Friday Night Chaos

Friday Night Chaos

Cold open.

Close up on backstage interviewer Cassie Walsh brushing a strand of her red hair out of her eyes.  She quickly realizes she’s on live.

Cassie Walsh: Cassie Walsh here in front of the dressing room of the challenger in tonight’s HOW World Title match- Halitosis.

The camera pulls back to bring the closed door of Halitosis’s dressing room into the shot.

Cassie Walsh: I tried to see if I could get an interview with Halitosis before his match tonight but he declined.  He told me he wanted to concentrate on the match and is focused on one thing and one thing only- HOW World Champion John Sektor.  He also said he realizes tonight is a big night…

Unbeknownst to Cassie, Brian Bare- the other backstage interviewer Mike Best brought back to HOW, sneaks in behind her.  He turns, places his finger over his lips to shush the cameraman filming Cassie’s interview and smiles as he quietly opens up the door to the dressing room and slips inside.

Cassie Walsh: …because the World title is on the line.  I can tell you that the challenger seems incredibly zeroed in and intense as he gets ready to take on the four time reigning HOW champion and he appears determined to become the first two-time world champion in the current-

She’s interrupted when a major commotion breaks out inside the dressing room followed by a hideous scream and then a thump.  Cassie’s head reactively jerks around towards the door.

Cassie Walsh: What the-

Cassie frantically motions to the camera man.

Cassie Walsh: Follow me.  We’re going in.

She opens the door and the camera follows her in.  The first thing she sees?

Brian Bare writhing on the floor clutching his throat.

Cassie Walsh: Brian?  What are you doing here?

Next to Bare on the floor?  An industrial strength blender, an empty container- both of which appear to have been pulled off an adjacent table inside the room, and twenty wrappers that contained tacos purchased at Rhys Townsend’s Taco Truck.

Cassie glances over at Halitosis.  He sits on the far side of the dressing room with his back against the wall, arms folded, eyes closed, and an intense, almost serene, expression on his face.

Then she looks down at Bare who’s still sputtering and trying to catch his breath.  She quickly deduces that the impetuous Bare probably charged into the dressing room, sniffed the remnants of the awful concoction Halitosis drank inside the lead-lined container, and dropped to the floor like a rock after getting the full blast of the drink.

Cassie puts her hands on her hips, taps her foot on the floor, and puts her scolding face on.  She wags her finger at Brian.

Cassie Walsh: Really Brian?

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Bare rolls back and forth, still clutching his throat.

Cassie Walsh: I mean, come on.  I know you’ll stoop to just about anything to get the scoop but this…this really takes the cake!

Cassie’s voice takes on a more combative tone as she speaks and her face becomes as red as her hair.

Cassie Walsh: The first night of our first show and you tried to poach my first interview?  I can’t believe you just did that…

Meanwhile, all Bare can do is cough up a storm and try to clear his lungs.

Cassie Walsh: …what the hell were you thinking?  How dare you try to steal my interview…

As Cassie continues to berate Brian Bare for his cad-like behavior not even two minutes into the show, the camera pans over to Halitosis.

Except the spot he’d occupied just seconds before is now empty save a placard.

The camera zooms in closer on the placard.  What does it say?

Victory is only a breath away.”

We fade in to thousands of screaming fans and swirling lights as a new voice welcomes us.

Keith Suete: Hello, everyone! Welcome to a new High Octane Wrestling! I’m Keith Suete, alongside Mark “The Smark” Dubois! We’re live from The Pyramid in Memphis, Tennessee! These fans are jacked! Welcome to Friday Night Chaos!

Mark Dubois: I can’t believe it! I’m finally hittin’ the big time! I’m going to show you all how color commentary really goes. DRINK!……it in losers! BAHAHAHAHA!

Keith Suete: We got a jam-packed show tonight and we’re going to kick it off with an HOW World Championship match!

Mark Dubois: Have I time traveled back to 2012?

“Mas Tequila” by Sammy Hagar hits and Halitosis walks out to a chorus of cheers. He sees some kids in the crowd wearing Halitosis masks. He goes up to a child, presses his head against theirs, and the child faints.

Mark Dubois: Little shits never learn.

Halitosis climbs into the ring as “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd hits.

Keith Suete: Here comes the man who won War Games 2019, John Sektor!

Sektor walks down the ring and enters, looking extremely confident. He goes right up to Halitosis and smirks.

After introuctions are done, the referee calls for the bell and the two men meet in the middle of the ring.


Mark Dubois: Fucking millennials. They haven’t even done anything yet!

Keith Suete: The anticipation is building as both men are respected. Sektor, the veteran, the War Games winner. Halitosis, the first HOW World Champion of the new era. My god, listen to the crowd rumble and roar!

Sektor turns to look at the crowd and nods at them. He turns back and……



Sektor falls to the ground and begins choking and gagging. Halitosis quickly leaps onto the ropes and….

Mark Dubois: Are you kidding me?

Keith Suete: Halitosis just nailed Sektor with a high angle senton bomb!

Mark Dubois: Let me guess, we’re going to start seeing 50 spears and kickouts next?

Halitosis quickly scrambles to the fallen Sektor. He drapes his arm across him.

But the referee isn’t counting…

Halitosis’ arm is now wrapped around the neck of Sektor. He wrenches back and Sektor’s head is now vertical on the mat. Halitosis wriggles his body underneath Sektor and bridges himself, which in turn bridges Sektor.

Mark Dubois: What the heck is this?!?!

Keith Suete: Looks like a modified Dragon Sleeper!

Mark Dubois: I know what it is! I’m surprised he’s takin’ care of business.

Keith Suete: Deep cut there.

Halitosis yanks back hard and Sektor’s arms are flailing. He can’t seem to pinpoint a means of escape as Halitosis keeps the hold locked in. With one final cinch and yank, Sektor’s arms come in close and taps Halitosis’ arm.




Keith Suete: He did it again! From beating Max Kael to beating John Sektor, Halitosis has defied the odds twice now! A two time HOW World Champion in less than 6 months, Halitosis is cementing himself as a force to be reckoned with!

Mark Dubois: Good, now go to the back and celebrate with two nice big bottles of Listerine!

As John Sektor, still stunned at the turn of events, slowly makes his way back to the dressing room, Halitosis takes the microphone from Zack Taylor and addresses the fans.

Halitosis: Since I don’t think I’m going to get my ‘One Shining Moment’ video montage, how about I say a few things to you all.

He pauses and looks down at the #97 Red HOW World Title belt.

Halitosis: First off, I just want to say a quick word to John Sektor.  I don’t know what happened in the ring tonight.  Maybe I caught John on one of those nights or something. But I want to say for the record that John Sektor is still a great champion – a four time HOW World Champion – and nothing that happened in this ring tonight is going to change that.

The fans respectfully applaud.

Halitosis takes another glance look at the belt and grins.

Halitosis: Guys.  This is what it’s all about.

He points to the belt.

Halitosis: This belt.  With all the talent that’s in HOW – from top to bottom some of the best wrestlers on the planet – it’s really hard to win this belt – it’s even harder to hang on to this belt – it’s really, really hard to win it a second time.  Before tonight, only eleven wrestlers could say they’ve won this belt more than once.  Tonight, I became number twelve.  That’s why this win tonight means so much to me- the belt…

Halitosis holds up the belt.

Halitosis: …and the history.

He pauses for more applause.

Halitosis points out towards the fans.

Halitosis: And this belongs to you, too.

He slowly spins around with is finger pointed at the crowd.

Halitosis:  I didn’t need a faction to back me because I had the ultimate faction in my corner all along- you the fans.  You guys got behind me early during the tournament.  People like you.  You cheered me on.  You guys stayed with me throughout my journey.  I walked to that ring tonight by myself but knowing that you guys would have my back.  You celebrated with me when I won the title the first time. You helped me get back here tonight to win it again. Thank you so much.

Halitosis pauses again and places the belt back over his shoulder.

Halitosis: If you go by the rankings, my first title defense could be against Max Kael, it might be John again, maybe Lindsay Troy, even Darin Zion.  Doesn’t matter.  No matter who I face, you can be assured that while I may be outgunned talent-wise, you’re going to have to work real hard, in fact, you’re going to have to be great to defeat me because I’m going to come at you with grit, sweat, determination, and attention to detail with one and only one purpose in mind…

He points again to the belt.

Halitosis: …to continue to be the HOW World Champion and hang on to this belt as long as I can. Thank you.

The screen fades out as the FKA High Octane Vision screen comes to life and we see an apocalyptic view of New York City. A gray, dreary sky blocks any sun from shining on the dead city. The skyscrapers are blown apart, and the streets are covered in rubble, and the destroyed city is only illuminated by the car fires. A few shadowy figures are seen running across the street, survival mode kicked in. The smoke from the fires hides the street lamps, and the dust kicked up from the rubble blinds most visibility. Sudden a loud roar is heard and flock of fighter jets scream into the picture and fire multiple missiles into the last standing buildings.

Explosions light up the city, and gunfire begins to reign the streets. Ground missiles are shot up from ground zero towards the fleeing jets. A baby crying is heard and a police car loses control and smashes into another parked vehicle. The camera pans out and we see man lying face down in the middle of the freeway. He then gets to all fours and struggles to lift himself up. He finally gets to his feet and takes a deep breath. The camera then slowly zooms in on him as the warzone behind him enrages on. He is filthy. As if just out of a battle, he’s bleeding from the nose, one eye is swollen shut, and his hair is a mess. His clothes torn up and knuckles scraped and smudged with blood, the camera zooms in on his teared eyed.
Then behind him, a single projectile falls from the sky. It hits the ground, and a mushroom cloud dominated the background. A major wind shoots up from behind the man, and then the light from the blast overtakes the entire camera and the screen turns white. Then in a clean sans-serif font, his name fades in.

Cutting back to ringside where we all still hope to see Joe and Benny… but instead we see Keith Suete and Mark DuBois.

Keith Suete: Welcome back as we have had a crazy opening to Chaos tonight as we saw Halitosis become the new HOW World Champion, for the second time in this era as he defeated Sektor in our opening match.

Mark DuBois: The Man That Mouthwash Forgot proved his first HOW World Title win was no fluke for sure.

Keith Suete: But now, after a tumultuous two weeks, we are expecting Scottywood to address another concussion he suffered on the last Chaos after the LSD Title match and what his doctor has suggested to him.

Mark DuBois: He’s going to retire tonight.  This is going to be the last we ever see of Scottywood in HOW… and honestly it’s long overdue.  I mean he can’t even support a real Canadien hockey team. He needs to go.

Keith Suete: I think that’s the feeling of some in HOW… but Scotty has been here in HOW for over a decade and like it or not… he is a staple… a cornerstone of HOW.  You may hate him… not respect him… not understand him… but it’s ignorant to argue he hasn’t made one of the biggest impacts on HOW over the past eleven years.


“Drink, Drank, Drunk” by Hellyeah blast over the speakers in Memphis as the crowd roars and red smoke pours out into the stage as The Hardcore Artist makes his way out.  Dressed in his #45 Kakko, New York Rangers jersey, he’s holding his trademark barbed wire hockey stick. Following behind him is Frankie in a custom made SpongBob hockey jersey and carrying a cooler on his shoulder.

Amy Smeets: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome HOW Hall of Famers, Frankie Woodson and The Hardcore Artist, Scottywood!!!!!!

Mark DuBois: Of course the New York Rangers jersey here in Preds country… would it hurt him to wear a Maple Leafs’ jersey?

Scotty calls for Frankie to toss him a beer, which his son happily obliges, handing his dad a 12 ounce can of Wiseacre Brewing’s Oktoberfest.  Cracking it open, he cheers the camera and takes a large drink before proceeding into the ring.

Mark DuBois: I guess the complaints of Scotty drinking at ringside have fallen on deaf ears… and hasn’t anyone told him it’s September still?

Keith Suete: Mark, I can still smell the whiskey that this announce table is soaked in… I doubt management is going to care about a couple of beers.

Scottywood: It’s been a long road since I broke into the business sometime in 1999.  I honestly can’t remember my first match… or whatever random ass fed it was in.  Maybe that’s a telling sign. But I remember starting NGW up in early 2000 with my friend Ice, aka Rodney by just jumping into the deep end with hardly any experience.  Damn did we put on some bad shows. The kind that will make me cringe when they finally air on HOTv.

A small NGW chant starts in the arena as Scotty just shakes his head and chuckles.


Scottywood: That was nearly twenty years ago.  Twenty years of putting my body through some of the craziest matches that wrestling fans had ever seen.  I really have no fucking idea how I made it this far. I’ve lost countless pints of blood and rattled the fuck out of my brain more times than anyone should.  Back when we all just tried to “shake them off” and got back into the ring the next show. I still push that envelope… because the worst thing for me is to not be in that ring.  So you tell yourself… you tell everyone else that you’re fine and you get ready for the next fight.”

Finishing his beer, Frankie is right there to toss Scotty another cold Oktoberfest.

Scottywood: Last Chaos I had an amazing match with MJ Flair for the LSD Title.  Like we promised… we stole the show and elevated that LSD Title match to the main event over the ICON Title match.  We gave it everything we had… and once again MJ came out victorious over me. Now I could sit here and make excuses.  I could say that the mere presence of Eric Dane at ringside was bullshit… even without interfering… he had an impact on the match.  But that would be hypocritical, since I’ve done way worse things to win or retain titles here in HOW. MJ deserves to be LSD champion… I’ve said it since War Games… and I’ll still say it now.

Scotty raises his beer to MJ and takes a drink as we hear some MJ chants spark up around the arena.

Scottywood: But then the curb stomp and then that pussy ass knee brace to the side of my head.  Hope that made you feel good Dane. Attacking a man who had already left it all in that ring fighting in a No DQ LSD Title match.  Really scored some badass points there. I see it now, you being at ringside was never about protecting MJ Flair during that match.  Cause you could have done that from behind the curtain backstage. It was all about getting your cheap shot in on me since every attempt to beg and plead for a match against me has failed.  Every attempt to acquire part of my dirty ass dreads in some sick hair fetish… has failed.  

Scotty pauses before he falls back down that rabbit hole and takes another drink as the crowd lays out some boos for Dane.

Scottywood: But all that shit doesn’t change the end result that I scored another concussion after Chaos… which on top of the one from War Games… doesn’t get you lots of sympathy from the doctors.  Especially after I had to really persuade them to even clear me when HOW made its comeback.

Mark DuBois: Geez… and I thought Eric Lindros was the concussion king.

Scottywood: So two concussions later… and no amount of persuading will convince them to clear me.  They think that one more concussion could scramble my brain for good, beyond any ability to recover.  So with everyone being afraid of getting their asses sued… I’ve been left with no choice but to announce my retirement from wrestling in HOW.

The arena fills with boos as few are happy to her those words come from The Hardcore Artist mouth… words they never thought they would hear.  All Scotty can do is nod his head in agreement. He wants to boo himself too.

Scottywood: But being the stubborn fucker I am… I don’t plan on my match against MJ Flair to be my last in HOW.  No offense MJ, but that will not be how I close out my HOW career. It was a hell of a fucking match… but bloody, concussed and cheap shotted by Eric Dane is not how I am going to end shit.  I am going to go out on my own fucking terms… I am going to go out at Alcatraz.

The boos turns to a roar of cheers from the crowd as Scotty smirks a bit.

Scottywood: I got Mike and Lee, after signing a shit ton of releases, to agree to one more match.  The only question that remains is the who. Who will I face in my final match in HOW? I mean there are many people on this roster I would like one more shot at.  One more match to tear the house down again with. America, Mike, Witness, Kostoff… those could all be five star matches. But there is one man who I have battled with and against for many years and has earned my respect.  We may not always agree on shit… and we each have done some horrible shit to each other… but at the end of the day we both understand each other.

Mark DuBois: Just spit out a name already.

Scottywood: So for my final match in HOW at Rumble at the Rock from Alcatraz Island, I am challenging Scott Stevens to one last brawl to end it all between the two of us.

The crowd roars as almost no time is wasted before “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked” by Cage the Elephant hits over the P.A. systems and we see Scott Stevens emerge from backstage dressed in street clothes.

Keith Suete: We heard rumors that Scott Stevens was in the building tonight, two weeks after pulling out of the tag team match he was scheduled for on the first Chaos.

Stevens is handed a microphone before he walks up the ring steps with a purpose and makes his way over to his fellow stablemate and is shaking his head.

Scott Stevens: What the fuck are you doing man?  Retiring? Challenging me to a match?  This is what you told me I had to come to Chaos for while dealing with my personal stuff?

Scottywood: Ya Stevens.  Me and you, one last time at Alcatraz before I hang up the boots and retire.

Scott Stevens: Come on man… you can’t seriously think we’re all gonna buy that you, The Hardcore Artist, is retiring because of a couple of concussions.

Scottywood: You think I like this option Stevens?  They barely cleared me before… now two concussions later they won’t clear me for anything.

Scott Stevens: Bullshit Scotty… I know you.  If you really wanted to keep wrestling, you’d find some doctor, you’d sign whatever rights away you need to.  You would stay in this ring if you really wanted to.

Scottywood: How about you just come out and say what you’re really feeling Stevens.

Scott Stevens: You want it straight up?  Ok. You’re pissed you lost again to MJ Flair.  You’re pissed you failed to claim your sixth LSD Title.  So you taking your ball and going home. You’re quitting on The Order and your quitting on HOW.  You’re a quitter.

Tossing his beer to the mat Scotty gets right up to Stevens’ face as The Scorpion doesn’t back down an inch from him.

Scottywood: So is that a no then?  Are you saying you won’t face me at Rumble at the Rock?

Scott Stevens: It’s me not glorifying you being a fucking quitter.  You wanna quit on The Order when we need you the most… then fuck off and quit.  I would be here with you side by side if I could, and you know that!

Stevens says poking Scotty with his index finger. 

Scott Stevens: Instead of leading the fucking charge and taking HOW by the balls like The Order should be doing your wallowing in your own self fucking pity and making this all about you!

Stevens says and Scotty creeks his neck to the side as if preparing for a fight. 

Scottywood: Yes? Or no?

Scottywood asks again and Stevens sighs.

Scott Stevens: The answer is NO!

The crowd boos and Scotty looks on in disbelief.

Scott Stevens: I’m not gonna help give you some grand send off.

Stevens tosses the mic to the ground as Scotty just stares back at Stevens.  Rolling out of the ring Stevens just shakes his head as he walks back up the ramp without even looking back at The Hardcore Artist.

Keith Suete: Well we all thought we we’re going to get one last chapter in the long time battle between Stevens and Scottywood… but it seems like The Scorpion doesn’t want anything to do with what he sees as Scotty turning his back on The Order.

Mark DuBois: Not turning his back on, quitting… he’s quitting The Order and HOW like a quitter does Keith.

We cut to commercial break as we see Frankie try to offer a new beer to Scotty to ease his disbelief but Scotty actually refuses it as he exits the ring and just starts pacing back and forth at ringside.

Back from commercial break we see that Scottywood has stopped pacing, but now has taken up shop at the announce table with two cans of Oktoberfest open and double fisting them.

Keith Suete: We’re back and we are joined somewhat by The Hardcore Artist, Scottywood and Frankie the Cameraman.  Scotty, if you want a headset, we can grab a third one for ya.

There is no response from Scotty as he just keeps drinking his beer and staring at the ring where we see that Steve Solex has made his way out already during the break.

Mark DuBois: This is the best side of Scottywood… the silent one.

Keith Suete: Well, anyhow, we have our second match of thee night ready as you see Solex in the ring awaiting his opponent.

Wolf Totem by The Hu hits and as the opening chords scream across the speakers we see Kostoff steps out onto the stage. Looking out he slowly makes his way to ringside.

Amy Smeets: And his opponent, form Tampa, Florida and weighing in at 285 pounds… he is a HOW Hall of Famer… Chris Kostoff!!!!!

Kostoff circles the ring before sliding in and the bell ring as there is no lockup, but instead a straight trading of blows back and forth as Kostoff and Solex slug it out which obviously falls into Kostoff’s favor as he back Solex up into the corner and continues to wail away with a combo of body and head shots as Solex does his best to cover up before the referee bravely steps in to break things up.

Keith Suete: So Scotty, have you decided to stay out here because you are looking for a new opponent for your final match at Rumble at the Rock?  Could we see a Kostoff versus Scottywood at Alcatraz after your match idea with Stevens has seemingly fell apart?

Mark DuBois: After Stevens called you a quitter.

Scotty turns and stares a hole through DuBois who instantly regrets opening his mouth, forgetting there is a difference from being smarky online and in person.

In the ring we see Kostoff pull Solex out of the corner and connect with a tilt a whirl backbreaker.  Pulling solex to his feet he whips him in the corner and goes for a big clothesline that Solex rolls out of the way.  Kostoff hits the turnbuckle as he stumbles out as Solex goes for a bulldog but Kostoff shakes him off mid move and Solex crashes to the mat.

Mark DuBois: And Solex whiffs on the bulldog.

Solex stumbles up to his feet as Kostoff boots him in the mid section before hitting him with a spinning cradle piledriver.

Keith Suete: Cradle To The Grave!

Kostoff stands up and looks over at Scotty at ringside as The Hardcore Artist shakes his head and stands up from the announce table.  Kostoff is on guard but Scotty just grabs hiss beers and starts walking towards and then up the ramp. Kostoff doesn’t care as he just turns back to Solex who he scoop up off the mat and lifts him up onto his shoulders.

Keith Suete: No Remorse by kostoff!!!

Kostoff goes for the cover as the referee makes the all but academic count.







Amy Smeets: Here is your winner…. Chris Kostoff!!!!

Keith Suete: Impressive and dominating win by Kostoff as we thought we might have a showdown between the two Hall of Famers… but seems like Scottywood isn’t interested in battling Kostoff.  His mind still seemingly on Scott Stevens.

Mark DuBois: Solex barely seemed like he even showed up tonight and Kostoff took full advantage dominating him bell to bell here tonight.

Keith Suete: Well we still have three big matches left tonight, including our Tag Team Title main event, so stay tuned here on Friday Night Chaos!

We head backstage where Matt Torres is franticly coming down the corridor. Wearing his bomber jacket and aviators, he passes a stage hand before stopping and turning to him. Startling the stagehand, Matt begins to speak.

Matt Torres: Yo! Have you seen my bro Clint? Clint Torres?!

The stagehand shakes his head no nervously.

Matt Torres: Man! I can’t find Clint Torres anywhere!

The stage hand quickly walks away. Matt pulls his aviators off and sighs. Looking in the distance, he throws his hand up and yells.

Matt Torres: Hey You! Wait!

He rushes forward and we see someone who appears to work in one of the concession stands. Matt slides his aviators back on before he engages her.

Matt Torres: I’m looking for Clint Torres. Have yo seen Clint Torres of the hottest new tag team to come to High Octane Wrestling…

He snaps into a stance where his legs are spread and his hands are on his hips. It’s awkward to say the least.

Matt Torres: SKY HIGH!

An weird moment of silence before the worker just walks around him and continues on her way. Matt pulls his aviators back off and looks around.


He continues on his search as we fade.

After a commercial break, Friday Night Chaos picks up with the eGG Bandits backstage.

All are present.

Plan C. Doozer. Dean. Mummy Man. CBD. The Dude. Whammy.

All of them.

Instead of relaxing comfortably inside of The Order’s lavish and extravagant locker room, drinking Martinis with James Bond, they are all wedged inside of…


A ring.

A wrestling ring.

A miniature, makeshift, wrestling ring.

A miniature, makeshift, wrestling ring that happens to be constructed using remnants of Refueled 8.

Explains the size and shambles.

The Dude, dressed head to toe in Bandits gear with a T-shirt reading “I AM THE BANDITS” almost looking more mummified than LGBBD? with closed eyes, begins to recite a chant or speech – maybe lyrics of some sort.

The Dude: ~And when the walls are tumblin’ down… I will always be around~

Jiles jumps in front of the crazy.

Plan C: Well they did. And here we are. No. We haven’t left. No one is that lucky, especially us. That said, fuck your couch and fuck your rules. We don’t ask for permission. We don’t pander. We don’t beg. We, are Bandits. We do what we want. Tell em Dooze!

Before Dooze can tell em, Dude comes back to life like a possessed musician.

The Dude: ~People don’t know about the things I say and do… They don’t understand… the shit that I’ve been through~

Jiles shuffles around the mesmerized Dude to the back of the dilapidated ring. There’s not much room for all of them, although CBD fits rather nicely.

The Dude: ~It’s been so long since I’ve been home… I been gone. I been gone way too long. Maybe I’ve forgotten the things I miss~

Eyes wide, Doozer shakes off the weird emanating from his manager, and steps to the plate.

Doozer: High Octane… the land of the lost. Lost opportunity. Lost matches. Lost, like a plane flying into the ocean and us survivors washed up  to shore without any idea of HOW we got here. Stuck in limbo. 

Doozer’s head slowly drops down until he’s staring down at his feet. Then he snaps up, pointing toward the ceiling with his right hand.

Doozer: Yet, like Jiles said, here we are. Stranded on the bleak and sunless shores of Who Knows Best— wondering what the fuck is going on, and which direction we should be walking.

The Dude: ~Somehow I know there’s more to life than this. I’ve said it too many times, and I still… stand… firm!~

The spontaneous, especially if you don’t know the shtick by now, annunciation sends Dooze into a startled shuffle. He fumbles a step or two to the side, trying to regain his balance, ultimately knocking CBD down and out of the ring.

A gasp.

The Dude: ~You get what you put IN! And people get what they DESERVE!~

A more poignant gasp!

Dean: Walking. Walking. Walking. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m tired of walking.

An out of breath gasp.

It should be noted that Bobby Dean has ballooned to preposterous proportions. Yet, he’s managed to suck it in and squeeze his way inside the miniature ring. By now you should have concluded that the aforementioned walking was meant in a metaphorical sense.

Dean: Cancer and Dooze are right, we’re not here to ask. We’re not here to pander, nor beg. Why? Because we’ve already done all that, and look where it’s gotten us. You look at this stuck in the sand roster. Legends across the board. Up and down. Yet, we are walking, when we should be sprinting through time.

The Dude: ~Still I ain’t seen mine. No I ain’t seen mine~

Jiles shuffles forward, looking Dude up and down like he’s from another universe.

Plan C: Kind of hard to sprint when you’re  confined to… well, this. Kind of hard to blaze a trail that scorches the Earth when the biggest news out of Sand Bag Sports is that we got new refs and a Canadian calling matches. Fucking Snore Magoo and Jonny Peckerslap ready to usher in a… newer era of the worst fucking product I’ve ever been apart of.

Jiles shuffles again to the back, allowing Dooze some more ring time.

Doozer: Another show, another change at the top of the card. By the time this segment is over, who knows who will be in the main event!

The Dude: ~I been givin’. I just ain’t been gettin’. I been walkin’ that thin line~

Dean: I hope it’s us!

Plan C: Can’t be us buddy, we’re not going to be here to see the end of this shit show. You call this Chaos? How can you call it Chaos when you keep the Bandits off the card?

The Dude: ~So I guess I’ll keep on walkin’… with my head, held, high! I’ll keep movin’ on~

Doozer steps forward once more, hand in the air like Hermione in Potions.

Doozer: You call it Chaos because it doesn’t make any fucking sense. You call it Chaos because that’s the perfect word to describe High Octane’s so-called management or leadership. And you know why else you call it Chaos, fellow N’Octobandits?

Doing his best wager student imitation, Deans whole being shakes as he waves a hand far above his head.

Dean: Oh! Oh! I know this one. Branding! I learned all abou-

His spirits quickly deflate at the obvious rejection received from by Doozer’s and Jiles’ expressions.

Breaking the awkward silence, The Dude bursts through as if delivering the final note performing at an opera.

The Dude: ~And only GOD knows why!~

Cut to the ring.

The thunderous riff of Billy Talent’s “Viking Death March” echoes throughout the arena as the crowd begins to cheer for the arrival of the Incredible One. TIO walks out onto the stage, in his denim and leather jacket, surveying the support from the HOW audience.

Keith Suete:  The crowd is loving this right now as The Incredible One makes his way out to a big ovation from these fans here in Memphis!

Mark Dubois:  Those of us in the know just call him TIO — but it’s okay, you probably didn’t know that.

Keith Suete:  What I didn’t know if that this gig involved being talked down to.

Mark Dubois: Oh… well, you probably should’ve read your contract more closely.

He speed walks down the ramp and rolls into the ring, climbing a turnbuckle and posing for the audience. He repeats this for every turnbuckle until he hands a ringside worker his jacket and stretches the ropes as his music fades out.

Keith Suete:  The Incredible One is in the ring and ready….

“World’s Greatest” by R. Kelly kicks in, and the crowd starts booing immediately.

Keith Suete: …and here comes Jonny O’Dell!

The atmosphere in the crowd builds its momentum for their hatred towards O’Dell as he continues to miss his music cues. He stands there docile in the middle of the entranceway.. waiting for pyro but not receiving any. O’Dell showboats on wrong camera angles on his way down to the ring and stumbles a bit at the bottom of the rampway.

The camera is focused in on a close up of O’Dell, but we hear a loud reaction from the crowd.

Keith Suete:  Wait, what the…

The hulking frame of Dan Ryan rushes into the frame, much faster than a man his size should be able to. He practically runs through O’Dell, sending him flying into the ring apron and causing him to fall crumpled in a heap on the floor.

Mark Dubois:  Dan Ryan!! I’ve been wanting to see this guy ever since I saw him back in ‘97 during his rookie year!

Keith Suete: Please…

Ryan wastes no time laying the boots to O’Dell, stomping over and over as O’Dell tries in vain to cover up.

Keith Suete:  The question remains, why the vicious attack on O’Dell?? I know Ryan and Dane won a tag team contest against O’Dell last week, and the two groups have been having at it lately, but this is absolutely unnecessary!!

Ryan continues to stomp away, with a few kicks landing to the side of O’Dell’s head. After a good half dozen kicks, Ryan reaches down and roughly pulls O’Dell up by the beard. He has little resistance left to offer at this point, and is helpless as Ryan puts him in the standing headscissors and lifts him high overhead. He turns and violently drives him down on the edge of the metal ramp with a Humility Bomb. O’Dell hits with a sickening thud and falls limp. Ryan stands sneering down at him, satisfied. The Incredible One, for his part, seems stunned at the turn of events. He looks on from inside the ring, not moving at all. Ryan averts his gaze suddenly and looks up at him in the ring, causing him to flinch a bit.

Keith Suete:  Look, we’ve gotta get Jonny O’Dell some medical attention out here, but Dan Ryan is looking up at The Incredible One…

Mark Dubois:  TIO.

Keith Suete: (sigh) TIO… and I don’t have a good feeling about this right now.

Mark Dubois: I gotta be honest. I’d be hightailing it out of there right about now. I’ve seen this look in Dan Ryan’s eyes before and TIO would be wise to hit the bricks.

Ryan holds the stare only a few moments longer, then reaches up and grabs the ropes, pulling himself up and climbing to a standing position on the apron. TIO takes a few steps back, but holds his ground. Ryan makes a face and climbs in between the ropes. TIO makes the mistake of briefly looking over at the referee, who is just as stunned as he is, and before he can brace himself, Ryan full-on body tackles him so hard, he goes flying into and through the ropes to the outside.

Mark Dubois:  What’d I say!!

Keith Suete:  Good lord!! How did he even move that fast?? And did you see The Incre…. Err.. TIO go flying??

Mark Dubois:  Yeah man, I mean, TIO isn’t a tiny guy, but Dan Ryan is an absolute monster. Just a pure beast of a human being.

The crowd gives an audible “oooooh” noise as Ryan briefly leans into the ropes over the area where TIO is lying on the outside, then quickly ducks his head through the ropes and climbs down to the outside.

Keith Suete:  Now what?

Mark Dubois:  I think we’re about to have another Jonny O’Dell situation on our hands, that’s what…

Ryan stalks over to the ring announcer and snatches the house mic out of his hands. He takes it to the apron and tosses it in the ring. He starts to reach up to climb in, but looks over and sees TIO stirring and getting up to a knee. Without any wasted movement, he turns back around, returns to the ring announcer and shoves him off his chair. Ryan snatches the chair, turns and with a loud yell rushes at The Incredible One, smashing the chair down over his head and shoulders over and over. He’s five shots in before he pauses, snarling down at him and dropping the metal chair on the back of his head. TIO is DONE.

Mark Dubois:  See?? I’m telling you, this guy is a monster. We haven’t even scratched the surface on what this guy is capable of. I remember this one time, I saw him take out an entire stable on a tour of Western Saskatchewan Pro Wrestling back in ‘99. I probably have a tape of it somewhere….

With his gaze hanging only a further moment or two on the motionless TIO, Ryan climbs back up onto the apron, wipes his feet off on the mat and climbs in. With a quick smirk to the crowd, he leans down and picks the microphone up and stops mid-ring, soaking in the crowd reaction.

Dan Ryan:  Thank you. Thank you all so much.

Ryan peeks over the ropes down at O’Dell. He’s barely moving, and medical personnel are starting to filter down to ringside to tend to him. Ryan nods.

Dan Ryan:  Good. Very nice. You guys, here’s the thing…

Ryan gestures, hands waving as if negotiating a business deal.

Dan Ryan:  Earlier tonight, we saw my good buddy Halitosis win the HOW World Championship for the second time, a fine accomplishment to be sure. John Sektor, alas was not long for the big belt. It seems that moustache only had so much of the old magic left, and the gold standard it seems has turned green.


I would be remiss if didn’t point out that very very recently, I defeated our current World Champion. I defeated him, cleanly… right in the middle of the ring. This makes me feel like I should get a World Title shot. Now I know — I could have been a grown up about this. I could have simply asked. But the truth is, if you want to be the top dog, you have to do something that gets everyone’s attention. I’ve been running with my crowd for awhile now, and that’s all well and good.

Ryan stops and glares into the hard camera.

Dan Ryan:  But I need you all to know — the way these two obviously know — that I’m a man to be reckoned with, I’m not to be fucked with, and I want that World Title. Now, Mike…

The crowd buzzes again at the mentioning of Mike Best’s name.

Dan Ryan:  I didn’t come out here and break things. I didn’t come out here threatening to tear HOW apart or challenging your authority. I came out here and did what I do best. I came out here and I beat people up. I’m making my intentions known right here, right now, that I want that belt. I’m looking into this camera right here and I’m <i>requesting</i> a match for the World Championship.

Ryan holds the intense glare for a moment, then, with a bit of a flourish and a smile, turns back into the ring and circles.

Dan Ryan:  Now Halitosis — I know you’re back there, and I’m sure you’ve already had a little bit of the bubbly. I know you’re celebrating. But here’s what I want you to know. Everything I do, everything I’ve ever done has always been about becoming the top dog in whatever company I compete in. This is what I do, Hal. I’m the best wrestler in the world, like it or not, and right now you have a big fat target on your back. Enjoy the rest of your night — but just know… I’m coming for you. Shit just got real, kid. It’s time I give High Octane Wrestling the champion it deserves.

Ryan tosses the mic over his shoulder and lets it drop to the mat as “Zero” by Smashing Pumpkins kicks in, and he makes his exit from the ring, passing a cluster of doctors tending to Jonny O’Dell without another word.

Keith Suete:  Well I tell you what — there’s making an impact and then there’s that. We just crowned a new World Champion and now we’ve got our first challenge for the belt.

Mark Dubois:  And some challenge it is, too. I think we’re in for a treat, because this guy is someone to be reckoned with.

Keith Suete:  No doubt!

“Is everybody excited for the hashtag… BIG NEWS!”

The Heralds shrill voice cuts through the arena as we are taken to an undisclosed location elsewhere in the world. The Herald, bedazzled in a red, blue and green tunic and cape stands inside of a dirty old wrestling ring in what appears to be a high school gymnasium, a microphone held up to his lips. Inside the ring there appear to be two younger wrestlers, likely in their early twenties wearing uninteresting black wrestling trunks and elbow pads. 

The Herald: It is I, Sub-Marquis Bentley Tennyson Farthington-Primrose, the Herald of the Worthy Chosen One, MAXXKAEL Jr. as well as the Wonderful and Wicked Maximillian Kael, First of his Name, Long May Me Maim! Today I’m coming to you live from some destitute, dirty little backwater town in the inbred state of Tennessee!

The arena lets out a loud series of boos though it is unclear whether or not the Herald can hear them from his location. Instead he offers a golf clap to all the local natives whom he assumes are proud of their poor breeding.

The Herald: Due to not being officially booked MAXXKAEL Jr. has been denied a chance to continue his unprecedented UNDEFEATED streak! Look! I’m even recycling!

The Herald reaches into one of his tunics many pockets and retrieves one of Mike Best’s old #UNDEFEATED shirts and waves it into the air wildly.

The Herald: Waste not, want not as they say! Plus Five Time Academy has like.. Six boxes of these and the discount to purchase them all was too good to pass up! Anyway, since MAXXKAEL Jr. was not booked and nobody would give me the chance to step down into the High Octane Wrestling ring I decided to book my own UNSANCTIONED match here.. In.. in.. Uh.. Well wherever the heck we are at right now! YAY! Cheers! Cheeers!

The Herald prances up and down in the middle of the ring as he waves the UNDEFEATED shirt over his head some more. The two wrestlers in the ring stare at him in confusion then at each other before dismissing the screeching youth.

The Herald: And so.. Without further adieu..

“Terror of King Ghidorah” by Philop Andersson blares out over an old and crackly sounding PA system within the area. The brick shithouse known as MAXKAEL Jr. appears from a side door making his way down to the ring, his eyes fixed on the two men in the ring.

The Herald: Introducing the WORTHIEST ONE! Hailing.. Form the LITTLE TOKYO DISTRICT of MAXOPOTAMIA.. He weighs in at Two Hundred and Twenty Two Pounds and stands at a gigantic height of SIX FOOT… MAAAAAAAAAXXKAAAAAEEEELLLLLL JUUUUUNIOR!

It’s a quick walk from the doors to the ring where MAXKAEL Jr. immediately rolls and moves to his corner looking like a hungry dog, his eyes burning holes into both of his local talent opponents. The Herald claps for the Titan from the Little Tokyo District though it doesn’t seem to improve MAXXKAEL Jr.’s mood or really have any effect on him at all.

The Herald: Oh.. and also in this unofficial match I’m the referee! RING THE BELL!

Bentley shakes his cape wildly as all the small bells chime loudly in place of a traditional ring bell. MAXXKAEL Jr. bellows as he charges forward, the two younger men unprepared for the speed of the densely built man. He strikes both with a thunderous double clothesline sending them down to the mat hard. The Worthiest Chosen One doesn’t waste any time as he snatches one of the men up by his head.


Following the instruction, albeit with a look of annoyance, MAXXKAEL Jr. steps around the stunned opponent and administers a headlock before executing a vicious Sleeper Suplex! As the opponent’s head smashes off the mat MAXXKAEL Jr. floats over maintaining head control before he shifts his hold into a Cross-Face Chicken Wing! The unknown local talent screams as his neck and arm are stretched and twisted cruelly!

The Herald: Give up! Surrender! Tear his limbs apart MAXXKAEL JR!

As the Herald focuses on the tormented victim of MAXXKAEL Jr. the second man gets up to his feet and rushes over apply the boots to the back of MAXXKAEL Jr.’s head. He releases the Chicken Wing under the barrage of kicks, the victim of the submission hold rolling toward the edge of the ring in agony.

The Herald: Don’t let him kick you! Counter attack! COUNTER ATTACK!

Farthington-Primrose screams like a howler monkey as MAXXKAEL Jr. slowly stands up weathering the kicks with little sign of real pain.


With a suddenness MAXKAEL Jr. sends a massive knife edge chop across the second man’s chest lighting him up as the sound of the attack echoes around the empty gymnasium. His opponent crumbles back into the corner as MAXXKAEL Jr. presses his attack.


A second brutal knife edge chop completely collapses the man’s defense as his chest turns bright red.


Shaking his head MAXXKAEL Jr. stares at the Herald for a moment with another look of annoyance before he drags the man out of the corner and into the center of the ring. With the man still stunned by the chops the Worthiest One locks him in an…BOOM! Spinning Falcon Arrow in the center of the ring leaves the man prone! MAXXKAEL grabs a leg and goes for the pin..


Dropping to the mat the Herald is quick to count.






Popping back up to his feet the Herald lifts his hands in the air and begins to run around the ring screaming.


MAXXXKAEL Jr. climbs to his feet and stares toward camera while the Herald continues to cheer.

Back live and we cut to the Hall of….errr….new announce team!

Keith Suete: This has been an amazing night already, Mark! We started off with a new High Octane Wrestling champion, and we could possibly still see new tag team champions!

Mark DuBois: We won’t. Dane and Ryan had a tag title shot in Spooky Doom Wrestling like seven years ago and they choked. Trust me, it’s not like riding a bike.

Keith Suite: That remains to be seen, Mark, but right now their partner Lindsay Troy will be taking on Austin Bishop in what should be a hard fought match!

Mark DuBois: But it won’t be. Dick Fury has got Austin Bishop as a lean, mean, Queen-killing machine.

The lights dim, and a cheesy, synthetic pseudo-horror theme fills the air. From behind the wall of fog, Austin Bishop emerges, with Dick Fury right behind him. They walk to the ring, with Bishop ignoring the fans and Fury yelling threats at anyone who dares to get too close.

Keith Suite: This will be a tough challenge for that young man.

Mark DuBois: No it won’t. That man is undefeated.

Keith Suite: While that’s true, he’s only wrestled one match so far and, all due respect to Steve Solex, he’s no Lindsay Troy.

The music lowers, the lights return, and as Bishop gets to the ring and enters, the fans boo an applauding Dick Fury. The mood whiplashes, immediately, as “Watch Me” by The Phantoms cues up.

Mark DuBois: Oh, now what’s he doing here?

The cheers only intensify when, trailing behind the Queen of the Ring, is the Lunatic. High Flyer. Jack Harmen. Whatever you want to call him.

Keith Suite: You didn’t say a word about Dick Fury being out here.

Mark DuBois: They’re a team! Harmen and Troy haven’t teamed up since they were Green and Gold in the late 90s.

Keith Suite: Did any of that happen?

Mark DuBois: …I have the newsletters.

Contrary to Austin Bishop, the fans are all reaching out to slap a hand, and Troy and Harmen do their best to fill the order as they make their way to the ring. Once at ringside, however, she switches off and turns all business, jumping flat-footed onto the apron and catapulting herself up and over with a flip. She walks right up to Austin Bishop, but referee Mike Taylor gets in between them and calls for the bell.

Keith Suite: Austin Bishop has about two inches and seventy pounds on Lindsay Troy, but she’s solidly built and absolutely not a pushover.

They circle and lock up, and Bishop slowly inches Troy backwards. After a few steps, she digs in her heels and they’re at a standstill. Dick starts to yell encouragement towards Bishop and derogatory comments towards Troy, prompting Jack Harmen to approach him.

Keith Suite: Fury wants no part of Harmen!

Mark DuBois: He doesn’t want to dirty his hands is all.

Troy lowers her center of gravity and, when she can’t move Bishop, drops to her knees and pulls, flipping Bishop over her shoulder and locks his arm! Bishop grabs at the bottom rope with his free hand, and Troy lets go after three.

Bishop rises to his feet and they lock up again, but instead of testing his strength against hers, he simply drives a knee into her stomach and scoops her with a slam. Quick cover!






Kickout by Troy!


Mark DuBois: He almost had her!

Keith Suite: He did not.

Mark DuBois: It’s inevitable. Girl characters can’t beat men.

Keith Suite: Both Lindsay Troy and our current LSD Champion beg to disagree.

Bishop scoops Troy and sends her into the ropes, firing a clothesline – that she ducks! Troy off the far end, and she fires one of her own – Bishop drops to his knees –

Keith Suite: Troy face to face with Dick!

Mark DuBois: See? You said it, not me.

As Troy approached the second set of ropes, Dick Fury jumps up and grabs the top rope, hoping to dump her out, but she stops short and stares at him! Jack Harmen runs him off, but the damage is done as Bishop rolls Troy up!








Keith Suite: That just goes to show, he doesn’t have to touch his man’s opponent to affect the match.

Bishop pulls Troy to her feet and puts her back down with a snap suplex! Fury gets up to the apron to cheer him on, but he’s immediately down and backing away from Jack Harmen, doing his level best to keep him honest. Troy gets to her hands and knees, trying her best to recover, and Bishop drives a boot into her midsection. Another! He picks her up and scoops her… CELTIC CROSS! Cover!








Mark DuBois: Slow count! Where’d they find this guy?

Keith Suite: It was the same cadence as every other count, Mark.

Mark DuBois: Such a straight shooter. I bet you were hall monitor in school, right?

Taking another boot to the side, Troy makes the ropes her target. Bishop sees this and grabs her by the ankle, but Troy spins on her back and pushes him away with a kick of her own! Troy grabs the ropes and pulls herself up, only for Bishop to stun her with a Glasgow Kiss! The referee cautions him not to attack his opponent when she’s on the ropes, but Dick Fury tells him to mind his own business.

Keith Suite: The Queen of the Ring in trouble!

Mark DuBois: She’s been in trouble since before the bell rang!

Bishop runs into the ropes and charges at Troy, and he drops her with a crossface! Harmen is in one corner pounding the mat to get Troy back into it, while Fury is in the opposite, encouraging Austin Bishop to finish it. Bishop maneuvers behind her as she staggers to her feet, he’s measuring her…

Keith Suite: Claymore Kick! TROY BLOCKS THE BOOT!

Even dazed, Lindsay Troy has done her homework and she could anticipate Bishop’s next move. As she turned, she sees his foot flying towards her head, grabs the bottom of his boot with her left and and presses down on his ankle with her right. Bishop hits hard as Troy backs up and uses the moment to get herself together again.

Bishop rises – Knee to the head! Troy off the ropes again, and a modified baseball slide sweeps the legs! The fans are on their feet for this change in momentum, shouting “LET’S GO LINDSAY” over and over.

Mark DuBois: Boy, these people are noisy. Don’t they know any of the cool chants?

Troy off the ropes again, she hops Bishop’s prone body – DICK FURY TRIPS HER UP!

Keith Suite: JACK HARMEN CHASES DICK FURY AROUND THE RING! Troy hit the mat, and Bishop rolls over to cover!




Dick trips!




Harmen catches up as Dick scrambles back to his feet and begs off!








Mark DuBois: Kick him out!

Keith Suite: I think Jack Harmen took care of that, Mark.

Mark DuBois: Not Dick, Harmen! Harmen attacked him unprovoked!

Keith Suite: How do you call that unprovoked? You saw what happened!

Mark DuBois: I didn’t see anything, I was getting myself another can of Bang.

Bishop staggers to his feet just ahead of Troy, and pulls her up by the hair. He backs her up and whips her across the ring – Troy ducks the big boot and rebounds off the other side – RAYNES OF CASTAMERE!








Keith Suite: There’s the bell! Lindsay Troy pulls out the victory!

Mark DuBois: I haven’t seen officiating that bad since the Halloran Screwjob of ‘99.

Keith Suite: Is that even a thing?

Mark DuBois: Gee-Tee-Eff-Oh, Keith.

Keith Suite: We’ll be right back!

The action cuts backstage as we fade out.

Cut backstage. The challengers are standing in front of the Friday Night Chaos banner, Eric Dane in the middle with his back turned and his arms folded. Dan Ryan to the right, grinding his fist into his hand. Interviewer Cassie Walsh, looking equal parts excited and nervous about her first night back on the job, stands to the left. Behind her, LSD Champion MJ Flair bounces from one foot to the other, clearly filled with energy.

Cassie Walsh: Thanks, Keith! I’m here with The Only Star, Eric Dane and The Ego Buster Dan Ryan, formerly of The Best Alli–

Dan Ryan holds up his hand, she leans in with the microphone.

Dan Ryan: You can call us The Industry.

She looks at him for a moment.

Cassie Walsh: The Industry?

Eric Dane: Because we are this Industry.

Cassie Walsh: Before we get to the tag match, let’s talk about what you did earlier tonight, Mr. Ryan… why did-

Ryan places a very strong hand firmly on her microphone and leans in.

Dan Ryan:  No.

Cassie Walsh:  No? We’re not gonna talk about what happened??

Dan Ryan:  No, Ms. Walsh. We are not. We have a match tonight. That’s what we’ll be talking about. Mmmkay??

She takes a moment to reset herself and then begins again.

Cassie Walsh: Alright then, I’m here with The Industry, and the big question on everybody’s minds right now is why the Tag Titles? Why now?

The Only Star, still with his back turned, claps his hands together, and again. It is very deliberate. Slowly, he spins around to face the camera, the question, and the microphone. The slow clapping does not stop.

Eric Dane: Congratulations, boys…

Clap. Clap.

Eric Dane: You’ve managed to do both exactly what everybody on planet Earth knew you were going to do, and exactly what Dan and myself said you were gonna do. You managed to kill your own momentum before you ever got off the starting blocks by coming at us with a bunch of piss-baby bullshit about how you schmucks never get any respect and you’re tired of getting kicked while you’re down and you’re so totally gonna do something about it because some shitbox indy you worked for a decade ago treated you like some kind of big fuckin’ deal.


Eric turns his attention to Cassie Walsh.

Eric Dane: Do you know what nobody standing here has done, not once, since we set foot in High Octane Wrestling?

Startled at being asked a question instead of doing the asking, it takes Cassie a moment to recover. However, she smirks and looks him in the eye.

Cassie Walsh: I bet you’re about to tell me.

Eric smiles and nods his head.

Eric Dane: How very perceptive of you Ms. Walsh. That thing that we haven’t done, although every single middle-of-the-road moron that this company seems so good at producing has accused us all of, is lean on our histories. Have we brought up the past to prove a point here and there? Sure, but which one of us came in here with a DEFIANCE t-shirt on, repping the away team, huh?

Cassie Walsh: Not a single one of you.

Eric Dane: Did Dan Ryan bring his CWF World Title belt to promos and matches just to let everybody know that he had it?

Cassie Walsh: No, he certainly did not.

Eric Dane: And how about Lindz and High Flyer, did either of those two go on a half-hour diatribe about how much better they were treated in FWO back in Two-Thousand-and-wheneverthefuck?

Dane makes a face, it isn’t complimentary.

Cassie Walsh: Well no, to my knowledge they have not. Is there a point to all of this?

The Headliner steps in, his massive frame looming over everything.

Dan Ryan: The point is, we didn’t come here to dwell on the past. We’re here to conquer High Octane Wrestling’s present and mold its future…

Cassie Walsh: Speaking of the future…

She looks toward MJ Flair.

Cassie Walsh: You’re not booked tonight, Ms. Flair. Can you tell us why you’re here?

MJF: Simple, man.

The LSD Champion points at the two men.

MJF: Dane had my back last show, I’ve got their back this show. We’re all equals here, and I’mma watch their backs because that’s what a team does.

A voice from off-screen interjects.

OSV: Oh, is that what a team does, new girl?

The voice belongs to Brian Hollywood, former HOW World Champion and de facto leader of The Order. He’s got a big, goofy smile plastered across his face that you couldn’t pry off with a crowbar.

Brian Hollywood: Because right now you’re doing a fairly terrible job at it.

MJ’s eyes narrow, the twinkle of understanding comes a split-second late. Before anything can be done about it Dan Ryan, big as he is, damn near comes crashing down on top of everyone. Turns out Noah Hanson had the bright idea to give him the ol’ chop block to take The Egobuster down.

Eric Dane: What the fu-

The Only Star turns just in time to get up close and personal with Darin Zion’s Tag Title belt as Zion puts everything he’s got behind a shot to the head. Dane sprawls backward into the wall, a gash opened on his forehead where it looks like the corner of the golden center-plate of the belt may have taken out a chunk of flesh. Cassie Walsh was lucky, she caught just enough of a glimpse of the attackers that she managed to get herself out of the way.

Keith Suete: Cassie! Cassie are you still there?

The intrepid reporter is indeed still on the scene.

Cassie Walsh: I’m here, Keith! It’s chaos back here, literally!

The cameraman backs up to show the full scope of the chaos. Dan Ryan and Eric Dane are gamely battling with the HOW World Tag Team Champions while Brian Hollywood fends off a renewed assault from the LSD Champion, each ‘side’ effectively parrying each other’s attacks but nobody clearly getting the advantage, as we quickly fade to commercial.

Keith Suete:  Our next contest should be interesting.  Evan Ward will be taking on Crash Rodriguez, the Order member who just got out of 9th Street Asylum.

Mark “The Smark” Dubois:  Little known fact about Evan Ward, he’s is a third generation wrestler, his father is Richard Edward Ward ( The Great RE-Ward ) who was a big name in British wrestling back in the 70’s.  Ward’s late mentor was Jorge El Vasquez, an old luchadore and martial artist who wrestled between the 50s and 80s in Mexico.

Keith Suete:  Should give Crash a run for his money.

Mark “The Smark” Dubois:  God no!  They’re total posers.  Untalented swine. Crash has got a lot of upside with his dark side and more modern wrestling style.  70’s wrestling is overrated. More flippy shit, Keith.

“The Rise of Chaos” hits the speakers and begins pumping up the crowd for the high octane entrance of Evan Ward. The veteran slides into the ring and gets ready for Crash Rodriguez.

Zack Taylor:  Introducing first, weighing in at 210 pounds….EVVVVAAAAAN WAAAARD!

Powerman 5000 – Heroes And Villains (Instrumental) hits over the arena PA system.  Everything goes dark in the arena. Crash enters at the sound of the crash in the background in a straight jacket.  Nurses and doctors come down guiding him to the ring in chains. As he slides into the ring, Zach Taylor runs out of the way without giving him an introduction.  Crash’s eyes look dilated, rather sadistic as he begins to laugh. Nurses begin to get him out of the straight jacket as Ward tries to help him off. Ward whispers in his ear:

“Don’t be like Hollywood or Zion.  You’re not a lacky. You don’t have to destroy.  Let’s do things honorably. I know you have some good in you.”

Crash stands up as Ward extends his hand out.  He eyes Ward for a moment before grabbing his hand and bites down hard on his fingers.

Keith Suete:  Unconventional!   Simply unconventional!  Someone should throw this match out right now.

Mark “The Smark” Dubois:  Quit being such an old fuck and enjoy what new school can do, Keith.  Crash wants to make his point.

Ward tries to mount offense as Crash just keeps coming at him with a fury of headbutts.  Before Zack Taylor can escape the ring, Crash rips the vape from his back pocket, takes it, and smashes it straight across Ward’s head.  Crash tosses Ward on the outside on the ring. Before the referee can ring the bell, Crash grab Ward by the hair and drags him over towards his wife and son.  Crash grabs a chair and puts it right up to Ward’s larnyx. Crash yells to Ward’s family:

“Your father is leaving Chaos in a body bag!”

Right as he finishes the sentence, Crash smashes the steel chair into Ward’s throat as the bell rings.  Crash runs into the ring as the referee counts.








Mark “The Smark” Dubois:  See Keith, now the match begins.  Crash’s hardcore/agile fight style is something everyone wants to see.

Keith Suete:  Ward starts the match with an unfair advantage as he’s crawling back into the ring.  Crash is wasting no time either being aggressive. He’s clearly snapped.














Ward slides in on the nine count and like clock work, Crash continues to snap while yelling out 9 at the top of his lungs.  Crash exposes the turnbuckle and grabs Ward’s head. He continually smashes Ward’s head against it 9 times before blood comes gushing out of his head.  Crash whips Ward against the ropes, and immediately the adrenaline kicks in. Ward leaps up and hits Crash straight with a huricanarana. Ward then unleashes a few stiff sets of martial arts kicks at Crash to bring him down.  Ward shakes his head at Crash in disappointment. He lifts Crash straight up for a snap suplex, but Crash reverses and lands on his feet. Crash low blows Ward stiff in the balls and he falls straight towards the ground. Crash tosses Ward into the corner with the exposed turnbuckle and hits a crossbody straight into it.  Crash climbs the top rope.

Keith Suete:  What a classic move!  Everyone loves the Elbow Drop.  I might not like Crash’s approach to this match, but..

Mark “The Smark” Dubois:  Overrated move!  Shades of every wrestler back in the 1950’s.  We’ve been there, seen that! Crash! Take a chair!  Destroy Ward’s back. Give us violence!!!!

Crash dives off the rope but Ward rolls out of the way.  Ward grabs Crash and hits a snap suplex on the kid. He looks frustrated at the path Crash took.  He shakes it off trying to put Crash away. He locks the Fujiawa Armbar straight onto Crash’s arm.  Crash slowly crawls towards the ropes to get a rope break, but the official decides not to count because he wants to see more destruction.

Keith Suete:  The official has thrown out the rule book!  How dare he!

Mark “The Smark” Dubois:   Good for Mike Best on his hiring decision!  More flexibility in these matches.

As the pain continues to settle in Crash’s mind, he rallies back to his feet.  He flips Ward over and lands a stiff DDT straight to the match causing Ward to land on his head.  Crash quickly pulls Ward up for the Twisted Memories. Right as he twists Ward around, Ward tosses him straight into the turnbuckle.  Crash tries to Spear Ward stiff, but Ward immediately leaps over him. As Crash tries to course correct, Ward charges straight for Crash landing the Third Generation Award Winning Knee stiff right to Crash’s jaw, knocking him out.  Ward covers him.








Zack Taylor:  Here is your winner of the match as a result of pinfall……EEEEEEVAAAAAN WAAAAARD.

Keith Suete:  Cheaters never prosper here in HOW.

Mark “The Smark” Dubois:  Shut up, Keith.  Crash had him most of the match.  He caused Ward to bleed his own blood.  Ward connected with a lucky kick. I could take that Third Generation Award Winning Knee…

Keith Suete:  You’re a typical, mark, Mark.  Luck had nothing to do with Ward’s survival skills.  Ward walks away with the victory here tonight folks.

Ward helps Crash up to his feet.  He offers Crash a handshake, but Crash slaps Ward’s hand and walks off, staring a big hole into him.  Ward wipes the blood off his head, wraps some tape on the wound and celebrates with his family as the scene fades to black.

Immediately static cuts the feed and takes us backstage where Cassie Walsh has the brand new HOW World Champion Halitosis with her.

Halitosis has the #97 red HOW World Title belt slung over his shoulder and a can of beer in his hand.  He’s also smiling from ear to ear.

Cassie Walsh: Halitosis.  First, it’s nice to finally get to interview you and congratulations on your win earlier tonight.

Halitosis: Thank you Cassie.  It’s been quite a night.

Cassie Walsh: And I’ve noticed that your breath is not as lethal as it was earlier in the night.

Halitosis: Yes, it seems that the mouthwash High Flyer used on me during War Games match is really good stuff.  So I’ve used ever since and does a group job in clearing my breath up.

Halitosis faces the camera and winks.

Halitosis: My wife really appreciates it too.

Cassie Walsh: So how does it feel to be the champion again?

Halitosis: Well Cassie, for eleven years I scuffled, struggled, plodded, scratched, and clawed my way down a road that took me through small towns just like the one we were at last weekend- Dyersburg, Tennessee, with the dream of being in this particular position- being a World Champion.  So here I am, not just a World Champion but a TWO-time World Champion.  It doesn’t matter if I’m the champion for two weeks or two months, I’m just going to enjoy this moment as long as I can.

Cassie Walsh: Dan Ryan.  As you heard earlier tonight, Ryan demanded a title shot because he beat you four weeks ago.  Your thoughts?

Halitosis shrugged.

Halitosis: Fine.  I’ll leave it to Mike Best to book the match, but I have no problem giving Dan a title shot.

Cassie Walsh: He’s pinned you twice though.

Halitosis: Yes he has.  Look, Ryan’s a great wrestler and a legend- no bones about it.  He pinned me at War Games and he beat me fair and square in Tampa.  I believe Dan Ryan wants this match because he thinks he can pin me again.  But I want this match too because for the first time I believe that I can defeat Dan Ryan in the ring.

The red haired interviewer tilts her head slightly while she listens to him.

Halitosis: So if Dan Ryan is my next opponent, I’ll punch the clock, step into the ring, work as hard as I can, and do everything in my power to try to hold on to this.

The champion holds up the HOW World Title belt.

Cassie turns back to the camera.

Cassie Walsh: That’s the word from the new HOW World Champion Halitosis.  Back to you Keith.

Keith Suete: I’m getting word that The Industry and The Order are still fighting backstage!

Mark Dubuis: It’s just like this one time back in Canadian Hardcore Wrestling when-

Keith Suete: Would you just stop and let me throw it back to Cassie?

Cut backstage.

A crowd has formed around the concession stand, and not because the hotdogs are on sale. The first thing that you see is Darin Zion flying through a popcorn machine, the result of a backdrop from Dan Ryan. Eric Dane is taking a kicking from both Noah Hanson and Brian Hollywood, his face is pretty well covered in blood at this point.

Cassie Walsh: I’m still here, trying to cover this melee from a safe distance!

Right about then MJ Flair comes flying in on top of Hollywood and Hanson, sending Hanson over the counter of the concession stand and smashing Hollywood into the counter. The LSD Champion reaches over and grabs a full pitcher of beer and smashes it over Hollywood’s head. Meanwhile, Dan Ryan has left Darin Zion in a pile of popcorn and broken glass and has made his way into the concession booth with an upside-down Noah Hanson.

Keith Suete: Cassie, can you tell us anything about what’s going on back there? Where’s security? Where’s Mike Best?

Cassie Walsh: It’s been an absolute fracas back here for several minutes now, Keith, I have no idea where anybody is except the six fighters in front of me!

Mark Dubois: What about our Main Event?

Cassie Walsh: Your guess is as good as mine, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t fight their way right out to the ring!

The Only Star, bloody mess that he is, is back up and on the prowl. He catches a glimpse of Darin Zion trying to pull himself up out of the wreckage of the popcorn machine. Dane grins through the blood and lights off in Zion’s direction, lighting him up with a Starbreaker Knee! At the same time Hanson comes flying back over the counter into the main hallway. Somehow Hanson lands on his feet though, and when Dan Ryan climbs his giant frame over the counter Hanson is ready and unleashes a Mirakiru rolling elbow!

Keith Suete: Just be careful back there, Cassie!

Cassie Walsh: You don’t have to tell me twice!

Mark Dubois: See if you can get me an autograph from Dan Ryan! I mean, I have one, I just need another one…

As each of the fighters involved begins to reset once again the feed cuts out to commercial. At the bottom of the screen, a crawler announces that the HOW Tag Team Title match is COMING UP NEXT!

In memory of…

Keith Suete: And we’re back live on Chaos and this match has finally poured out onto the ramp and ringside area!

Mark Dubois: Man I’ve seen some exciting wrestling in my day in the Canadian scene…but this shit is FIRE!

Keith Suete: Really?  And you’re here now so something obviously had to change!  Anyways folks, this shit has gotten nuts!  The referee finally restoring some, dare I say it, some order here and Dane and Hanson are in the ring to start this match off!

The bell is barely able to ring as the competitors don’t allow much time before Dane and Hanson start exchanging blows in the middle of the ring.  Dane is already busted open, which can’t be any signs of good starting off a match.  He’s probably going to lose a lot of blood, and that can’t be good for the newly renovated Industry.  Hanson takes advantage of Dane’s line of sight because of the blood trickling down his eyes and nails him with a forearm to the face.  Dane stumbles back before Hanson hits a running knee to the face to Dane, causing him to stumble backwards into the corner.  Hanson begins to unleash left and right at a defenseless Dane before backing up and taking him down with a running clothesline that causes Dane’s back to bounce off the corner turnbuckle and to the ground.  Hanson ricochets off the ropes and promptly connects with a knee drop to the face.  Hanson goes for a cover.






Keith Suete: And Dane is able to get that shoulder up!  It’s gotta be fer sure tough for Dane to do that with a gashed open head.  Dane is definitely a tough son of a gun!

Mark Dubois: Hanson keeping pressure on Dane though!  He’s starting to mount him with several hard rights, trying to further expose that open gash on his head!  Fucking smart!  Hanson gets this business and knows what it takes to win!  That is the heart of a true wrestler right there!

Hanson tags in Zion as he hits the ring and doesn’t waste any time unloading on Dane.  There is literally no love lost between Zion and Dane.  Zion starts to grapple the head of Dane from the mat as he tries to wrestle into a strategic position but Dane is able to somehow shift the leverage in his favor with a surprise back hooking pin on Zion.






Zion quickly kicks out.  Zion tries to balance himself quickly, but Dane only needed a few seconds to get one good shot in on Zion as he hits a swift, thrust kick taking Zion down.  Dane stumbles to the corner and tags in Ryan, much to MJ Flair’s excitement from the outside.  Meanwhile, Hollywood, in the other corner, is urging Zion to get back to his feet.  Zion does get to his feet but not before the tall imposing Ryan can act first.  Ryan grabs him and stiffs him into the mat with a belly to back suplex.  Ryan doesn’t stop his relentlessness from there…he is able to drop elbow drop after elbow drop into the suffocating Zion.  Ryan gets Zion to his feet and whips him into the ropes before bringing him down with a spinebuster in the middle of the ring.  Ryan goes for a cover.






Keith Suete: And Zion with another kick out.  Zion has to be smart or he’s going to get demolished by Ryan in this match.

Mark Dubois: This tag team championship match has turned into a brawling fest and I love it!  Sure you can have a traditional wrestling match, but you can’t say no to a straight up brawl…especially given the heat between these two factions lately.

Hollywood is literally yelling on the outside of the ring.  He starts to pace back and forth as his eyes lock onto to MJ Flair’s.  Hollywood shifts his focus from the ring and starts to walk towards Flair which causes Dane’s and Ryan’s focus to shift making sure Hollywood doesn’t get the better of Flair.  Hollywood points to Ryan as he’s heard insulting him.


Keith Suete: Oh man this isn’t going to be good…this match has devolved into chaos…forever fitting might I add.

Mark Dubois: Hollywood’s just trying to make sure things go the way their supposed to!  He’s not only a smart businessman, but he’s a strategic and methodical man.  Hollywood’s a man of his craft unlike any other and he’s been doing this for a long time!  I trust he knows what’s best here!

As Hollywood slowly approaches Flair, who holds her ground but locks an immediate nasty look his way, Ryan is blindsided in the ring from Zion from behind.  Zion delivers a knee to the back and follows it up with a neckbreaker, taking Ryan down.  Zion quickly goes for the cover as Hollywood backs off almost as if his distraction worked, much to the anger from Flair.






KICKOUT by Ryan!  Zion tags in back Hanson as both Hanson and Zion deliver a double DDT straight to the mat.  Hanson retakes control of the match and goes for the cover on Ryan.







Keith Suete: Dane, blood pouring and all, now unleashing hell on Hanson!

Mark Dubois: Obviously Dane has had enough of the antics!  He has no patience and doesn’t care about his wellbeing to let that dictate how he fights in this match!  LOVE IT!

Zion hits the ring and now all hell breaks loose again.  The two teams start to mug and claw and chip away at the other as their adrenaline alone fuels this fight that obviously started backstage a long while ago…they are inheritably tired but that hasn’t stopped them from taking shots at the other at any passable turn.  Zion and Dane lock up once again as their hatred for each other fuels their fight.  Hanson and Ryan begin firing shots at the other before Ryan tosses Hanson into the corner.  The ref once again tries to restore order in this match as Hanson and Ryan are the legal men in this match.  Zion and Dane are finally broken up as they’ve returned to their respective corners.  Hollywood and Flair are close by and as Hollywood begins to walk away he quickly turns around and nails a hard right straight to the face of Flair.  Ryan again sees this and doesn’t see the tag between Zion and Hanson as Zion gets back into the ring, he promptly turns Ryan around and attempts the Devistation, but Ryan backhands him enough time to get the tag in on Dane.  Dane gets in the ring but Hollywood gets on the ring apron and starts the distraction again…only this time…

Keith Suete: MJ Flair with the trip up on Hollywood as Hollywood’s head collides on the ring apron!  Flair’s now going to work on Hollywood and she is LIT!

Mark Dubois: Flair has had enough of Hollywood!

Meanwhile back in the ring, Dane turns around and catches Zion with the STARBREAKER!!! Hanson gets back into the ring but he’s taken over the top rope by a surging Ryan as both bodies tumbles to the outside.  Dane, crimson mask and all, crawls over Zion as he just lets his arm rest over him.












Mark Dubois: UNBELIEVABLE!  New Tag Team Champions indeed after what was definitely an uncharacteristic main event!  This fight initially started backstage earlier on tonight and obviously couldn’t be contained and poured out here!  I’ve seen some good wrestling matches in my day, but this one was…unique!

Dane and Ryan are handed the tag titles as MJ Flair gets into the ring and celebrates with the boys.  She holds their own hands up instead of the referee as she shouts shit out to ringside to a Hollywood who’s now back on his feet and he is IRATE! All three members of Industry hold up their three titles and mock Hollywood, Zion and Hanson as Hollywood stares a straight hole into MJ Flair…almost as if he’s got something on his mind as he checks on Zion and Hanson as Chaos slowly goes off the air with the tensions still there between these two teams.