Friday Night Chaos

Friday Night Chaos

We open up inside the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit Michigan as the crowd roars as the camera pans around the not quite sold out crowd, but they are enthusiastic nonetheless as the flash their signs for their three seconds of fame.





Mark DuBois: Welcome to Friday Night Chaos!!! Our twelfth of this new era of HOW as we come live to you on HOTv from Detroit, Michigan in the beautiful new Little Caesars Arena!

Mark DuBois: New arena or the old Joe Louis… nothing is going to help these wannabe Canadiens win another Stanley Cup.

Mark DuBois: We have five big matches for you tonight as we get closer to HOW’s return to The Rock with the 9th Rumble at The Rock.  In our main event we have three competitors of the LSD Title match competing in a Tag Team match as LSD Champion MJ Flair teams with High Flyer to take on her current two challengers Evan Ward and MAXKAEL Jr.

Mark DuBois: We also have a big singles match between Noah Hanson versus Lindsay Troy in what is sure to be a blockbuster match.

Mark DuBois: But for now we are ready to swing right into our opening match of Jace Savage versus Steve Solex.

My Time” by Fabulous hits and after a few seconds Jace Savage comes out excited hyping the crowd up. Pointing to his wrist as if he was wearing a wrist watch, then points to himself as he makes his way to the ring.

Zack Taylor: The following match is scheduled for one fall with a fifteen minute time limit.  Now making his way to the ring from Los Angeles, California and weighing in at 210 pounds… Jace Savage!!!!

Mark DuBois: Savage is trying to navigate through the HOW ranks and is looking for a win here tonight to against the veteran Solex.

Jace walks up the stairs and when he is on the apron he wipes his feet off on the mat before climbing into the ring. He makes his way over to the corner and once again points to his wrist, then himself and finally throws both of his arms in the air.

Avenged Sevenfold’s This Mean War plays throughout the arena as Steve Solex makes his way through the curtain and onto the entrance ramp. Solex slowly makes his way to the ring, dodging any fan interaction.

Zack Taylor: And his opponent, from Huntington Beach, California and weighing in at 269 pounds…. Steve Solex!!!!

Mark DuBois: Solex looking to bounce back after some rough losses.  Tonight someone will get their first win in this era of HOW… unless we have a draw… or double DQ… or…

Mark DuBois: We get the point Mark.

He takes the steps up to the apron, and walks across to the adjacent turnbuckle. He stands up on the second rope and hoists both of his fists into the air, taking in the adulation of the fans in attendance. He steps down and enters the ring through the second rope, and tests the ropes.

Chad Kinney calls for bells as Solex and Savage lock up and Solex comes in a quick knee and elbow combo that staggers Savage back as Solex nails a quick clothesline.  Savage pops up into a spinebuster as hits the ropes and goes for a knee drop but Savage rolls out the way and Solex’s left knee hits the mat hard. Savage jumps up and starts stomping away at Solex’s left knee before locking in a knee bar.  But Solex quickly scrambles to the ropes for a break as Savage lets go but then drives his knee into the back of Solex. He pulls him up and whips him to the ropes where he goes for a spear that Solex sidesteps and Savages hits the ropes and comes back at Solex who connects with a belly to belly suplex.

Mark DuBois: Fast paced action to start Chaos off with tonight as both men are hungry for that win tonight.

Solex grinds his forearm across the face of Savage as he pulls Savage to his feet and irish whips him hard into the corner.  He follows it up with a big clothesline as Savage falls to the mat and Solex starts stomping him almost through the bottom turnbuckle.

Mark DuBois: Walk him dry Solex!

Chad Kinney forces Solex out of the corner which gives Savage a second to recover and start to pull himself back up just for Solex to drive a knee into the gut.  Solex pulls him out of the corner where he gets hit with a boot to the gut and a stunner by Solex.

Mark DuBois: Solexecution!  Cover by Solex!







Solex has a moment of frustration before he pulls Savage up to his feet and Savage goes to kick Solex in the gut but Solex catches the boot and smiles as Savage comes flying around with the other boot for a big enzuigiri kick that stuns Solex. Savage is now back on the offensive with a multiple punch and kick combo that has Solex reeling to the corner.  Savage nails one more big punch before he back up and connects with a running knee into a monkey flip.

Mark DuBois: Solex laid out on the mat and I think Savage is looking to fly!

Mark DuBois: Could be Cash Money time…

Savage climbs the turnbuckles and gets ready for the Cash Money move from the top rope but we see Solex roll away and up to his feet.  But that doesn’t stop Savage from launching himself off the top rope.

Mark DuBois: Bankroll!!! Big Flying punch off the top rope connects by Savage!  Into the Cover!




Mark DuBois: Shoulder JUST up by Solex!

Keither Suete: By just a cat hair he kicks out!

Mark DuBois: A cat hair?  Nor a cu….

Mark DuBois: CAT hair, Mark, CAT hair.

Savage shakes his head as he gets up and stalks Solex as he staggers back up and charges at him with a running knee and connects and Solex spins around and is laid back out on the mat.  Savage hits the ropes and comes back with a big leg drop across the throat of Solex as he again goes for the top rope.

Mark DuBois: Take two?  Another attempt at Cash Money!

Savage leaps off the top rope spinning as he crash down to the mat and Solex isn’t there!  Solex just was able to roll away mid flight as Solex stares back at the car wreck mess Savage is in as he climbs to his feet and drags Savage back to his as he locks in the front face lock.

Mark DuBois: Solex may be looking to end it here with a SolexPlex…

Solex lifts Savage up but mid air Savage turns his body and lands his feet on the ropes as he then connects with a big tornado DDT.  The crowd roars a Savage for a third time starts to climb the turnbuckles.

Mark DuBois: Third time will be a charm!

Savage makes it to the top and turns around to Solex who suddenly is able to leap up and onto the second ropes as he grabs Savage into a front face lock.

Mark DuBois: Not from the top rope!

Mark DuBois: Top rope SolexPlex!

Solex whips Savage back and connects with the top rope move as he keeps the leg hooked for the cover.






Mark DuBois: Shoulder up by Savage!!!

Mark DuBois: But it’s just too late!


Zack Taylor: The winner of the match….. Steve Solex!!!!! 

Mark DuBois: Crazy opening match!  Solex with a top rope SolexPlex to put Savage away and get his first win in this era of HOW.

Mark DuBois: Savage just couldn’t connect with that Cash Money… but he was so close on a few occasions tonight.

Chad Kinney raises Solex’s arm in victory as he rolls out the ring as Savage starts to move as he pounds the mat in frustration after being so close to the win tonight.

Mark DuBois: And we’ll be back after this break with Scottywood apologizing to Scott Stevens live here in the ring on Friday Night Chaos!

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Back live at ringside in the Little Caesars Arena we see Keith Suete and Mark DuBois at the announce table.

Mark DuBois: This past Sunday we got video in of a vicious attack by “The Hardcore Artist” Scottywood at a local wrestling show in Texarkana, Texas.  It shows Scotty bloodying three members of Scott Stevens family, which included Scotty wrapping barbed wire around the skull of Scott Stevens’ father Cary Stevens.

Mark DuBois: He snapped after Stevens called him out for being a quitter.  The price of brutal honesty for Stevens.

Mark DuBois: The man’s brain has been scrambled worse then any eGG the Bandits have cracked.  But Stevens has the right to say no to this match and Scottywood went too far.

Mark DuBois: He lashed out like a child because he didn’t get what he wanted.  That he isn’t getting some grand send off for being a damn quitter.

Mark DuBois: And he is still not getting it, as Scott Stevens released a statement saying he still wasn’t giving in to Scottywood’s challenge after the attack on his family last week.  And those words seem to have finnally struck a chord with The Hardcore Artist as he aknowledged that he had gone too far and wanted to apologize to Stevens tonight.


Hellyeah’s “Drink, Drank, Drunk” hits as the fans in Detroit rain down boos for the HOW Hall of Famer.

Zack Taylor: Please welcome, HOW Hall of Famer… The Hardcore Artist… Scottywood!!

Mark DuBois: At least Detroit has some semblance of respect.  I thought they may actually cheer a man that Jesused up a man’s father this week.

Mark DuBois: …I’m not sure if Jesused is a term…

Mark DuBois: If we had a guy around here that thought cutting the crust off of toast was like parting the Red Sea it’s a term. Just like Abdullah crowned Dusty with a crown of forks back in ‘56.

But we do not see Scottywood make his way out onto the stage as the music fades out to just the boos from the fans in the arena.

Mark DuBois: Not sure exactly what is going on… wait… I’m getting word that Scottywood is not here in the building tonight.

Mark DuBois: Probably drunk and passed out under a fermentation tank at Motor City Brewing.

Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant hits as the crowd cheers as we see Scott Stevens make his way out shaking his head, obviously pissed off for Scottywood dragging himself all the way up to Detroit. 

Mark DuBois: Well no one has to be a genius to read the mood on Scott Stevens…

Stevens rolls into the ring and grabs the mic from Zack Taylor as his music fades out. 

Scott Stevens: Seriously Scotty?  You ask me to come all the way up here to Detroit… Detroit to apologize for what you did in Texarkana to my family and you aren’t even here.

The crowd boos and begin chanting, “Fuck You Scotty.” before clapping and repeating.  

Scott Stevens: Yes, fuck Scotty.

The Detroit crowd cheers as a rare smile forms on the Texan’s face.

Scott Stevens: Scotty, the first time you brought me out here you were desperate, and now you’re just fucking pathetic!

The crowd cheers in agreement.

Scott Stevens: With that said, Fuck you again Scotty. Go waste someone else’s time with your pathetic attempt at one last moment in the spotlight to try and be relevant again in HOW.

Stevens says before tossing the mic to Zack Taylor and begins to leave the ring when Scottywood’s music cues back up.


Again the boos rain down from the crowd as Stevens keeps one eye on the ramp and one eye behind him for a sneak attack.

Mark DuBois: Guess Scotty is here after all…

But we don’t hear “Drink, Drank, Drunk” by Hellyeah again, instead we hear one of their new singles “Welcome Home”

Far off in the distance, the storm’s closing in

The pressure collapsing, bright skies become dim

This scent all around me, give memories new life

Knots that I’ve loosened still tangled inside

Ominous clouds, no sun in the sky

Is this a metaphor for my tragic demise?

The colors are gray on my canvas of life

The picture’s complete, but the paint just won’t dry


The smell of rain in the sky

The tears are gone, the well is dry

Why is my feeling of loss like a welcome home?
All the light fades to dark

All that’s good gets torn apart

Why is this feeling of loss like a welcome home?

So welcome home

The HOV screen lights up and we finnally see The Hardcore Artist. Standing in a dark room, he’s only lit up by the light from the camera as he can see he is wearing a black hoodie similar if not the one he wore in Texarkansas.

Scottywood: Welcome home Stevens.

The crowd boos as Scotty just smirks and shakes his head back at the camera.

Scottywood: Welcome home Stevens, but not that’s not HOW.  No, no…. Oh fuck no. You’ve not been home here in HOW since we have returned.  You’ve been a guest… a visitor… a stranger, invading someone’s personal space…

Mark DuBois: This is why Canada is building a wall… to keep these two from ever visiting.

Scottywood: Meanwhile I’ve been grinding it out and giving it everything I had.  At War Games. In my LSD Title match. But that was part of the problem.  I was giving it everything… and failing. You’ve been phoning it the fuck in.  What the fuck have you done since returning Stevens?

Stevens grabs the microphone back from Zack Taylor, but Scotty cuts him off before he can even respond back to him.

Scottywood: No need to answer Stevens cause we all know it’s been nothing.  Fucking nothing. You’ve sat on the sidelines and done nothing to prevent people like The Industry from coming into HOW and shitting on everything we built up at the end of HOW’s last run.  You’ve done nothing as The Order has pretty much imploded from the moment of its formation. But you have the fucking nerve to call me out for fucking hanging it up. After giving it everything I had.  For wanting one more match with someone I’ve battled with and against for years. A match where maybe I thought I could ignite that spark inside you and bring back the fucking Scott Stevens that won the HOW World TItle.

Scott Stevens: He’s right here Scotty… and you’re continuing to waste his time.

Scottywood: Stop using that fucking excuse Stevens… because you are here.  You could have told me to fuck off and stayed home. You probably should have.  But the fact is, you went to Detroit because that inner Stevens is itching to come out.  Dying to get off that bench and burn it to the fucking ground.

Scott Stevens: Do you have a point to make Scotty?  Because if you aren’t going to come out here and apologize then I am going to…

Scottywood: What?  Go home?  But how can you do that when it would mean going face to face with me Stevens?  I told you earlier, welcome home… welcome to your home Stevens.

The camera pans to the right and we see a figure lying in bed… well they are lying in the bed because their hands and feet are tied to it.

Mark DuBois: That is Lisa Stevens!  That is Scott Stevens’ wife!

Scott Stevens: You son of a bitch Scotty!  What the fuck are you doing?!?

Scottywood: I’m doing what you fucking forced me to do Stevens!  You better than ANYONE should fucking know I don’t take no for an answer.  That I CAN NOT leave things alone. Accept the match Stevens… or…. Or what happens is your fault…

Warns Scotty as he raises a piece of barbed wire and moves it towards Lisa’s head so he can wrap it around her head, just like Scotty did to Stevens’ father Cary in Texarkana

Scott Stevens: You want a fucking match?!? Fine!  Whatever the fuck you want. I’m going to fucking murder you!

Yells Stevens as he slams the mic on the mat as he slides out of the ring and starts running up the ramp… most likely to catch the next flight to Texas.  Scotty pauses with the barbed wire as he turns back to the camera with a sick smile on his face as the next verse of Hellyeah’s “Welcome Home” starts to play in the arena.

And those dirty little whispers, demon’s voice in my head

Angel over my shoulder, evil needs to be fed

Hot flashes turn cold as day turns to night

My head starts to ache because something’s not right

Pour salt in my wounds, I’m cut deep inside

Battered and bruised, bones breaking, teeth bite

Tattered and torn, pour gas on my life

You can burn up the book, but the pages survive


The smell of rain in the sky

The tears are gone, the well is dry

Why is my feeling of loss like a welcome home?

So welcome home

All the light fades to dark

All that’s good gets torn apart

Why is this feeling of loss like a welcome home?


So welcome home, 


so welcome home.


Keith Suete: Up next fans we have a real clash of styles as we see the Bandit’s Bobby Dean take on Ground Zero’s Rhys Townsend. Both groups have been struggling to get their footing since the launch and

Mark DuBois: Sh’yeah right. I’m hyped to see the battle of two mutes in a few moments. Maybe the match will be a mime act!

Keith Suete: You enjoy mimes?

Mark DuBois: …maybe… only if they’re miming choking to death and actually follow through…

The fun time banter between the Chaos announce desk is interrupted by music. Is it the music of a Rhys Townsend? No, it is not. Is it the music of the Bobby Dean? No, it is also not that thing either. It is in fact music we haven’t heard for a little while for a variety of reasons…

 “Money” by the Flying Lizards clatters over the speaker system making the crowd react in a mixture of joy, anger and pain. The pain mostly comes from the really enhanced screeching of the theme song. The intense agony quickly fades as out from the backstage area steps HOW’s long reigning ICON Champion and self-proclaimed winner of War Games, Cecilworth M! J Farthington. Farthington stands atop the entrance way, giving his regalest of waves. He hoists the ICON championship up high above his pretty little head as he begins to make his way down to the ring.

Keith Suete: Well, this is an unexpected surprise! We haven’t heard from the ICON Champion in almost a month and there have been rumours circulating around that he may not even be long for the company and yet it appears he is about to speak to the crowd live and in person.

Mark DuBois: I mean, I’d go silent if John Sektor stole my War Games’ victory and then proceeded to shit the bed with the HOW World Champion. Mother wouldn’t see me for weeks

Keith Suite attempts to find the words to pivot from DuBois’ rather too open family story time but they escape him, thankfully he is saved by a middle of the ring CM!JF tapping his palm against the microphone to ensure it is ready to receive his beautiful words.

Cecilworth Farthington: Hello…

Cecilworth looks at some inky scrawl on his wrist

Cecilworth Farthington: Detroit!

A mild wave of excitement rushes through the crowd as the ICON champion vaguely remembers where he is with the aid of notes.

Cecilworth Farthington: It is I, your best boy, your handsome lad, your Permanent Paradigm and Glorious ICON and I am here with a very important message that Mike asked me to share with all of you fine
folks. The current match you were expecting between Bobbert Dean and The End of the Town has been CANCELLED. And not like in the way where one of them made racist tweets or something, just the regular kind of
cancelled because they weren’t ring ready based on doctors. Although they could have made racist tweets for all I know. I was just told to come out and cancel the match…

The mild wave of excitement changes to a buzz of confusion, given the man giving the message and how it has been delivered, some are still uncertain if the Bandit/Ground Zero clash is actually cancelled or not. For reference, it is. It is cancelled.

Cecilworth Farthington: However, now that I’m out here and I have a microphone… I have a lot of problems with you people and now you’re about to hear about them…

Mark DuBois: If anyone is entitled to have grievances in this company, it’s this man. 2nd place at War Games, has always retained his ICON championship and yet since his best friend took the reins of the company, he has been overlooked.

Keith Suete: How much is he paying you?

Mark DuBois: I just appreciate quality, something a Neanderthal like you would never understand.

The crowd confusion turns back to excitement because everyone loves a good airing of grievances.

Cecilworth Farthington: Last Chaos, I saw the most upsetting thing that I’ve ever seen since the last thing to upset me, which was a particularly rude raccoon. Melted Terminator Dan Ryan and plucky underdog who thrills the audience with the fact despite probably being a millionaire at this point he still doesn’t schedule a dentist appointment, Halitosis, decided they could schedule and create a World Title match just because they agreed to it as gentleman…

A lady in the 8th row waves her “I Like Gentleman” sign. So, she doesn’t love them, only like.

Cecilworth Farthington: Well… as the Gentleman’s Gentleman, as proven by my world renown prowess at winning any gentlemanly challenge I ever have done faced, I have the unfortunate duty of nullifying their agreement.

The previous crowd excitement turns negative.

Keith Suete: The crowd doesn’t seem too happy with Farthington. Does he have the power to just toss Halitosis and Dan Ryan’s agreement in the trash?

Mark DuBois: He’s best friends with the majority owner of the company, what the fuck do you think?

Farthington hoists up the ICON Championship as he continues to speak words out of his mouth hole.

Cecilworth Farthington: Above my head right now is the most prestigious championship that this company has right now. Unlike the HOW World Championship, it hasn’t been passed around like a cheap floozy, cursing the new owner to lose the belt in spectacular fashion time and time again. Halitosis, my good friend Max Kael, John Sektor, Halitosis again. It’s been a bloody game of Hot Potato and has sullied the good name the HOW World Championship. A championship is only as good as it’s owner and I think we’d all be hard placed to name the real owner of that there piece of hershhog 97red.

The Fancy Farthington Lad looks up lovingly at his own belt.

Cecilworth Farthington: Now, let us list all the ICON champions in this company since its return… oh, it’s just me, only me and me alone. Weird! So, let me be VERY clear, if there’s going to be a fight at Rumble at the Rock to decide HOW’s Best of the Best… that goes through me. That goes through HOW’s Measuring Stick. ‘Cause realistically, look at the two currently slated to face of for the reddest of leathers: Dan Ryan… I’ve lost count at the number of times he’s failed against me. Wait no, no I haven’t, it’s three. It’s three times.

Cecilworth slings to ICON Championship back over his shoulder so he can indicate the number three with his fingers, really drilling the point home.

Cecilworth Farthington: And Halitosis came, what, 28th in War Games? Was he even still in the ring by the time I got there? I think he lost to mouth wash, if you can lose to mouth wash you are hardly a fitting champion in this company. Meanwhile I only got eliminated because my own partner was an egotistical fuck wad and sneakily cut my very successful murder rope. Then he formed a new stable and then I assume ingested all the heroin to celebrate and promptly napped his way to ANOTHER HOW World Championship loss. Realistically speaking, there is one man who has proven time and time again that he is HOW’s best, he’s HOW’s ICON… who could that be now?

Mark DuBois: It’s Cecilworth Farthington!

Keith Suete: I wonder how you got to that conclusion.

Cecilworth Farthington: I am out here tonight to make it very clear that the HOW World Championship needs a deserving owner, one that will treat her right, won’t toss her out of the bed after a one-night stand like all those other guys. I am out here tonight to state that at Rumble at the Rock I will take control of what always should have been mine. That I will become HOW’s World ICON. I dare Danny Boy and the Wonder Mouth, the world’s shittiest superhero squad to even open their flapping gums to explain why they are more deserving that I. I, the best boy, am going to Prison Island and I shall obtain what is rightfully mine.

Cecilworth drops the microphone and fires up his arms in joy and celebration as fireworks shoot off from the corner ring posts. “Money” by the Flying Lizards fires up again as the camera cuts over to the announcer’s table.

Keith Suete: Why are fireworks shooting out from all directions right now? He didn’t even do anything!

Mark DuBois: Didn’t he… didn’t he?

Keith Suete: Regardless, the ICON Champion has made his intentions clear that if anyone deserves a World Championship opportunity at Rumble at the Rock, it is him and you’d be hard pressed to disagree.



We open backstage to Brian Hollywood trying to get Darin Zion to speak.  Zion leans against the white brick wall, looking still angry and broken from last week.  He’s still sporting the same gear he wore after his devastating loss to the industry. He looks unkempt:  his hair frazzled everywhere, his beard untrimmed. You can even seen the tint of his skin is tan covered with the dirty and grime left from last week.  The only difference the eyes can easily spot is his black shirt with a taped on asterisk on it. Hollywood rides Zion’s ass as he looks on rather annoyed and miffed about the whole situation, trying not to pay attention to the red suited blur known as Hollywood.

Brian Hollywood:  Come on! It’s been two weeks since I’ve heard from you, Zion!  We’ve got an interview tonight. You can’t let me do all the talking.

Darin Zion:

Silence!  Zion continues to sit back constantly replaying the loss in his head.  The gears turn in his eyes as every voice, every doubter kept plaguing him.  It’s overwhelmed him. He clenches his fists together as Brian Bare rushes into the scene late for the interview.  He pants and sighs as Hollywood regains his composure.

Brian Bare:  Sorry I’m late.  I got summoned to…

Brian Hollywood:  I don’t care. Don’t tell us to report back here on time for an interview and be late yourself.  At Hollywood Enterprises, if you would have been late; I would have fired your ass. It shows what kind of a company Mike Best runs here when the worst backstage interviewer keeps his Goddamn job and gets worse out of it.

Brian Bare tunes Hollywood out as he lays eyes on Darin Zion rather bewildered.  Bare’s never seen Zion so focused, so quiet in his entire life, even since last week.Bare immediately approaches Zion with the microphone.

Brian Bare:  Zion, last week Eric Dane finally gained his victory back on you from the first episode of HOW Refueled in this new era.  In turn, he stole you and Hanson’s Tag Team Championships along with your pride. After sitting on your feelings last week:  what’s next?

Darin Zion:

Bare drops his jaw as Zion stood still without moving for 30 seconds without uttering one single word.  This has been a new record for him! Hollywood rips the microphone straight from Bare’s hands and gets right up in his face.  He bitches straight at Bare’s face.

Brian Hollywood:  How dare you ask my best friend that question!  You talk with respect this man. He’s held 6 more championships than you.  He’s main evented many shows of HOW, yet you still speak down to him. You undermine his accomplishments for some stupid trival questions!  But that’s what the Order’s come to expect over the last few weeks. More disrespect and more worthless chatter demeaning our accomplishments.  That’s why we formed in the first place. Yet every single time we backup our accomplishments, we defend ourselves we’re met with this!

Hollywood points straight to the asterisk on the front of his shirt.

Brian Bare:  An asterisk?

Brian Hollywood:  Yes! You add another footnote to everything we’ve done.  It’s pissed the Order off. You treat us all like we don’t matter.  You put footnotes against our accomplishments and we get sick of it. It’s bothered Zion the most.  He eats, breathes, sleeps, and obsesses on these footnotes to the point he’s lost his damn mind. I put him under my care for the last two weeks.   While he eats, he doodles that asterisk. He draws asterisks on news papers. Hell, he went through all his accomplishments and put that damn mark next to them, Bare.  He’s lost his damn mind.

Brian Bare:  Over a loss to Eric Dane?  My God that’s fucking childish.

Brian Hollywood:  You’ve never stepped in that ring, Bare.  You don’t understand how prideful this man is.   He first defeated a man legends thought would murder him.  He conquered the Goliath that stood face to face to him. You couldn’t have put a single footnote marking next to it and now: he lost.  He wants his revenge. He wants to destroy Dane. He watches how Dane disrespects his decisions, his choices, his accomplishments, and his friends, and he wants to kick his ass to the point he can’t speak a single word.  Look in his eyes. He wants his win back over him. He’s calculating all possibilities, all moves, and it’s the most focused I’ve ever seen Zion.

Brian Bare:  And….

Brian Bare looks rather dumbfounded at the thought of a focused Zion.  He stands in complete silence like Zion not knowing where Hollywood wants to go next.  Hollywood pushes Bare’s worthless ass out of the picture and stares straight back into the camera.

Brian Hollywood:  God, do I have to do your job for you, Bare?  For Christ sakes! Zion…what does that mean…

Hollywood acts like he’s going to hand Zion the microphone, but he takes it back for himself and continues to speak on behalf of him.

Brian Hollywood:  It means Zion’s our first choice to go against the Industry for the HOW Tag Team Championship at Rumble at the Rock is what it means, Bare.  I swear you’re as dumb as some internet smark on Twitter, Bare. Zion’s sheer determination, unwavering willingness to gain championship gold around his waist again, and  this new found focus he has benefits the Order. He’s dedicating himself to this cause that he’s sworn to himself to this silence. He’s tired of being your jokes. He’s tired of getting regulated by how YOU idiots define him.  All he wants to do is put blood on his hands, and tonight he will do just that. Tonight the target is simple: The Industry. One way or another: he will make his intentions known. He will disrespect the Industry like they and every fan disrespected Zion.  He will prove he’s not a footnote. He will prove he’s a top caliber athlete and he will win us back the HOW Tag Team Championships.

Brian Bare:  So now that we know Zion’s going for the HOW Tag Team Championships, who is his partner.

Brian Hollywood:  Let’s just say his partner is…

Zion yanks the microphone out of Hollywood’s hand and stands straight into Bare’s face.  He points his finger straight at Hollywood rather angrily and storms and tosses the microphone down the corridor, tired of wasting his time with mind games.  He has other places to be. Hollywood looks rather intrigued as he scratches his beard.

Brian Hollywood:  You heard the man.  Zion wants to team with the man who first aided him to the Tag Team Gold back in the last era of HOW.  Now get out of here. I’ve got more important things to attend to than answering your stupid questions.

Bare runs off as we fade into the next segment.



Herald In The Middle?

We cut to the Herald situated in the Mpire locker room staring at a large computer screen with the words MK in the center of it. The Herald Sub-Marquis Bentley Tennyson Farthington-Primrose looks irked as he fidgets in his colorful tunic and bedazzled cape. Finally the screen seems to snap to life showing a darkened room with a shadowy figure in the center of it. A flickering light snaps on as a bearded, scraggly looking Maximillian Kael comes into focus. His one good eye is sunken deep into his brow while his face seems thinner, a mangy beard adding to his overall disheveled appearance. 

The Herald:.. The Shabby and Sickly Maximillian Kael?

Max’s blue eye blinks slowly before he leans toward the camera capturing his image.

Max Kael: Is that you Bentley?

His voice is thin and weak as his blue eye narrows incredulously. 

The Herald: Yes! Yes! It is your Herald, Sub-Marquis Bentley Tennyson Farthington-Primrose! Where have you been?! You missed last shows check in! Which was just as well, MAXXXKAEL Jr. defeated two local jobs are an undisclosed area in an unsanctioned match and that pretty much took up all our segment time!

Max Kael:..okay. Yeah I’ve.. been.. A little busy here on the.. Max Kael Presents The End of HOW World Tour Cruise.. And.. uh..

Max’s blue eye looks to the side clearly looking at someone off camera before he clears his throat and continues.

Max Kael: ..the guests have been taking up a lot of my time. But from the sound of it things are proceeding pretty much to plan? The HOW crowds are shrinking and talent is bleeding off? There are what?..a few dozen people showing up as HOW slowly bleeds to death?

The Herald looks.. A little reluctant to continue before he puts on his best cheerful Herald face and nods.

The Herald: Oh yeah it’s dying.. Yeah.. I mean we still have nearly full arenas, Halitosis is World Champion again, the former Best Alliance.. Now uh.. Like the Industry or something? They’re the Tag Champions and, oh yeah, MAXXXKAEL Jr. is slated for a shot at the LSD Title come Rumble at the Rock against M.J.F. and a few other toadstools! 

Max’s attention snapped back toward the camera, his blue eye widening as the pupil tightened down into a small dot lost in the eerie blue. 

Max Kael: …what?! That.. that isn’t.. Michael hasn’t shut it down yet!? 

His lips pull into a severe sneer as his sharpened silvery teeth shimmer in the low flickering light of wherever he was. The pale skin started to flush with color as his breathing intensified. 

The Herald: Uh.. no.. I mean he fired all the old people and hired a totally new staff.. And.. and we moved to Fridays. We’ve had some.. Pretty good shows! People seem to be getting excited about.. About the federation but who knows? Maybe Mike Best is playing.. Playing the long game?


Max stares down at his feet as his expression washes between disbelief and anger. His matted, dirty hair slips over his face as the audible screech of his metal teeth grinding against each other nearly causes a feedback screech. 

The Herald: okay boss?

The Lord of Kaelsalvania’s hands creep up over his scalp worming their way through his greasy hair as Max continues to grind his teeth, now a low growl gurgling up from his chest. Max lifts his head back toward the screen, his blue eye staring through the strands of filthy hair as his lips part into a cruel looking smile, bushy beard and silver teeth giving him a monstrous appearance. 

Max Kael:..heh-heh.. Yes.. I think we are..

A low roar escapes Max’s mouth as he seems to leap up from his seated position knocking the camera that is recording him over. In the background the sound of yelling and screaming can be heard before the feed dies out completely leaving a bewildered Herald staring forward.

The Herald: He seems to be taking it well. Anyway!

Jumping up from his seat the Herald spins around like a tornado of bells only to come eye to chin with MAXXXKAEL Jr. who had been standing just outside of view. He wears a sour expression as he looks down at the Herald with a look of dejected disinterest. 

The Herald: ..I hope you’re ready because tonight we teach High Flyer and Emm Jay Eff that when it comes to me and you.. NOBODY is gonna end the UNDFE-


The sharp word cuts through the Herald’s speech and literally withers the young man into complete silence. MAXXXKAEL Jr. takes a step forward getting comfortably close to the Herald glaring down at him. After a few seconds he simply shakes his head and steps around him leaving the Herald alone in the Mpire Locker room pouting as he watches him leave.


The screen fades in to a large group of people all facing the same direction, their attention to somebody at a podium in front of them. It’s dark, they are underground. The people are ragged and worn, seemingly tired. As the camera moves overhead, we see a small stage in front of all them. In the middle is a podium with a man in the middle dressed in military gear, and he is flanked by two other soldiers on each side. He begins to speak.

Soldier: My fellow Americans. My neighbors. My friends. My soldiers…. We have fought to together, we have survived together…. We have watched those closest to us, die together. I look back at the beginning of this all. What has transpired to get us to this point. Yes…our country has been torn apart. We have banded with allies, we have fought abroad and at home. Our enemies have been ruthless. It wasn’t Russian attack. It wasn’t the battle with Iran. It was our loss of the UK or France, and it wasn’t the assault on China. We look back to see where this all began, to see where we made our mistakes, what went wrong. As a humanity, we have come so far. Technological advances that should have united us all, but only tore us apart. Fear, anger, power… all of factor.

He pauses, trying to keep the emotions from taking hold.

Soldier: We’ve lost so many…. But there is a chance to change it all. To right our wrongs… so wrongs never happen at all. Yes, we are at our final hour. Within days, the radiation from the nuclear drops last week will completely cover our land. There is no escape… because there is nowhere else to go. It was said, that we were destined to destroy ourselves….. but there is hope. Tonight we do something that has never been done before, and we are all in on this gamble. We put our trust in this one individual. He has taken on the burden of fixing this all. He is making the ultimate sacrifice…. To fix it all…. To bring everyone back…. To make peace….to save us…..


The camera cuts black. And white letters fade in….



The Bandits music hits.

Zack Taylor: Making their way to the ring first… they are the former High Octane Wrestling Tag Team Champions… the former United Toughness Alliance tag team champions… and the former DREAM Wrestling team champions… being accompanied by The Dude and Bobby Dean….

Mark Dubois: Shoulda just announced them as the glorified bingo hall tag team champions.

Zack Taylor: The DREAM Hall of Famer… DOOOZZZEERR!!!

The fans cheer.

Zack Taylor: And his partner… The man who reigns supreme on the top of the mountain of cool… he is COOOL… CANCER JILLEEESSSS!!! 

The Dude struts out with Doozer and Cancer Jiles following, each a determined and somewhat serious look on their face.

Zack Taylor: Together… they are.. THE EGG BAAANNNDDDIITTTSSS!!!

Keith Suete:  The eGG Bandits look like they are here for business tonight. After losing the tag team championships, The Bandits have not had the best of luck. But one check marked down in the ol’ W column could turn all of that around. Tonight could be the night.

Mark Dubois:  Boo hoo. They lost the belts and have not been able to find their smiles for weeks. Give me a break. Be better and maybe you’ll get a win.

As The Bandits are halfway down the ramp, from the back we see a motorized cart zooming with Bobby Dean in tow. The fans cheer.

Mark Dubois: Are you kidding? This is how winners present themselves? A hovaround?

Keith Suete: I’m not sure that’s actually a hovaround Mark, but a cart non the less.

The Dude walks up the steps and across the apron to the middle of the ropes. He sits on the middle rope, pulling the top one down as Doozer and Cancer Jiles cross the apron and enter the ring over the bent rope. Bobby Dean drives his electric cart around to the far side of the ring on the outside.

Keith Suete:  What an entrance for The eGG Bandits here tonight.

Mark Dubois: I know Zack. You slip him a five and he’ll say anything. Who cares?

Cancer Jiles and Doozer take opposite corners, climbing to the top and posing as the cameras flash. Outside of the ring, The Dude leans on Bobby Dean’s scooter as the two discuss something. As their music dies down, the High octane Vision screen is overtaken by jet fighters zooming by. ‘Danger Zone’ starts it’s funky rift as the words SKY HIGH flash across the HOVision with scenes from Top Gun in the back ground.

Zack Taylor: Making their High octane Wrestling debut…

The fans cheer.

Zack Taylor: Flying in from the great state of New Mexico… This is… SKKKYYY…. HIIIGGGHHHH!!!!

As the fans pop, Mark Torres shoots from the back, arms stretched out, ‘flying’ down the ramp. He slides into the ring under the bottom rope and leaps to his feet before running toward the ropes. Leaping to the second, he poses in the middle. He places his hand over his aviators and looks out across the crowd before leaping down with a huge grin on his face.

Mark Dubois: I think he’s forgetting something… this is a tag match.

Mark pulls his aviators and bomber jacket off, handing them to the outside. Still grinning, but with his hands on his hips now, he looks around. A look of concern comes across his face.

Keith Suete: I think he’s just now realizing that his brother Clint is missing.

Mark Dubois: I personally don’t think Clint Torres exist. I mean, have you ever seen Clint? 

Keith Suete: I was hoping that Mark would have found Clint Torres by now.

Mark Dubois: I don’t think anyone will ever find Clint Torres, Keith.

In the ring, referee Chad Kinney is seen asking Mark where Clint is. The Bandits have gather in the corner, trying to figure out if there’s going to be a match or not? Tired of waiting, Chad checks with the Bandits before calling for the bell to start the match.

Keith Suete: It appears tonight we will have a two on one tag match.

Mark Dubois: Probably not the first two on one situation any of these guys have ever been involved in, eh?

Doozer steps to the apron as Cancer Jiles smiles, jumping left and right as he smiles before coming in toward Mark Torres.

Keith Suete: Here we go!

Mark Dubois: Finally.

Mark Torres throws his hands up, stopping Cancer Jiles.

Keith Suete:  Mark Torres not ready to begin this one without his brother.

Mark Dubois: I can’t eye roll enough.

Mark reasons with Cancer. We can read his lips to see he is saying that his brother is missing and asking for help. Cancer looks back at Doozer who just looks aggravated. After a few moments, Cancer shrugs and joins mark. The two head to the ropes and exit the ring. Even Doozer is looking at his partner with a look of frustration. They hop to the floor. Mark points to the right before going to the left. Cancer Jiles heads left. Both men start looking under the apron, and can be seen asking fans in the front row if they’ve seen Clint Torres.

Keith Suete: I’m unsure if Doozer appreciates the spectacle before us as Cancer Jiles is looking for Clint Torres with Mark.

Mark Dubois: He wont find Clint.

Cancer reaches Bobby Dean and The Dude. Reasoning with Bobby, he is able to get his friend to stand up. Cancer looks under Dean and mouths ‘Not there.’

Mark Dubois: Is this really happening?

Mark and Cancer meet on the other side of the ring and share their disappointing results with each other. Cancer apologizes as Mark accepts. They discuss before appearing to agree to head back to the ring.

Keith Suete: It appears that Mark Torres will continue this one as both men get back into the ring, halting Chad Kinney’s count.

Mark Dubois: We’ll see.

As Cancer walks by Doozer, his partner yells at him. Turning toward The Dooze, Cancer looks confused.

Keith Suete: The eGG Bandits disagreeing over if they should help their opponent look for his brother or not.

Mark Dubois: I’ve gotta agree with Doozer here.

Cancer just smiles all cool like and turns away. Doozer reaches over and slaps his back.. hard. Even on the outside, Bobby Dean and The Dude loop surprised. Cancer turns around slowly as Doozer steps into the ring. 

Keith Suete: Maybe just a bit hard of a tag there.

Mark Dubois: Is it too early to say… that the eGG bandits are… cracking?

Cancer just stares at Doozer before heading to the apron. Back in the ring Doozer approaches Mark Torres who attempts to reason with him. However, he is met with a left jab then a right hook before being followed up with a big toe stomp.

Keith Suete: The First Step early here!

Mark Dubois: Early? This seems like it’s been going on forever already.

Doozer grabs Mark with a double underhook, lifting him and spinning around 180degrees into a DDT.


Mark Dubois: If anything, we’ve been abused by this so called match.

As Doozer covers Mark Torres he is met with a more mixed reaction from the crowd than usual. Chad Kinney goes down.


Keith Suete: This looks to be over.


Mark Dubois: I’m glad.


The bell begins to sound.

Zack Taylor: The winners of this match via pin fall…… THE… EGG…. BAAANNDDIIITTSS!!!

Keith Suete: The eGG Bandits with a win here tonight, but at what cost as friction appears to be rearing it’s ugly head.

Mark Dubois: Who cares?

Cancer and Doozer meet in the middle of the ring. They start to argue. The Dude quickly slides into the ring as Mark Torres rolls out, under the bottom rope. The Dude leaps between the two to break them up. he grabs their hands and raises them in victory trying to de-escalate the situation. After a few seconds, Doozer pulls away. Leaving Cancer Jiles in the middle of the ring, Doozer exits. Bobby Dean can be seen outside, a tear in his eyes.

Keith Suete: Hopefully for The eGG Bandits’ sake, things will smooth over.

Mark Dubois: Or not? Who really cares?

Keith Suete: I thought Canadians weren’t supposed to be so negative?

Mark Dubois: And I thought in 2019, stereotypes were not PC, eh?

As Cancer Jiles joins Bobby Dean on the outside, they can be seen saying that they need to go check on Doozer as we fade.


Dick’s Fury…

We head backstage where Dick Fury and Austin Bishop are standing face to face.
Dick Fury: Look Austin.. last week was a fluke! A fluke I tell you! There is absolutely no way that Lindsay Troy is the one that the prophecy foretold!
Austin Bishop snarls. Angrily, but low.. almost a whisper, but very clear he speaks.
Austin Bishop: You can drop the prophecy bullshit… Dick.
He pokes Dick in the chest. Fury’s grin disappears.
Austin Bishop: You would rather screw around with Jack Harmon on the outside than be there for the one God damn reason you are… and you paid the price.
Dick scoffs.
Dick Fury: Paid the price? Nothing happened there. Look, Nobody can take Dick… especially not Jack Harmon. High Flyer? Ha!
Bishop’s look of intensity grows. Continuing to speak softly and methodically, he continues.
Austin Bishop: Because of your nonsense… She… she.. she pinned me.
He gets directly in Dick’s face, looking down at Fury.
Dick Fury: You are The First Apostle.. The bringer of destruction… together..
Bishop now grows louder.
Austin Bishop: Stop with that psycho babble bullshit!
Fury is taken back as Austin’s demeaner returns to a low and steady delivery.
Austin Bishop: I came here with you for only one reason…
He raises his pointer finger.
Austin Bishop: To get me in the door. If you want to continue to ride my coattail then you’ll learn to shut your God damn mouth and do your damn job.
Fury steps up, looking up at Austin. not one sign of his usual self is there.
Dick Fury: Is that so?
Austin Bishop: Yea.
After a few moments of silence, Dick just smiles and steps back, putting his hands chest high up.
Dick Fury:  No problem champ. Dick’s got it. No problems here. Was just a fluke!
Bishop snorts and pushes past Dick who continues to smile until he is out of the picture. Fury’s face then changes to a stone cold glare as we fade.


Rumble At The Rock’s new d
ate TBA


Oh Say Can You SEE…

We cut to Alcatraz Prison.

We cut to a dark prison cell.

We cut to a man, breathing heavy, laying on his side, holding himself.

Christopher America: I see you.

I know right now you see me, too. Your guards—- they brag about recording me. It—- it must have been a sick pleasure you got seeing me go crazy these past few days.

You probably know that I’m—- I’m having difficulty doing anything.

I struggle to focus.

It hurts to do—well, anything.

But even though your not here, I see you.

I see you in the shadows. I see glimpses of you — smirking, reveling, enjoying what’s been done to me.

This is on you.

America struggles to sit up. Halfway up, he groans, still clutching his sides. He then scoots himself forward, more in to the light, revealing a blackened eye, swelled shut, a fat lip with dried blood staining his lip and chin.

America then lowers his arms revealing bruises that appear to be shifting hues of yellow, purple, blue, and black.

Christopher America: THIS—–this is on you.

Your guards said I needed to show more respect — then said I shouldn’t have tried to escape — then said I should’ve not looked them in the eyes…

I see you in this handiwork. It’s not batons, but your fists. It’s not their feet, but your kicks.

It’s you.

It’s always you.

America rolls his tongue through his mouth, wincing as he crosses over the part that’s been cut open.

Christopher America: A month ago, I was confident I was going to beat you. Now, I don’t know. To be honest, Mike, I don’t really care at this point. I just want out. I want out so that I can beat your ass all over this crumbling prison.

I’ve been saving something for you, something that will make this all worth it. At Rumble at the Rock, I’m going to deliver it to you.

At Rumble at the Rock…

I’ll see you.


Keith Suete: It’s time, Mark, are you ready?

Mark DuBois: Time for what? My new in-ring talk show segment The Mark Out?

Keith Suete: Ah, I’m gonna say probably not that at all.

Mark DuBois: Are you sure? I’ve got all my shit ready.

Keith Suete: Hard no.

Mark DuBois: Fine. What then?

Keith Suete: It’s time for a match that could be a main event anywhere on the planet!

Mark DuBois: Anywhere but HOW. Otherwise, it would be, as we’ve established so far at Chaos One and Chaos Two!

Keith Suete: Yes. Well. Hey look, it’s Noah Hanson!

Noah makes his way to the ring and just slides under the bottom rope and goes to a corner to wait. Nothing flashy just business…

Mark DuBois: Well that was boring af.

Keith Suete: Did you really just say “ay-eff” out loud?

The opening clap-stomp beats of “Watch Me” by The Phantoms hit the speakers as the fans in the arena jump to their feet. They roar their approval and wait for Lindsay Troy to step through the curtain. The Queen of the Ring doesn’t keep them in suspense for too long; as soon as the lyrics kick in, she strides out onto the stage to bask in the ovation and the pyro. Eric Dane is a half-step behind her, casually dressed with one World Tag Team Title strapped securely around his waist and the other draped easily over his shoulder.

Mark DuBois: Whaddaya reckon Dane is doing out here?

Keith Suete: Ah, the same thing he’s been doing with MJ?

Mark DuBois: Using her to get undue title shots?

Keith Suete: A sphincter says “what.”

Mark DuBois: What?

Keith Suete: Exactly. Quit drinking the Kool-aid and pay attention, Mark.

The Queen makes her way down the aisle with The Only Star in tow, spotlights following their path, and she keeps her eyes focused on the ring as Dane takes a moment to jaw at some of the ringside fans. Once at the bottom of the ramp, Troy jumps flat-footed onto the apron and flips herself up and over the top rope. She then ascends a turnbuckle to give the fans a photo op before leaping off and waiting for the match to start.

Mark DuBois: Yanno what I don’t get?

Keith Suete: Enough Vitamin D?

Mark DuBois: (no-selling) Dane. He treats the fans like shit half the time and they still buy his crap and cheer him on. That shit wouldn’t fly in Canada! What gives?

The Only Star makes his way around ringside to the timekeeper’s table where he places both HOW World Tag Titles before taking up his seconding spot in the same corner that Lindsay had just ascended.

Keith Suete: It’s because he doesn’t bullshit them, he is what he is and he owns it. If Lindsay Troy and the rest of The Industry can tolerate him, there’s no reason why the fans can’t!

Referee Mike Taylor calls for the opening bell.


Lindsay Troy fires off immediately, taking a running leap and throwing double-knees that would have taken Hanson’s head off had she connected.


Mark DuBois: SHE MISSED!

The Queen has control of her momentum and rolls through, but Hanson takes advantage of Troy’s overzealous nature and lands a quick shot before rushing at her, grabbing her by the waist and slamming her back-first into the corner! Noah stomps out of the corner, giving a roar of satisfaction as he celebrates.

Keith Suete: Looks like Noah’s knocked the wind out of the Queen in the corner!

Hanson grabs her by the hair and pulls her out to the center of the ring where he lights off toward the ropes. Lindsay comes alive though and hits the ropes right behind Hanson, who loses her in his blind spot, and then gets taken out with a lightning-quick flying neckbreaker! Troy is to her feet first, Noah using the ropes, and Troy comes in again with a head of steam but Hanson has the wherewithal to duck and send the Queen flailing up and over the ropes to the apron outside!

Mark DuBois: Hanson with a mistake! I saw this once in a match for the Saskatchewan Heavyweight International Title!

Hanson rushes in but Lindz catches him by the head and drops him across the ropes, Noah staggers back giving Troy the time to hop back up onto the apron and then again to the top rope where she launches into a flying flipping neckbreaker! She scrambles into the cover.




At ringside, Eric Dane unleashes a torrent of profanity as he slaps the mat.


They both get to their feet at the same time, Noah charges in but Troy ducks, spins, and executes a textbook step-up Enzugiri! Hanson flails backward through the ropes and lands on the apron himself this time. Pressing the advantage Troy runs at the corner, scales the turnbuckle, leaps off and lands a twisting rana that sends them both splashing down to the floor!

Keith Suete: Wow! The Queen is on a roll!

Mark DuBois: I feel like she’s probably setting herself up for a fall.

Troy pops up and she stalks around ringside with fire in her eyes as Hanson collects himself on the floor. She takes the apron again, measures Hanson, takes another flying leap for another hurricanrana but he catches her in mid-flip!

Keith Suete: She went to the well again and got caught!

Hanson whips her upside-down into the guardrail.


The crowd is decidedly anti-Noah Hanson. He soaks in the heat, plodding around ringside screaming at fans, throwing his arms up, and catching his breath for a moment while Lindsay writhes on the floor holding her shoulder.

Mark DuBois: It occurs to me that yonder new guy referee isn’t counting.

Keith Suete: Well, Mike Best has given the referees quite a bit of leeway as it pertains to such things in this new era of HOW!

After a moment to regain his facilities Hanson comes back to Troy, who is only just barely pulling herself up by the guardrail. He powers her up and sends her flying with an atomic toss into the opposing guardrail! The Only Star makes his way around the ring to insert himself into the situation and that’s when Mike Taylor FINALLY decides to get involved, jumping out to put himself between Dane and the action.

Mark DuBois: That ref has a deathwish!

Dane backs away, allowing the referee to check on the Queen who looks to have landed awkwardly on her ankle. Hanson rolls into the ring and celebrates, prancing around like a man who’s just won the world championship. After a few moments, Lindsay forces herself up onto her feet and back into the ring where Hanson immediately starts stomping at the weakened leg. Lindz manages to get herself into the ropes and the ref tries to get Hanson to back off. Instead, he grabs the injured leg and turns her over into a half crab. From there Noah transitions down into a cross-face with the leg trapped and he uses his size to pull and twist on Troy;

Keith Suete: He’s gonna break her in half!

Mark DuBois: That’s the best application of the Canadian Chickenwing I’ve seen in fourteen years, Keith!

After some repositioning Troy manages to wriggle her way to the bottom rope and Mike Taylor calls for the break! Hanson breaks relatively easily and rolls away, taking a moment to talk a little trash to Dane at ringside. Before the Queen can do anything Hanson is back on the attack, draping her injured leg across the bottom rope and stomping away while the referee counts at him to no effect. He gets a bit overexcited and steps up on the middle rope and attempts to come down and finish the job but Lindsay manages to pull away and he misses! She rolls out and he follows, attempting to drop an elbow but missing again!

Keith Suete: Uh-oh! Mistake by Hanson!

Troy struggles herself up to a standing position just as Noah scurries back to his feet and she takes off at him landing a quick leg lariat that sends Hanson back into the corner. The Queen takes a determined breath and presses the attack, lighting him up with a couple of elbows and forearms and sending him backing away into the opposing ropes. She turns to sprint across the ring but stopped in her tracks when Hanson grabs a fist full of her hair and drops her straight to the mat. She coughs her lungs up as he strolls around the ring squawking about The Order and the tag team championships.

Mark DuBois: You know what I like about Noah Hanson?

Keith Suete: What’s that?

Mark DuBois: He’s a smug fuck like me, he’s in there beating up a girl and enjoying it.

Keith Suete: You need medicine.

Nonchalantly, Hanson grabs a handful of Lindsay’s hair again and pulls her up, looking out into the crowd as he does so – SMALL PACKAGE BY TROY!



Kickout at the last second!

Taken by surprise, Hanson pops to his feet, visibly angry that he nearly lost because of his inattention. Troy is much slower to rise, and he drives a boot into her ribs! She collapses to her side, all the while he pulls her back up by the hair and sends her into the ropes.

Clothesline! TROY DUCKS IT! Off the other side!


Outside the ring, Dane pounds his hand on the mat to try and get Troy’s head back into the came. She is stirring, but groggy.

Mark DuBois: Hail mary. She doesn’t have the workrate to get back into this match. Ain’t no way she gets the three count.

Maybe she heard him, maybe she decided to try a different tactic, but as Troy gets one foot on the mat and braces herself, she does not go for a pinfall.

Keith Suete: She’s going for it! Keys to the Kingdom! Hanson is still groggy, he’s trying to fight against her but – It’s on! It’s on! Hanson’s struggling! He’s trying to move, but to no avail!

A roar rises from the crowd as their attention shifts to the entrance. Dane looks as well, and moves around to the ringside area between the ring and the entrance, his attention split between the two.

Keith Suete: Brian Hollywood! He has no business out here!

Mark DuBois: He has just as much business as Eric Dane! Why don’t you mind Dane?

Keith Suete: He hasn’t interfered, Mark! I can’t imagine why Hollywood is coming out here, now, unless it’s to cause a distraction.

He is clearly out to cause a distraction as the opposite side of the arena rises in cheer as well, and we catch a glimpse of Darin Zion making his way through the crowd towards the ring!


Keith Suete: There’s the bell, and Noah Hanson couldn’t hold on! He’s tapped out!

Still moving, but a half second too late, Darin Zion hits the ring and drops an axehandle on Lindsay Troy’s abdomen, breaking the hold! The impact immediately draws Eric Dane’s attention and he immediately enters the ring, only for Zion to help Hanson out and back up down the ramp.

Keith Suete: What a turn of events! Lindsay Troy pulls out the victory, but The Order gets the last word! We’ll be right back!


Pre Match Hype

The camera cuts backstage to a locker room, the lighting was dimmed, subdued. There is just a loan wrestler, warming up doing pull-ups on a bar with his back to the camera. The crowd roars with cheers as they recognise the man, none other than the Awesome Evan Ward. With one last heave of exertion he swings himself up and dismounts with a crisp back flip.

He picks up a water bottle and takes a large swig to quench his thirst before trying it over his head to douse his sweat.

Evan Ward: When I came back to HOW I just a very different idea of what it was going to be like compared to what it’s actually turned out like.

He finally turns to the camera.

Evan Ward: One last hurrah. Get the band back together. Remind everyone Ground Zero is a force to be reckoned with. A relaxed schedule, take it easy, nothing serious if you don’t want it. 

He rolls his eyes.

Evan Ward: Yeah, it’s turning out very differently. I have absolutely no idea what’s going on with my teammates. Last show Sektor shat the bed, now earlier tonight both Witness and Townsend did the same. All the while I’ve been wrestling every show since I returned and winning match after match. Now I’m headed to an LSD title match at the Rock and headlining tonight’s show. So much for taking it easy with nothing serious.

He puts the water bottle down on the bench.

Evan Ward: I guess I’ll find out the future of my stable after the show, but make no mistake… I am Ground Zero. Always have been, always will be. The embodiment of the stable’s ideals. As long as I wrestle I will keep the Ground Zero legacy alive.

He steps toward the camera.

Evan Ward: Tonight, just minutes away, I will enter that ring alongside honourable MAXXXKAEL Jr. and put on a wrestling masterclass against MJ and High Flyer. Four of the hardest working, highest intensity wrestlers in the company putting on an exhibition to hype you all up to see us beat the living shit out of each other for your entertainment at Rumble At The Rock. See you after the break.

Ward turns from the camera and gets back to warming up as we cut to commercial.



THE Champion Speaks…

The camera pans into the Detroit crowd and zooms in to a corner section of the arena.

In an aisle seat, the HOW cameras find the new HOW World Champion Halitosis, HOW World Title belt wrapped around his waist, munching on a piece of a Little Caesar’s pizza, and hanging out with the people of Section 117.

Halitosis: Well, I’m sitting here with the good people here in Detroit, Michigan and enjoying the show but I want to talk about my match at Rumble at the Rock. First, Dan Ryan. His accomplishments speak for themselves. He’s going to come into our match at Rumble at the Rock confident, knowing that he’s pinned me twice. He’s not going to make the mistake that so many others have in underestimating me. He’s going to come to Rumble at the Rock to add to his already impressive legacy by winning yet another world title.

He takes a bite of the pizza.

Halitosis: Cecilworth Farthington. ICON Champion since Refueled Two. Retained the ICON title at War Games. He’s faced Dan Ryan twice and pinned him once. Farthington finished higher than both Dan and myself in War Games. He’s had a great career in HOW. But there’s one thing Cecilworth hasn’t done – he has yet to win the HOW World Title. This is Cecilworth’s moment – his opportunity to bring home the #97 Red belt and he’s going to be a hard man to beat.

Again, Halitosis pauses and lets the crowd digest what he’s saying.

Halitosis: Since I signed on to High Octane Wrestling from Missouri Valley Wrestling, I’ve been in the unique position where just about every match I’ve wrestled has been the biggest match of my career. Here I am again- Halitosis versus Dan Ryan versus ICON Champion Cecilworth Farthington for the HOW World Title at Rumble at the Rock. I know I’m in for the fight of my life at Rumble at the Rock. This is truly the biggest match of my career. Three men. One belt. You’re going to get to see three men do everything they can to win and leave everything they’ve got in the ring at Rumble at the Rock for this belt…

Halitosis raises the World Title Belt in the air.

Halitosis: THE belt in High Octane Wrestling. The HOW World Title belt. This belt that represents the pinnacle- the best of the best of High Octane Wrestling. That’s why Dan Ryan wants this belt around his waist. That’s why Eric Dane wants this belt…and Lindsay Troy…Darin Zion…Brian Hollywood…John Sektor…and deep down Cecilworth, you know you want this belt too. This belt is so damn hard to win and even harder to hold on to because the competition for this title is that damn good from top to bottom. Gentlemen. I promise you this. I’m coming to Rumble at the Rock and I’m bringing hell with me. I expect nothing less in return from each of you once that bell rings.

He raises his bottle of Budweiser to toast his two opponents.

Halitosis: May the best wrestler win.

Cutting back to ringside.



Keith Suete: That’s the HOW World Champion Halitosis, ladies and gentlemen.

Mark DuBois: Bah. Halitosis thinks he has the market on using bodily odor to help him win matches. Hell, I wrestled a man named Yukon Mac somewhere in the Northwest Territories back in the day, Yellowknife I think, and he always refused to bathe for days before a match.

Keith Suete: That can’t be true.

Mark DuBois: Oh it’s true. Let me tell you, you did NOT want to end up in a side headlock.

Keith Suete: One to go, partner! Not only is this a main event for the ages, but four of the five competitors for the LSD Championship at Rumble at the Rock will be in this one! 

Mark DuBois: Blah, blah, blah. MAXXXKAEL jr will live up to his namesake when he gets to Alcatraz, and that’s all there is to it.

Keith Suete: You sound sure of yourself. MJ Flair has been on a roll lately, more than anyone but Cecilworth Farthington she’s the wrestler to beat right now. 

Mark DuBois: You’re kidding, right? Flair’s parents are mainly media manipulation, which means she’s a product of a massive public relations push. Ever since she started, she’s been groomed to be a star which means it’s all fake. 

Keith Suete: …I’m looking at some notes right now that mention she debuted under a mask, illegally, at sixteen years old, without her parents’ knowledge. 

Mark DuBois: Keep drinking the kool-aid, Keith. 


A chorus of boos fills the arena as THE HERALD walks out, looking annoyed at them .

The Herald: I am Sub-Marquis Bentley Tennyson Farthington-Primrose, Herald of MAXXXKAEL Jr, Second of his name, Long May He Maim–

The Herald is immediately cut off with a chant of ‘HAAAAROLD… HAAAAROLD…

Keith Suete: He really needs to beat Flair down for introducing that name to the world. 

Before the Herald can resume speaking, “King Ghidora’s Terrorby Phillip Anderson fills the arena, and MAXXXKAEL jr himself steps out with great dramatic presence. While he does so, The Herald reaches behind his back and pulls out a small stick ,which he is able to extend into a large stick with a MAX KAEL banner on the end of it, and he leads his charge to the ring as if escorting royalty. And of course, he is. 

Next to Kael, less dramatically but just as intensely, Evan Ward stops at the top of the entrance, arms extended, a look of total confidence on his face. 

Keith Suete: Serious looks from both Evan Ward and Max Kael junior, as well as his Herald; Jack Harmen has been playing up a nonexistent bromance with them for weeks, while MJ Flair was the member of The Industry that eliminated then-World-Champion Max Kael from War Games back in August. 

Mark DuBois: That’s a false equivalence, Keith. Flair has never gotten the better of MAXXXKAEL Jr, and he’s way above her. 

Keith Suete: Really… what’s he done of note? 

Mark DuBois: Well… his father is–

Keith Suete: That’s a long way of saying he did nothing. 

Mark DuBois: I’m gonna tell the Herald you said that.

Keith Suete: Who, Harold? 


Kael and Ward enter the ring with the Herald remaining outside. Evan Ward stretches out his back and shoulders on the ring ropes, while Max Kael jr stands stoically facing the hard camera, banner raised. 

Keith Suete: These two showed some signs of cooperation leading into this match, but their opponents are literally on the same team, and I think that gives them some form of advantage. 

Mark DuBois: MAXXXKAEL jr and his Herald are a team, so that trumps anything else. 

Keith Suete: …Sure. 


The fans rise to their feet at the declaration, as well as the opening riffs of Crazy Train’ by Ozzy Osbourne. The lights drop and a strobe effect intermittently lights up the entrance in tune with the riff. 

Crazy, but that’s how it goes. Millions of people living as foes. Maybe it’s not too late… to learn how to love and forget how to hate…

As a solitary figure walks out amidst the strobes, the music suddenly shifts a bit slower in tempo and lower in pitch. The fans are cheering as they recognize both songs. 

Spotlights emerge, showing the legendary lunatic Jack Harmen standing next to the current reigning LSD Champion, MJ Flair. The fans are on their feet cheering for both members of The Industry as they high five and hug, and start towards the ring.

A lack of discipline, one hand to cut the other. So unprofessional, you’re not a friend, you’re just a lover. Nothing exceptional, this is correctional…

Keith Suete: The Industry, showing up as one! 

Mark DuBois: It’s a deflection.

I’m going off the rails on a crazy train!


I’m going off the rails on a crazy train!


Jack Harmen slides under the bottom rope as MJ Flair climbs from the floor to the top turnbuckle. While Harmen stays on all fours, mock – stalking his opponents, the LSD Champion unhooks the title belt from around her waist and raises it high above her head. 

Keith Suete: There’s the bell, and while referee Rick Stevens is giving all four athletes instructions, it’s worth noting that this is a tornado tag match, which means there are no tags! All four athletes will be in the ring–

Mark DuBois: Or out of it —

Keith Suete: at the same time! KAEL DIVES AT JACK HARMEN! Evan Ward and MJ Flair lock up, and we’re off to a somewhat predictable beginning! 

Harmen has caught Kael in a front facelock even as he pounds fists into the Lunatic’s sides, and holds on even as Kael drives him back – first into the corner. Quite contrasting, Flair and Ward continue to grapple with each other, each trying to gain the upper hand. 

Keith Suete: Ward trying to press his size advantage, but Flair is dug in and holding her own! 

Mark DuBois: So what? That’s a snoozefest. The referee should be focused on the wild brawl in the corner, that’s where the ratings will be. 

In the corner, Kael has pulled Harmen out and shoved him into the turnbuckle once again. A third attempt is blocked, however, as Harmen kicks his feet out from under him and drops Kael’s head on the bottom turnbuckle pad in a makeshift DDT! Roll over and a cover! It takes the referee a second to get into position, as he counts-






Flair takes Ward over with a releasing armdrag, and hits him with a low dropkick between the shoulder blades as he skids towards the ropes. Kip up, and the LSD Champion grabs her number one contender from behind to pull him up – Modified chinbreaker! Flair’s head snaps back and she stumbles to one knee on the ropes while Ward scrambles away, using the break to get himself in a better position. MJ has one hand over her mouth as she gets back to her feet. 

Mark DuBois: Finally, someone shut that bitch up! 

Keith Suete: Evan Ward with a german suplex! MJ spits a bloody mouthful on the canvas, I think she might’ve bitten her tongue! 

Mark DuBois: Even better! 

Not even bothering with the pretext of a wrestling match, Jack Harmen has kicked Max Kael Jr to the floor and has followed him directly. Right in front of the Herald, Jack grins and takes a step, but the Herald backs away, though he still shouts his usual grandiose threats. Scoop, and a slam on the ring steps! 

In the ring, Ward scoops Flair and sets her up for a vertical suplex. He gets himself ready, and he lifts – she sandbags him and keeps her weight down. He tries again and gets her feet up, but she immediately pulls back down and under! 


Mark DuBois: That’s what she said! 

Keith Suete: …That doesn’t even make sense.

Ward is to his feet before Flair; the small package attempt seemingly a reflex move. 

Outside the ring, Harmen lifts Kael and whips him into the ringpost – REVERSAL! Harmen hits headfirst and Kael drops to his knees! 

Inside the ring, Ward lifts Flair and slams her to the mat with authority. She lands on her back and rolls to her side and up to her knees, trying to shake the cobwebs. Ward off the ropes, and he leaps in the air and drops both legs on her back, flattening her into the mat again! Roll over and a cover! 







Mark DuBois: Ward’s clearly owning Flair here, he’s showing us why he’s the top contender to the LSD Title. 

Keith Suete: He’s also not gotten a three count, with MJ showing why she is the LSD Champion.

Ward shakes his head, clearly frustrated with the fact that she stubbornly refuses to lose. He circles around MJ until she once again climbs to her knees, and he runs past her into the opposite ropes again – DROP TOE HOLD BY FLAIR! Ward hits the mat face first and he’s holding his forehead in pain! Flair has both palms on the mat and she seems to be willing herself to get up! 

Outside the ring, the tables have turned as now Max Kael jr has reversed course and sent Jack Harmen into the steel steps, putting the High Flyer down and knocking the steps all over creation. 


Mark DuBois: He makes a good point! 

Ward and Flair manage to get to their feet at almost the same moment, however Ward is looking out into the crowd while Flair is looking right at him! She measures… he turns around… CRESCENT KICK TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD! Evan Ward falls between the top and middle ropes and he lands on the floor! 

Mark DuBois: I think the referee’s given up. 

Keith Suete: He hasn’t given up, I just think he’s seen the futility of trying to work any sort of countout here with two sets of fights and only one of him. But now with three athletes outside the ring I think something will happen.

Something does happen. 

Max Kael jr lifts up the protective mat, exposing the concrete floor, and he slams Jack Harmen on top of it! BASEBALL SLIDE FROM MJ FLAIR! She catches Kael on the side of the head and knocks him backwards into the guardrail! Scooping Kael, she sends him back into the ring and takes a minute to check on her partner, who looks dazed, but none the worse for the wear. 

Mark DuBois: See, right here. Compassion. That’s gonna cost her in the end. 

Keith Suete: Checking on your partner is hardly cause for concern.

Mark DuBois: …You’re single, aren’t you? 

Flair slides under the bottom rope as Kael scrambles away on all fours, but she grabs him by the ankle and pulls him in close – RAKE OF THE EYES! The referee cautions him but Kael pays him no mind. FIST RIGHT IN THE MOUTH! Flair is now spitting blood as she falls to her knees and drops to the corner! 

Mark DuBois: Do it, MAXXXKAELjr! Get one back for your dad! 

Keith Suete: Give me a break.

Kael with a running knee, sandwiches Flair into the corner, and he pulls her back out quickly. He bends her over, holds her by the back of the neck and the back of her long tights, and sends her shoulder first into the ringpost, finally prompting a word of warning from the official! 

Mark DuBois: Long may he maim! 

Outside the ring, Evan Ward is on his feet, as is Jack Harmen, on opposite sides of the ring. They slide in at the exact same time and see the Flair/Kael encounter and both rush their partners! HARMEN WITH A SPEAR! 

Mark DuBois: That may be the… least… impressive spear I’ve ever seen. He weighs what, a buck eighty? 

Keith Suete: Harmen might not be known for his power moves but Evan Ward barely breaks two hundred ten, so he’s gonna feel that impact! 

Harmen now on top of Ward, crossfacing him every second! On the other side of the ring, Kael has lifted Flair up and sat her on the top turnbuckle, doing the same! He climbs to the second rope and hooks her head, forcing her up! 

Keith Suete: With the proverbial ringing of the bell that Flair has already taken, if Kael can pull off this superplex, that could be all she wrote! 

Mark DuBois: One can only hope! 

Harmen lifts Ward up and staggers him back with a European uppercut, knocking him into the opposite corner from their respective partners, and follows up with a crushing clothesline that sandwiches Ward into the corner! 



As Kael readjusted his weight to try to pull her off the corner again, Flair used the off balance opportunity to send his center of gravity towards the floor, and Kael lands hard on the exposed concrete. FLAIR WITH A SUICIDE DIVE! She sandwiches Kael between herself and the hard concrete below. 

Harmen immediately takes the opportunity to send Evan Ward into the opposite corner, and follows up with a Locomotive! WARD DODGES! 

Keith Suete: Jack Harmen’s foot catches on the top rope, and he’ll be lucky if he didn’t pull something! Ward sweeps his other foot and Harmen’s head hits the mat! Cover!







Mark DuBois: I don’t believe it! 

Outside the ring, somehow, MJ Flair is stirring and pulling herself up. At the same time, the Herald pulls Kael away and tries to help him rise as well. 

Ward pulls Harmen to his feet and sends him into the ropes! Harmen with a reversal! Hard lariat drops Ward to the mat! Another scoop by Harmen! He sends Evan Ward into the corner and whips him hard across the ring! Another attempt at a Locomotion–WARD COMES OUT OF IT AND DRIVES AN ELBOW INTO HARMEN’S FACE! 

Keith Suete: Jack Harmen ran into Evan Ward’s elbow at full velocity! Somehow on the outside, MJ Flair and Max Kael jr are on their feet! Flair has a hand on the bottom rope, but she’s still looking down! She doesn’t know her partner is in trouble! 

Evan Ward spins out of his elbow smash and steadies himself as Jack Harmen gets himself back up… he measures him… THIRD GENERATION AWARD WINNING KNEE! 

Keith Suete: Flair sees the impact! Ward with the cover! 

Mark DuBois: She’ll never make it, she’s all the way on the other side of the ring! 

Flair wills herself to the apron! 




She jumps to the top rope! 








IMPACT! She hit him right on target!




TOO LATE! The referee calls for the bell! 


Mark DuBois: YES! YES! YES! 

As the referee raises Evan Ward’s hand and Max Kael Jr and his Herald enter the ring, a split screen slow motion shows MJ Flair’s aim was dead on – her impact was simply a split second after the three. 

The Herald: AS I WAS SAYING…

Keith Suete: Seriously, who gave him a microphone again? 

The Herald: As Sub-Marquis Bentley Tennyson Farthington-Primrose, Herald of MAXXXKAEL Jr, Second of his name, Long May—

The Herald drops the microphone and takes a powder along with Max Kael jr, though he raises Kael’s hand in victory as they back up the ramp. 

Mark DuBois: I guess the team is dissolved, MAXXXKAEL jr is just going to leave Evan Ward to get taken apart by the Industry? 

Keith Suete: I don’t think that’s what’s happening here, Mark! The referee hands Flair back her title belt but he once again raises Evan Ward’s hand! She checks on her partner Jack Harmen, and now we have a staredown between Flair and Ward! 

Mark DuBois: Please hit her again. Break her jaw. You don’t know how happy I am that the honeymoon is over. 

Keith Suete: While you’re right on one sense, Mark – this is the first real setback that The Industry has seen since their War Games match – all four of these athletes have heart! And while I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ward, Harmen, or Kael walk out of Rumble at the Rock with the LSD Championship, only a fool would bet against the woman currently holding the gold. 

Mark DuBois: Please hit her… pleeeease hit her…

The staredown continues as neither athlete really seem sure what to make of the other, though Flair nods her head. She can be seen mouthing the words ‘Respect, man,’ before offering Evan Ward a handshake. 

After a second’s hesitation, he accepts, much to the delight of the cheering fans. 

Keith Suete: What a show of sportsmanship! 

Mark DuBois: I think I’m gonna be sick.