kael Presents the End of HOW World Tour Cruise” Cruise Ship can be seen. 

The words “SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA” light up over the patriotic scene as we slowly zoom down toward the cruise ship. 

Standing on the deck is none other than HOW Hall of Famer Maximillian Kael wearing what looks to be a Hawaiian shirt, board shorts, sandals and a white khaki Panama Hat. Beneath it, as always, appears his full body brace and wrestling gear. He looks tired, a dark circle beneath his singular, strange blue eye. Still, a very fake, very forced smile appears on his face. 

Behind him are what appears to be a horde of Koreans, all dressed similarly to him regardless of gender, all of them staring expectantly at Max. Two of them appear armed for some reason that will not be explained in much detail during this segment but more likely to be fleshed out in a later storyline. Still, they appear near Max and don’t seem to be as big a fan of him as the rest of their fellow Koreans, their expression cold and serious. 

Max Kael: Good evening High Octane Wrestling! It is I, you’re beloved Maximillian Kael, First of my Name, Long May I Maim!.. And I’m coming from you LIVE from Seoul, South Korea which is often mistaken as New York City on account of the life sized replica of the Statue of Liberty! Also we’re on the other side of the world which explains why the sun is up and that this is not at all a pre-recorded message.. I’d never do that to you baby. 

As he speaks the horde of people begin to clap in unison, no one saying anything just clapping diligently, their faces filled with joy save for the two armed individuals. 

Max Kael: By now there are probably dozens of you filling the stadium to support High Octane Wrestling now that I am not there and I’m certain the debt is piling up! Bankruptcy is right around the corner and I know Michael is counting down the days till we lock the doors and end this misbegotten adventure back into a past we can never reclaim! 

The Lord of Kaelsalvania gesticulates wildly as he speaks, his blue eye flashing left and right as he stares at the two armed men for a moment, his fake smile stretching wider before he looks back toward the screen.

Max Kael: I feel sorry for the people who decided to come tonight but if you are seeing this. If ANYONE is seeing this know that I am both safe.. And that I have NOT.. been kidnapped by North Korean officials seeking to return me to Kim Jong Un! And I definitely don’t need HELP. So remember folks at home.. Don’t SEND HELP! I most definitely would never say the words out loud HELP ME! Ha-Ha-HA!

Max’s laugh is flat, loud but lacks his usual cruel mirth. He discreetly lifts both hands and shoves his thumbs at either armed man as he mouths the worlds “HELP ME” toward the camera before throwing his fake smile back on.

Max Kael: Anyway.. That’s all for my check in this week to the dying or potentially DEAD High Octane Wrestling. Remember.. Don’t worry about me, I’m okay.. And.. 

His blue eye shifts to left then right before he waves his hands over his head in a panic.


Before he can finish the two armed men lunge forward, one pistol whipping Max in the back of the head while the other tackles him to the ground as the video abruptly ends.

Joe Hoffman: Welcome back to Chaos folks as we got another exciting tag team match lined up here as The Order’s Darin Zion and Jonny O’Dell will take on Eric Dane and Dan Ryan of the formerly named Best Alliance.

Benny Newell: They didn’t agree on the MJ Flair Fan Club?  Eric Dane would make a cute fan boy.

Joe Hoffman: No, it’s a work in progress still.

Benny Newell: And what’s the deal with Stevens?  Being a baby and not showing up here tonight?

Joe Hoffman: No other word than what The Order said as “personal reasons” for why Zion is replacing Stevens tonight.  But it does give us another face off between Zion and Dane, so no complaints there on the late card change.

The lights in the arena turn off as the opening to “Bow Down” by I Prevail blares across the speakers. After a few seconds the words “THE ORDER” flash across the screen.

We see Zion and O’Dell make their way out as Zion is wearing his leather hoodie and O’Dell is wandering out behind him.

Benny Newell: Jonny O’Dell is a true hero… I wish I could be half as zoned out as him and still collect a paycheck.

Joe Hoffman: You think you can actually be worse at your job then you are now?

O’Dell waits for his non-existant pyro as Zion makes it half way down the ramp, he flips his hood down behind him as he surveys the crowd. Zion rushes down the entrance ramps high fiving the crowd as O’Dell walks down, ignoring everyone as he just stares down at the ring.  Zion leaps over the top rope and lands on the ground kneeling and points out at the crowd.

Bryan McVay: The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall.  Introducing first, representing The Order…. Jonny O’Dell and one half of the Tag Team Champions….Darin Zion!!!!

The lights go back out and a dual-spotlight makes an encircling pattern on the entrance area as the opening riff of the song plays. When the riff audio kicks it up a notch, Dan Ryan, Eric Dane and Lindsay Troy step out and pause, looking into the audience, then they heads down the aisle as pyro blasts behind them.

Bryan McVay: And their opponents, being accompanied by Lindsay Troy… Dan Ryan and Eric Dane!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Seems like Dane and Ryan want a bit of a bit of muscle in Lindsay Troy to protect them against anyone from The Order interfering tonight.

Benny Newell: That better not be a complaint Joe… I’m all in favor of Lindsay coming down here tonight.

The three walk directly to the ring, Ryan rolling in under the bottom rope and climbing the nearest turnbuckle, keeping his arms down and smirking into the crowd as Eric Dane enters the ring and Lindsay Troy takes up a spot at ringside.

Joel Hortega calls for the bell as we waste no time letting things heat up as both Zion and Dane start off the match.  The two men slowly walk up to each other, inaudible jarring at each other as it’s Zion that makes the first move with a headbutt as we assume Hortega admonishes him in Spanish as Dane fires back with a hard right and the two men start trading hard stiff shots at each other.

Joe Hoffman: No love lost between these two as this beef has been brewing since the World Title tournament.

Zion breaks the back and forth of punches as he goes for the knee brace on Dane with a hard kick that throws Dane’s balance off enough for Zion to connect with a snap DDT.  With Dane down Zion starts stomping away at Dane’s knee a few times before Dane is able to roll over to the ropes and Hortega forces Zion to back off

Joe Hoffman: Smart strategy by Zion to go after that knee of Dane.

Dane uses the ropes to pull himself up as Zion bypasses Hortega as he grabs Dane and whips him across the ring and into the ropes, Dane fires back with a small limp as he counters with his knee brace right into the gut of Zion.  With Zion doubled over Dane hits the ropes again and comes at Zion with a Starbreaker knee strike but Zion ducks the move as Zion turns and hits a release german suplex on Dane.

Joe Hoffman: Zion either had that move scouted or Dane didn’t have enough speed after the attack on his knee, but Zion back in control after that german.

Zion drops a leg across the throat of Dane as he then tags in O’Dell.  The two lift Dane back up to his feet and throw him into the ropes for a double team move but Dane counters it with clotheslines in stereo as he then dives out and tags in Dan Ryan.  The fresh Ryan goes right after the downed O’Dell as Zion rolls out of the ring.

Joe Hoffman: That power of Dane on display as he takes out two men at once.

Ryan stomps away at O’Dell as he pulls him to his feet and delivers a big spinebuster in the middle of the ring as he stalks O’Dell who stumbles back up and right into a belly to belly suplex as Ryan goes for a cover.



O’Dell kicks out as Ryan tries to pull him up but catches an elbow from O’Dell as he tags Zion back in.  Zion nails a big drop kick on Ryan that sends him back into the corner where Dane tags himself in.

Joe Hoffman: Dane and Zion round 2 tonight.

Benny Newell: Murder him Dane!

Joe Hoffman: Too soon after War Games…

Dane pops back up after the drop kick and catches a spinning heel kick from Zion.

Joe Hoffman: The Flash Point by Zion!!!  Cover by Zion!




Benny Newell: Not again!!

Joe Hoffman: Zion pins Dane again!!!

Zion throws his arms up in victory as the crowd roars for Zion’s second pinball win over Dane as Dane can’t believe it as he looks at Hortega who is waving the ou fall off.

Joe Hoffman: Only two!!  Hortega says he just got the shoulder up.

Benny Newell: Of course be did… Dane will not allow Zion to pin him again.

Zion argues with Hortega who shakes his head as this allows Dane to get back to his feet and clubs Zion in the back of the head.  Zion bounces off the ropes and into a boot to the gut from Dane as he goes for a power bomb but Zion reverses it into a back body drop as he dives and tags O’Dell back in.

Joe Hoffman: Zion with a big counter to keep himself alive.

Benny Newell: But he tags in O’Dell who is lucky if he knows what day it even is.

Dane stumbles up to his feet at O’Dell connects with The Fab Foot kick but it to the chest of Dane who staggers back into the ropes and comes back with a big knee strike to O’Dell’s head.

Benny Newell: Starbreaker!!!!

Joe Hoffman: Dane with the cover.



Zion enters the ring for the save!

Joe Hoffman: Ryan with the spear on Zion!!!


Benny Newell: Fail Zion, fail!

Ding, Ding, Ding

Bryan McVay: The winners of this match… Dan Ryan and Eric Dane!!!!!

Benny Newell: Big win by Dane and Ryan as Dane gets some payback against Zion.

Joe Hoffman: Dane didn’t pin Zion though and Zion has a strong showing, but Dane and Ryan did score an important win.

Benny Newell: Yes and nobody fucked the match up… hopefully at least……I am sure social media will tell us EXACTLY how this should have went down.

Joe Hoffman: What are you talking about?

Benny Newell: Drink Joe!  DRINK! WHERE IS LEE!!???

Hortega raises Dane and Ryan’s arms as Lindsay Troy joins them in the ring to celebrate as we cut away to backstage.

As we go backstage, the screen transitions into Dick Fury standing in front of a Friday Night Chaos banner. Dressed in an all white suit, with a #97000 red shit and topped off with a black tie, Fury raises his arms, extending them out as he smirks.

He closes his eyes and tilts his neck so that his face points toward the ceiling before he begins to speak.

Dick Fury: It was foretold that the first apostle would rain down destruction and bring forth a new era in High Octane Wrestling!

He tilts his head back down, opening his eyes, which pierce the camera.

Dick Fury: You were given an opportunity Solex… to avoid his wraith and to join him as he marches forward. To become more than you are, more than human.. to become a bringer of pain…

Fury lowers his arms slowly.

Dick Fury: Your own need to prove yourself did nothing more than seal your fate.. and so it was written.

He reveals a devilish grin as he continues.

Dick Fury: On September fourteenth, Lindsay Troy shall be given an opportunity herself. She shall enter the pit of the beast and gaze upon him and it shall be at that time she will either pledge her allegiance to the Godkiller… or meet her demise like so many before.

Fury’s grin fades.

Dick Fury: Just because the name of those around you contains the word ‘Best,’ it does not mean that your alliances are nothing more than a convenient gathering of those with a similar interest for a temporary time. It has been seen, again and again, these facades are revealed for what they are and those you believe are closet turn on you…

He pause for a moment.

Dick Fury: But when you pledge yourself to the Godkiller, and gain the power that he provides as Austin Bishop has… you no longer need to fear that those closet will turn their backs.. you no longer need to look over your shoulder Lindsay… you know that you are with those that will do nothing more than take you to the top of the mountain and share in your victories as you, yourself, become unstoppable.

Fury smiles.

Dick Fury: What will it be Lindsay? Will you make the right decision and join us? To become more than a self proclaimed queen of the ring? To grow into a true Goddess? Or…

He pauses, seriousness overcoming him yet again.

Dick Fury: Shall you sacrifice yourself as Steve Solex and as many more will do? The choice is…

A man wearing a bomber jacket and aviators walks into the scene, bumping into Dick, who steps back as anger comes across his face.

Man: Yo, my bad dude. I’m Matt Torres. I’m new here.

He extends his hand toward Dick, who just snarls at him.

Matt Torres: I’m looking for my brother Clint. You seen him man? I can’t ever find the dude.

He laughs.

Matt Torres: Thought maybe he’d be at catering since there are clams back there. He come through here?

Fury angrily replies.

Dick Fury: The only fool that’s wondered through here is you…

Matt Torres cuts him off.

Matt Torres: Sorry bro. Didn’t mean to interrupt your…

Matt looks around.

Matt Torres: .. whatever this is. Man it’s super serious right now.

Fury just stares at him.

Dick Fury: Yes, it is a serious moment and… you, well, you have just added your name to a list you will wish you had not have…

Matt cuts him off.

Matt Torres: Man… not the guest list to OJ Simpson’s party again I hope!

Fury’s face glows red as anger continues to build.

Matt Torres: That dude is out there man!

Before Dick can reply, Matt continues.

Matt Torres: Look, if you find my brother Clint, let him know I’m looking for him. Cause we got to get ready to soar here in High Octane and when we do… it’s gonna be.. SKY HIGH! Yea boy!

Matt throws his hand up expecting a high five from Dick, but Fury just stomps off. Matt looks around.

Matt Torres: Man.. why the dude gotta leave me hanging like that?

He puts his arm down and shrugs before yelling off camera.

Matt Torres: Yo.. you! You seen Clint Torres man? I’m trying to find Clint Torres!

He runs off camera as we fade.

Blair Moise stands backstage by the wall.

Blair Moise: Those of you watching us tonight on HOTv didn’t get to see ‘The Luchador with Insanely Poor Oral Hygiene’ Halitosis come out to the stage before tonight’s show to talk to the HOW fans.   Halitosis talked about his match two weeks ago against Dan Ryan and how he looked forward to his title shot against the HOW World Champion John Sektor at Friday Night Chaos 2 – two weeks from tonight in Memphis, Tennessee.  Here’s what he had to say.


A lone but familiar figure stands in the middle of the stage.  The tell-tale lucha mask.  The nearly iconic (but probably not) dreadfully plain black T-shirt with a block ‘H’ in the middle.  Jeans.  Tennis shoes.

Halitosis: Two weeks ago I had a good old fashioned tussle with Dan Ryan.  It was a good match.  Dan Ryan likes a good fight and we definitely went back and forth.  I thought I handled myself very well in the ring with him.  Unfortunately for me, he ended up winning the match.  But you know, there’s no shame in losing to one of the best wrestlers in the world.

The crowd cheers.  On the HOV, those watching the close up shot of Halitosis could see the nervous tension on his face and the barely concealed anxiety of standing on the stage in front of the near twenty thousand people in attendance for the show.

Halitosis: I put a lot of value in the concept of being ready to wrestle.  When I worked with Jackson Horne before War Games, Horne drummed these things into my head day after day after day after day.  Balance.  Concentration and focus.  Trust your instincts.  And most of all- attention to detail.   Well, two weeks ago against Dan Ryan, I DIDN’T pay enough attention to detail.

He begins to pace a bit.  A few steps here.  A few steps there.

Halitosis: When I should have been pressing the advantage late in the match, I got distracted at a most crucial moment.   You see, Lindsay Troy was at ringside in Dan Ryan’s corner and she did her job and distracted me at a most critical moment in the match.  Given the gulf in talent between Dan Ryan and myself, it was an inexcusable lapse in concentration on my part and it cost me the match.

Halitosis grimaces and shakes his head thinking about what happened.

Halitosis: So now, despite the loss, I face the HOW World Champion John Sektor two weeks from tonight in Memphis, Tennessee for the title.  I have a confession to make here.  When I held the HOW World Title for two glorious weeks, it was probably the best two weeks of my life.  But don’t tell my wife that.   I don’t think I really truly appreciated what it meant to be the holder of that brilliant #97 red title belt.  I was still very new to the company.  I was still trying to find my footing in HOW believe it or not.  I lacked something.  Self-assurance.  Self-confidence.  So in the dressing room two weeks ago after the Ryan match, I realized something very invaluable had taken place somewhere in the aftermath of the loss.  I came to the realization that Dan Ryan may have won the match; but I came out of it with something more valuable…”

Halitosis stops and looks out into the crowd.

Halitosis: “- confidence.  That’s right.  Confidence.  Confidence that I could compete with the best of the best.  Confidence that I actually belonged in the same ring with a Dan Ryan.  Confidence that I actually belong in High Octane Wrestling.  So John?  What does this mean?  It means I really want to win that title belt back.  It means I’m going to do everything in my power two weeks from tonight in Memphis to wrestle that title from your hands.  I know how good you are.  I know that I face an epic battle when I step into the ring with you and I know that I may not win the match.  But I’ll tell you this much, I’m confident that no matter what happens, I am not going down without a fight.  If I’m confident about anything, I’m confident that you and I are going to put on one hell of a show for the fans of High Octane Wrestling.  See you in Memphis, John.

New shows featuring new hosts coming soon as Lee Best continues to fade out as new talents step up and take over the airwaves

Joe Hoffman: Ladies and gentlemen.  We are ready for the ICON title match.

 “Doozy” by Token

Doozer walks out to his entrance music wearing his Superman shirt, shorts, and a backward sitting baseball cap on his head.

Joe Hoffman: And here comes the challenger.  He is the number one contender for the ICON title and one third of the Egg Bandits- Doozer.

Benny Newell: *YAWWWWNNNNN*

Doozer climbs into the ring and pulls on the top rope.

“Money”- The Flying Lizards

Cecilworth Farthington emerges onto the stage to the funky drum and bass groove of his entrance song attired with the finest of towels draped across his neck and the ICON title belt strapped around his waist.

The self-proclaimed longest reigning champion in the history of High Octane Wrestling bounces out jubilantly from the back to the stage with a smile a mile wide.

Joe Hoffman: ICON Champion Cecilworth Farthington makes his way to the ring.

Benny Newell: He’s no champion Hoffhole.  He cheated the first time he met Dan Ryan.  He cheated to beat Dan Ryan the second time.  He cheated at War Games.  He’s just a…a…a…what’s the word…

Joe Hoffman: Cheater?

Benny Newell: A fucking cheating cheater McCheaterson!

Cecilworth leaps up on the ring apron and looks out into a very unimpressed audience, blowing out kisses and giving a regal wave to his subjects, soaking in the nothingness provided back to him. He leaps into the ring and rushes over to the referee to give him a polite handshake, handing a signed photograph of himself over in the process.

He repeats this process to a very confused Bryan McVay.  The ring announcer is uncertain why this event keeps repeating itself.

Joe Hoffman: Well, despite what my co-host thinks, Farthington survived a tough War Games match and retained the ICON title when John Sektor pinned him and M.J. Flair simultaneously.

Benny Newell: HE CHEATED!

Joe Hoffman:  Benny, how did he actually cheat- oh never mind.  Matt Boettcher is our referee…


Joe Hoffman: …and we are under way.

Collar and elbow tie up. Both men jockey for position.  Farthington leverages the advantage and whips Doozer into the ropes.  The Egg Bandit ducks under and hits the ropes again.   Farthington whiffs again on the return.  Doozer stops and pokes the ICON champion in the eye.  They lock up again.  Farthington again sends him into the ropes.  Doozer stops and pokes him in the eyes again.  Farthington sends Doozer across the ring a third time.  Doozer stops and pokes him in the eyes a third time.

This time, Cecilworth rears back and delivers a hard slap right back that echoed through the arena and caught Doozer by surprise.  Right hand by the champion staggers Doozer.  Side headlock by Farthington and he tries to set up the DDT.

Doozer pokes him in the eyes yet again and rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope.

Joe Hoffman: Both men are still feeling each other out.

Benny Newell: Oh yeah?  In an hour I’ll be feeling up a hooker.  DRINK!

Joe Hoffman: I don’t want to know.

The ICON champion preens to the ‘adoring’ crowd inside the ring, stretches out his arms and spins around in sheer joy at the clear non-existent adulation being doled out.  Farthington ignores the challenger while Doozer takes his sweet time getting back into the ring.

Joe Hoffman: Doozer is making the champion wait and trying to slow the match down.

Benny takes a big swig from his bottle of Jack Daniels.

Benny Newell: You mean Snoozer.  As in, I’m taking a snoozer before I sniff coke off a whore’s tits tonight in my hotel room.

While Hoffman sighs for the umpteenth time in his long and storied broadcast association with Benny, Doozer finally rolls back into the ring and Hoffman tries to turn the attention back to the match.

Joe Hoffman: Let’s get back to the action.

Benny Newell: Oh fuck yeah, there’s going to be plenty of action later on!

The camera just focuses in on Joe who just shakes his head.

Both men circle each other slowly.  Doozer shoots forward and tries for an arm drag takedown.  Farthington eludes him like a matador sidestepping an oncoming bull and takes a wristlock.  The ICON champon drives him to the mat.

Cradle for the shock cover!





Doozer powers out.

Joe Hoffman: The ICON champion using his technical skill to negate Doozer’s usual brawling tactics.

Joe pauses to allow Benny to comment.

But that doesn’t happen.

Farthington attacks Doozer’s knee and moves for a spinning toe hold.  Doozer pushes the champion away with his feet.  Both men back up and they exchange strikes.  Farthington runs the ropes and connects with a running Kitchen Sink knee strike.  Coming off the opposite ropes, Farthington leaps and nails Doozer with a Flying European Uppercut.  He crawls on top for a cover.




Two…Doozer powers out.


Once again the challenger slides out of the ring and takes a time out on the floor.

Joe Hoffman: Farthington stringing some nice moves there so Doozer takes a time out again and tries to regroup outside the ring.  Benny, any thoughts on the tactics both men are using in this match?

Benny Newell:

Cecilworth leans against the top rope and looks out into a very unimpressed audience.  He blows out more kisses and gives more regal waves to his subjects while Doozer paces back and forth on the floor trying to think of a way to get back into this match.

This time, Matt Boettcher starts a ten count on the Egg Bandit.

Doozer cuts short his walkabout and returns to the ring.  Doozer tells Boettcher to back Farthington up.  Boettcher does so and Doozer climbs back into the ring.  He sees Farthington still playing to the crowd so he launches himself at the ICON champion and drives a leaping forearm into the square of his back.  Reach around. Lift.  Belly to back suplex by Doozer.   He scrambles to make the cover.

Joe Hoffman: Doozer for the title!






Joe Hoffman: NO!  Farthington kicks out.  The champion’s inattention nearly cost him the title.

Doozer seizes the momentum and presses on.  He mounts and drives left and right hands on the grounded Farthington.  Doozer stands and drops the leg across Farthington’s throat.  Back up.  Another leg drop.  Now, Doozer goes to the top turnbuckle.  He steadies himself and measures the distance down to Farthington.

Joe Hoffman: The champion’s in trouble and Doozer’s going for it!

Doozer jumps.

Joe Hoffman: Flying Elbow Drop…

Elbow poised.


At the last second, Farthington rolls away and the point of Doozer’s elbow crashes into the mat, jarring his arm terribly while the rest of Doozer’s body tumbles to an awkward stop after impact.

Farthington leaps back up and pulls Doozer back to his feet.  He takes the injured arm.  Steps over, scissors the arm with his legs, and falls to the mat hyperextending the limb.

Joe Hoffman: ARTICLE 50!

Doozer’s legs flail frantically as he tries to escape.

Joe Hoffman: This could be it!

After a few seconds of using every ounce of strength he has left to find a way out of the predicament, Doozer taps out and that’s all.


Farthington quickly rolls from the ring and grabs the ICON title belt from the timekeeper.


Joe Hoffman: Well, Cecilworth Farthington retains the ICON title in a match that just never seemed to get started, wouldn’t you agree Benny?

No response.

Joe Hoffman: Benny?

Still no response.

Joe Hoffman: Benny!


Hoffman sighs again when he sees Benny half slumped down in his chair, sound asleep.

Hoffman clears his throat.

Joe Hoffman: In breaking news, Carmen Jennings returns to give Benny a very special lap dance.

Benny’s eyes amazingly fly open and his body lurches back into the chair.

Benny Newell: CARMEN?  SHE’S BACK?

The sudden shift in weight causes the chair to tip backwards and dumps Benny on the floor in a heap behind the broadcast desk, his feet sticking straight up in the air.

Benny Newell (off screen): TORPEDO’S UP!

Joe Hoffman: And you can find more classic HOW moments such as the infamous lap dance Carmen Jennings gave Benny in 2012 over at HOTv.

We cut from the awesome action that was tonight’s ICON Title match to the backstage area where we see Crash replaying the Stable Ware mentally in his head for the 9th time.  Disappointment, frustration, anger, sadness, lostness were only some of the 9 different emotions he felt. 9 kept calling out to him, bugging the ever living hell out of him even in defeat.  Crash holds his head and paces around the backstage area. Clearly obsessed with wanting some God damn peace and quiet from everything including 9 running in his head: Crash shouts out loud.

Crash Rodriguez:  SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!

Darin Zion walks into frame and puts his hand around Crash’s shoulder.  He looks rather concerned for his friend. He’s been in Crash’s shoes. Knowing Crash’s predicament of wanting perfection, but hitting 1-4 after tonight’s match after giving it his all; he consoles him.  Darin’s been there not knowing his place and he wants to make sure Crash knew his value.

Darin Zion:  Crash, relax man!  It’s okay! I know winning that match meant a lot to you.  You can’t let it eat at you, man. This is war. Everyone in that locker room will focus on your emotions.  They are like sharks and can smell weakness. They will pounce on you the first moment they show blood. What did I tell you earlier?

Crash Rodriguez:  That exact thing.  It’s been repeating in my head…

Darin Zion:  9 times.  Almost like you’ve become obsessed with it all, right?

Crash looks at Zion rather perplexed.  He couldn’t believe Zion felt like him.

Darin Zion:  Trust me it led me down a dark path…

Crash Rodriguez:  It’s just Zeeon….

Crash takes a deep breath and lets out a sigh.  He looks up to the sky just clutching at his head looking at the ceiling to qwell the voices in his head while he speaks.

Crash Rodriguez:  I feel lost in the shuffle.  I don’t belong here. I’m out of my league.  I’ve lost 4 times and I cannot capture the same momentum I once captured.  I hoped I would find that identity tonight. But I didn’t. We didn’t win. I still feel alone.  Trapped in this great war…lost….9 layers deep in hell. I want to know why did you bring me here?

Zion’s face curls up rather sadistically as the man he recruits shows his vulnerability.  Zion knows Crash’s potential lays dormant deep within his soul. He justs needs that little nudge.  Zion’s excitement comes out over dramatic, like normal.

Darin Zion:  Crash Bandicoot my dearest friend.  How could you not know why I brought you here?  Why Noah brought you here! We brought you here because you’re a threat to this roster.

Crash Rodriguez:  Threat?  NINE! NO!  Me? How could I be?

Darin Zion:  Look I sound crazy, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted the Order to unlock your potential.  I haven’t quite had a roadmap until this week. But I’ve had special plans for you!

Crash Rodriguez:  Yeah Zeoon!  What are those plans?

Darin Zion:  First Crash, do you trust me?  No matter what my plan is….do you 100% trust me?  Like you wouldn’t get mad no matter what the plans were?

Crash Rodriguez:  Awkward question, Dylan….you’re a friend of mine.  I trust you 100%.

Zion looks at him and sticks his hand out to him.

Darin Zion:  You sure?

Crash Rodriguez:  Always Darin…I trust you NINE hundred percent….get it…9 jokes.

Darin Zion:  Definitely!

Darin laughs sinsterly and Crash shakes his hand.  Zion then whistles and people from the 9th Street Asylum jump at Crash and wrap him up in a straight jacket.  Crash starts screaming at the top of his lungs.


Darin Zion:  Crash, I love you, really I do.  What I’m about to do will unlock your full potential.  You have unbridled rage sitting untapped in you. I’ve seen it your eyes recently.  We’ve only scratched the surface level, Crash. I told you, no matter what it takes, and now…well…I need you to face your deepest fears.  I promise, Crash…I will be with you along the way. I will be there by your side. Trust me.

Crash starts kicking at Zion, but Zion motions for the boys to take him away.  Crash screams at Zion are muttered as he continues to get pulled down the hallway.  Zion puts his fingers together and laughs under his breath.

Darin Zion:  Now we truly unlock why the number 9 plagues you, my young apprentice. Now we unleash your damn and tortured soul in order to restore order.

Zion laughs like a mad scientist as we fade to black.

The feed cuts to a blackened screen before it glitches to show a video feed inside a cell at Alcatraz Prison.

Christopher America: I stopped calling out for help two days ago.

America is sitting in a corner of his cell on the floor. His legs are spread and his arms are resting on his knees. His hands are scraped and scabbed over.

Christopher America: I’ve done everything I could think of to escape.

America raises his hands and looks at his knuckles.

Christopher America: And all I have to show for it are bruised knuckles, bruised ribs, and a bruised ego.

America drops his arms.

Christopher America: I haven’t slept well because your guards….. they keep the lights on all the time.

America hangs his head.

Christopher America: I have no windows. I have no concept of time. I don’t even know what day it is.

America stops talking as he listens to the silence. After a few moments, he stands up, using the wall to balance himself.

Christopher America: But what I do know… is this… like any good story, Mike, this ends one of three ways: revenge, tragedy, and forgiveness.

I know my choice.

What’s yours?


Joe Hoffman: This has been a night to remember, Benny, and we’ve still got one to go……..and only 25 minutes to do it in!

Benny Newell: Hope you brought the glow sticks, Hoffhead, cause we’re about to get us some LSD.

CUE UP: “Drink, Drank, Drunk” by HELLYEAH.

Joe Hoffman: These fans giving the Hardcore Icon, Hall of Famer Scottywood a loud welcome as he enters the arena for what he hopes to be his record-setting sixth reign as the LSD Champion!

Benny Newell: He’ll get there. You don’t get that kind of hair without at least five doses of LSD.

Scottywood enters the arena with a bottle of IPA in each hand; he stops just at the top of the ramp and shotguns both simultaneously, before tossing the bottles behind him and walking to the ring with purpose.

Joe Hoffman: Scotty certainly made a statement earlier in the night with the rest of The Order, do you think we’ll see them down here?

Benny Newell: Why not? No disqualifications, no count-outs? If you can take a shortcut, I say that’s just Jim Dandy.

Joe Hoffman: It would be legal, but it won’t happen. After being the first one out at War Games, you know it’s been eating away at Scottywood and if he’s going to win the LSD Championship tonight, he wants to do it all on his own.

CUE UP: “Goodnight” by The Birthday Massacre

Joe Hoffman: The fans are giving the LSD Champion a warm welcome here tonight!

Benny Newell: Yeah, I’m pretty sure they’re just cheering for the belt.

Joe Hoffman: You were all about Team MJ in the lead – up to War Games, Benny!

Benny Newell: I know, but then she started talking about some dumb stuff like working hard for the fans. What do they know?

MJ Flair walks out, confidence written all over her face. She wears the title belt around her waist and the newly minted ‘HIGH OCTANE FLAIR’ T-shirt on her body. MJ stops at the top, waiting for Eric Dane to catch up to her, and they walk down the aisle together, slapping outstretched hands on both sides.

Benny Newell: Shameless pandering, I can’t wait for the LSD Title to be back around Scotty’s waist……or anyone else’s to be honest.

Joe Hoffman: Interesting trivia, Benny. This is only MJ Flair’s fourth match in HOW, but it’s her first one on one encounter and the third time in a row she’s facing off with Scottywood.

Benny Newell: Liar. You said it was interesting trivia. But this’ll be their last match, I’m sure.

Joe Hoffman: You’re probably right, Benny. If Scottywood wins, I can see Flair being granted a rematch, but after the triple threat match involving the HOW World Champion John Sektor and after War Games, if Flair retains this is probably the end of the road for these two.

On reaching ringside, Flair takes a lap, slapping a few outstretched hands on the way to the far corner. She stops, looks up, and climbs from the floor to the top turnbuckle, holding the LSD Championship high above her head.

Scottywood looks unimpressed.

Joe Hoffman: Allright, and… we’re about to be joined by Eric Dane?

There’s the sound of rustling next to a microphone.

Eric Dane: What’s good, bitches?

Joe Hoffman: Well, uh… welcome to the table, Eric. To what do we owe the honor?


Eric Dane: Not a thing. I’m here to keep an eye on the kid and, after she kicks his ass, punt Scottywood’s head into next century.

Joe Hoffman: You certainly don’t mince words, do you?

Eric Dane: What the fuck for?

Intros are made, Championship Titles are handed over, and the two athletes circle each other as the bell rings. Out of nowhere, the fans rise as one, focused on the entranceway.

Joe Hoffman: Darin Zion on the way to the ring! Dane you had a –

Eric Dane: Don’t worry, I’m up. Kicked his partner in the dick earlier, he wants to screw the kid, he’s gotta get through me.

More rustling as Eric Dane drops the headset and confronts Darin Zion at ringside, drawing the attention of both wrestlers and the referee. The fans buzz as both Zion and Dane back away into opposite corners, and SCOTTYWOOD SURPRISES THE CHAMPION WITH AN ELBOW TO THE FACE! Right hand staggers Flair, and another backs her up against the ropes! He swings for the fences – FLAIR DUCKS HIM! She grabs two handfuls of dreadlocks and drops him down with a modified neckbreaker!

Joe Hoffman: Both of them scramble away to get some space, nice improvisation on Flair’s part!

As Scotty and MJ return to their feet, they circle each other, wary of leaving an opening. They lock up, but immediately Scotty exploits his size advantage and lifts her up, shoving her into the corner and peppering her with solid fists! With no DQ there’s no referee break, and Scotty hammers MJ down to her knees while pressed into the corner, with all she’s able to do is throw her hands up in defense.

Scotty grabs her by the hair and pulls her back to her feet, still pressed into the corner.


THUMB TO THE EYE BY FLAIR! He drops her back to the mat, and she immediately kicks him in the shin and brings his head to her knee! Quick cover!



Kickout with authority!

Joe Hoffman: Smart thinking to try and get a quick three, but way too premature!

Even after the reversal, Flair needs a minute to steady herself. In that time, Scotty rolls to his side, and sweeps the legs! He grabs her by the throat and lifts her up, sending her over the top rope– FLAIR LOCKS HER ANKLES AROUND SCOTTY’S WAIST! They both tumble over the top!

Joe Hoffman: Look at the look on Eric Dane’s face!

Benny Newell: Ya…..probably won’t.

The competitors hit the floor, right in between Darin Zion and Eric Dane, both of whom point to the other, arguing over the fact that the other had best back off and not interfere. Joel Hortega points at both of them but, with no disqualification, he has no real authority to back them off.

Flair pushes away from Scotty, and they rise to their feet at approximately the same time, with Flair coming face to face with Zion and Scotty, with Dane!

Benny Newell: Aaaand… it’s brawl time.

Instead of brawling with their non-opponent, Flair and Scotty both warily back up – and back into each other! They spin around, and Scotty with a right hand! Another! Flair staggers back a step, and Scotty looks back at Dane, smirking, before firing a third–

Flair ducks the third punch and sidesteps, hooking Scotty around the waist and driving him backwards with a belly to back suplex, right on the steel! The fans at the barricade rise as one to see the fallout, and they see the Hardcore Icon holding the back of his head and the LSD Champion rolling through to her knees.

The referee simply watches from the ring.

Joe Hoffman: The Champion in a tough spot, Benny! There’s no countout so there’s no real incentive to leave Scotty on the floor. There’s also no falls counting anywhere, so she can’t attempt a pin here – which she might actually have gotten with Scotty dazed!

Benny Newell: In the time it took you to say that, Flair picked up Scotty by the dreadlocks and dragged him back to the ring. Get to the points faster, Hoffhead.

Indeed, the Champ had brought her challenger back to ringside by the hair, making sure he went where she wanted him to go and keeping him off balance. Flair with a kick to the chest knocks Scotty back to his knees, and she muscles him into the ring!

Joe Hoffman: Scotty looks dead on his feet!

Benny Newell: He is as dead as when half the roster quits after each show…..

Flair takes a second to catch her breath, and as she gets a hand on the middle rope, Scottywood lands a boot to the side of her head! Flair crumbles to the floor!

Benny Newell: Clearly just dead-weighting her. Smart man.

Scotty follows her outside as she gets to her hands and knees, shaking her head to clear the fuzziness, but he stays on her, he kicks her in the stomach twice and she falls over, prone on the floor. He grabs her by the hair and the back of her shirt and sends her stumbling, headfirst, into the ring steps. He stands behind her and waits for her to start pulling herself up, and he kicks her between the shoulderblades!

Joe Hoffman: MJ Flair’s head just bounced off the ringpost on that one!

Benny Newell: How’s that hashtag LSD Life working for you now, huh?

Maybe Scotty heard him, because before he picks Flair up to send her back into the ring he shouts “SIX TIMES!”

Still with a lot of fight in her, Flair tries to crawl away from Scotty as he reenters the ring behind her. He grabs her by the ankle and pulls her towards him.

Joe Hoffman: Will we see the New York Crab?

Benny Newell: I don’t think so, not now – she’s flopping like a beached fish.

It’s true, Scotty can’t grab her other ankle and she’s trying to scoot away from him, so after a few seconds Scotty gives up and simply kicks her in the head, stopping the fight. But he scoops her up and drops her down with a sidewalk slam and a cover!




Joe Hoffman: Scotty looks surprised at that, but we know Flair is made of sterner stuff!

Benny Newell: Do we?

Scotty lifts Flair to her feet and shoves her backwards into the corner. She slumps against the top turnbuckle, and Scotty drives a foot into her face, snapping her neck back! He grabs her by the hair again and pulls her out of the corner.

Joe Hoffman: SCOTTYBOMB! Cover!




Benny Newell: Now? I’m definitely surprised!

A decent number of fans seem to be as well, as they counted along and rightly exploded at the kickout. Scotty shakes his head and rolls out of the ring, glaring at Eric Dane as he goes. Darin Zion moves towards the two, but Scotty puts up a hand to stop him.

Benny Newell: Oh, try something, Dane. We’re all begging you… anything….something……please…

Joe Hoffman: I’m surprised he isn’t, Benny – but you know, between Dane and Zion, the first one to interfere is going to open the floodgates. As long as they both behave I don’t think there’s much to worry about.

Benny Newell: Unless you’re MJ Flair, since Scottywood just picked up a set of ring steps.

Scotty has the top half of the ring steps and he tosses them over the top rope into the ring, narrowly missing Joel Hortega as they bounce and come to rest. Flair has rolled to her knees and is pressing her forehead into the mat as hard as she can.

With the confident swagger of a six – time LSD Champion, Scotty climbs to the apron and steps between the ropes. He steps around the referee who gives him a suspicious eye.

Joe Hoffman: Scotty scoops the LSD Champion, and he’s got her up in a fireman’s carry, I think we’re about to see Game Misconduct!

Scotty holds MJ in the fireman’s carry for a good ten, fifteen seconds, showing her off to all sides of the ring before setting himself and spinning her around for the impact of the move–FLAIR WITH A REVERSAL!

Joe Hoffman: INCREDIBLE! Can we see that again?

Benny Newell: What-the-fu–

Both wrestlers are on the mat, unmoving. We split screen the replay, showing Scotty spinning Flair around to get her in position for the DDT, but Flair manages to spin past his usual point of release and leverages herself behind him, with his head hooked, and she drops him down with a quick Morning Star!

Back to live action, Joel Hortega checks both of them, and paces the ring, shrugging his shoulders. After several seconds of indecision, he begins to count.


Benny Newell: This is a gyp, there’s not supposed to be any countouts!


Joe Hoffman: What do you want, we just sit here until someone comes to or we have another time limit draw??

Benny Newell: At this point its my fucking bedtime so…..


Before Hortega can get to quatro, Scotty stirs, and rolls over to an elbow where he blinks several times and widens his eyes; evidently his vision is off.

Joe Hoffman: That’s incredible, MJ Flair hits the Morningstar on Scotty, and he’s up first?

The Hardcore Icon commando-crawls over to Flair, and he hooks a leg!





Scotty looks shocked beyond belief again, as he pushes up to his knees and gets one foot underneath him! He grabs Flair by the hair–SMALL PACKAGE!




Joe Hoffman: That’s how Flair won the triple threat match, and she nearly got Scotty with it again!

Benny Newell: And you can bet it’s pissed him off!

It did. Even as MJ rolls to her own knees to try and get a minute to recuperate, Scotty grabs her by the back of the shirt and pulls back, choking the life out of her!

Benny Newell: Where is that ICONic rope at????

Scotty pulls back on her shirt, pulling MJ to her knees as she pulls back on it to get some air. Her face is rapidly reddening, as she gets to her feet as Scotty continues to pull. Joel Hortega is asking her if she wants to quit, but she’s refusing.

Joe Hoffman: It’s just a matter of time, once she runs out of air this match is over.

Benny Newell: I think she’s already given up, and she just can’t verbalize it.

Outside the ring, Darin Zion is shouting encouragement to Scottywood, while Eric Dane does the same to MJ Flair. It’s all moot, however, as Scotty tosses MJ over the top and hangs onto the neck of her shirt, hanging her from the ring for the second time in three shows!

Benny Newell: It’s over. It has to be over.

Joe Hoffman: Flair clawing at the neck of her shirt, I think you could be right, Benny! I think–WAIT A SECOND!

Benny Newell: Can we show that?

Joe Hoffman: She’s wearing a sports bra, you perv!

Flair wasn’t clawing at the neck of her shirt, she was trying to get a decent grip to tear it down the middle, and she slid right out of it, knocking Scottywood off balance. He staggers backwards and trips over the ring steps as she lands relatively softly on her feet and sinks to her knees, gasping for air. Eric Dane is right on her, shouting encouragement for her to get back in and finish it off, but she simply coughs several times while nodding.

Deep breath, Flair gets back to the ring apron as Scottywood scrambles to his feet, throwing the shirt into the crowd! He turns around to continue his assault but Flair slingshots herself to the top rope and makes a leap of faith, turning just right and landing both feet into Scotty’s face as he drops to the mat! Cover!





Flair staggers to her feet, she pulls Scotty up and whips him into the ropes – Scotty with a reversal! BACKDROP ON THE STEEL STEPS!






Joe Hoffman: SHE DID IT!

Bryan McVay: Here is your winner… AND STILL… High Octane Wrestling LSD Champion… EMM! JAY! FLAIR!

The second the bell rings and Bryan McVay announces the winner, Eric Dane retrieves the LSD Title belt from the timekeeper and slides into the ring, draping it over the still-prone MJ Flair’s chest. He kneels down and says a few words of encouragement to her, then stands up and – before Darin Zion can react – immediately curbstomps Scottywood into the mat! Zion is immediately in the ring, and he spear-tackles Dane away from his stablemate.

Joe Hoffman: You can see the resentment on Zion’s face from the earlier loss, he’s taking it out on the Only Star! DANE WITH A PALM THRUST TO ZION’S CHIN! He’s got Zion stunned!

The bell continues to sound out, but Eric Dane isn’t done. He kips up as Darin Zion rolls to his knees, and he lands a hard Starbreaker into the side of his head!

Unwilling to suffer any more damage tonight, the Order begins to emerge from backstage! Sprinting down to ringside, the other half of the HOW World Tag Team Champions, Noah Hanson hits the ring first and he clips Eric Dane’s knee! He continues to pound The Only Star after blindsiding him, buying time for his partner to recover.

All the while, both Scottywood and MJ Flair are still out of it, forgotten, near a corner.

Zion and Hanson pick Dane up as Brian Hollywood, Jace Savage, and Crash Rodriguez all make it to ringside – Dane with a right hand rocks Zion! An elbow staggers Noah Hanson and Brian Hollywood hooks him from behind with a German suplex!


Benny Newell: Finally…..CHAOS!!!

Crash Rodriguez and Jace Savage both grab Flair and yank her off into the far corner. Crash and Jace start to stalk the fallen LSD champ, not realizing the oncoming onslaught. Neither do they see Eric Dane rolling through the German Suplex on the other side, catching a recovering Scottywood with a Starbreaker, before Dane starts throwing blows just as the rest of the former Best Alliance hit ringside.

Joe Hoffman: Pandemonium!


Dan Ryan and Lindsay Troy slide into the ring, as Ryan takes Brian Hollywood off his feet and upside down with a huge lariat. Dane hooks Crash into a high angle belly to back suplex, as Troy pounces on top after with boots to Crash’s gut. Jace starts stomping onto MJ Flair’s gut in the corner, as Noah Hanson turns around.

Joe Hoffman: FLYING FLYER!

Flyer springboards off the top rope and catches Noah Hanson in a Lou Thesz Press, and starts raining right hands down.

Joe Hoffman: Everyone’s paired off… vicious ax handle on Zion from Dane in the corner! Hanson and Flyer are just rolling around the ring, each one getting the top mount and throwing glancing blows at each other. Crash is now standing up to Troy, Oooo! Suicide clothesline over the top sends them both flying!

Benny Newell: If you’ve ever wanted to commit a crime, the TIME IS NOW…….and for the record I havent….ahem.

Joe Hoffman: Wow. Really?

High Flyer hops off of Hanson and turns right into the Flash Point from Darin Zion, going down like a ton of bricks. Zion starts shouting down at the highest paid star of HOW before he backs up into…

Joe Hoffman: OH BOY! Not what I want to see!

Zion slowly turns around, knowing his fate. Dan Ryan. Kick to the gut.


Zion bounces off the mat and rolls out of the ring. Ryan stands tall as Brian Hollywood and Jace Savage turn to meet him. The two look at each other, and then pounce, throwing right hand after right hand after the big Texan. Irish whip off the far side, Ryan breaks through a double clothesline, but Crash hooks the top rope and Ryan takes a tumble outside.

Joe Hoffman: Jace, look out! RAYNES OF CASTAMERE!

Troy slid into the ring and caught Jace with her double knees to the face. She turns and meets Hollywood, who’s pounding his chest now and tears away his wife beater.

Joe Hoffman: Look out Bri—

Without even looking, Hollywood senses the diving springboard of the Lunatic High Flyer, and catches him in mid-air with the Paper Cut.


Lindsay Troy gives him no quarter, quickly diving on top and, in this moment of one on one action, locks Mr. Hollywood into the Key to the Kingdom. Hollywood raises his hand, looking like he might tap but before anything can happen Crash Rodriguez and Noah Hanson hit the ring and break the hold free. Crash just starts punching Troy and shouting obscenities, as Dan Ryan and Eric Dane climb back into the ring. Hanson and Dane BOTH go for spinning elbows, Hanson’s one sending Dane a step back, but there is no quarter as the two throw another haymaker at each other. This time they both back up from the blow. Ryan grabs Crash by the hair and just LIFTS him off Troy, tossing him to the far corner.

Joe Hoffman: Here we go! Finally! Security coming to restore order to this place!

Benny Newell: Unless these are EPU washouts we all know how this will go…..

Security starts to swarm ringside, as both sides of this war reset themselves. Eric Dane, Dan Ryan, Lindsay Troy, MJ Flair, and High Flyer stand across the ring to Darin Zion, Crash Rodriguez, Scottywood, Brian Hollywood, Noah Hanson and Jace Savage. The numbers game is no longer fair as a recovered Scottywood tilts the odds. Everyone tends to their wounds, MJF and Scottywood especially as a swell of boos rises among the HOW crowd.

Benny’s Newell: See! Give the people what they want…..CHAOS!!!! RAH!!!!

There’s probably twenty, twenty five security guards surrounding ringside, all a bit tentative to enter. Worried about setting off this powder keg of violence once more, they cautiously survey the simmering tension. The HOW fans however, are chomping at the bit for some more action.

Joe Hoffman: Folks… for our inaugural edition of Chaos..

Flyer begs someone to cross the imaginary line in the center of the ring. Dane breathes heavily, biting his lip.

Benny Newell: No!

Jace Savage slaps his wrist as if he was wearing a watch as Crash Rodriguez just shouts obscenities.

Joe Hoffman: He’s Benny Newell.

Troy cracks her neck as Dan Ryan cracks his fingers.

Benny Newell: You shut your manpleaser……..hello Kostoff!

Noah Hanson prepares himself for a fight, as Zion kneels, ready to pounce.

Joe Hoffman: I’m Joe Hoffman……

Benny Newell: WHAT?! STOP! We’re not out of time already…fucking TIME LIMITS!!!!!

MJ Flair raises the LSD championship, as Scottywood tries to brace his neck in pain. Brian Hollywood slaps his back.

Joe Hoffman: WE ARE! WE ARE OUT OF TIME!  Until next time…

Benny Newell: A DRAW!??? IN THE BONUS SEGMENT!!!! LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just as Hoffman says those last lines, both sides rush at each other, striking with rights and lefts. Security then puts caution to the wind, swarming the ring to start pulling people apart as the scene fades to black